Best Online Payday Loans in 2022: Learn About the Top Payday Websites to Use

If you need fast money, Payday loan websites are there for you. The websites are quick in transferring money to your account. The transfer usually occurs within 2 hours, and all you have to do is fill in the necessary information. You will be provided with an online application, and once you are done, it will be reviewed to receive the money immediately.

Even though that is the case, note that not all Payday loans websites are the same. Some are good while others are not. The good Payday websites provide money to customers almost immediately, and the bad ones might be the scam websites. If you are wondering about the best Payday loans websites, keep reading to discover the ones with the best services and the ones you can use no matter the situation you are in.

The Best 6 Payday Websites You Should Know About

Our team managed to research the best 6 Payday websites of 2022. These websites have been tested and verified by our team. Therefore, trust that these are the best Payday loan websites since they are easy to use and are authentic.

  • MoneyMutual
  • FundsJoy
  • BadCreditLoans
  • PickALender
  • Next Day Personal Loan
  • CashUSA



MoneyMutual is a well-known Payday website with an outstanding reputation. So far, the website has offered immediate loans to over 2,000,000 customers. This website is everything for those customers looking forward to getting huge loans. If you have a good credit score, you can get up to $5,000 in only one business day. Isn’t that amazing?

Even if you have a bad credit score, you can still afford to get a loan on this website after signing up. This is because MoneyMutual connects its customers with more than 120 lenders. The best part is that this comes at zero cost, which means that you can manage to get your loan as quickly as possible.

Get Up to $5,000 within 24 hours.



FundsJoy is yet another popular Payday loan website that you should consider trying. It is very straightforward, and you can manage to get a loan of between $200 to $5,000, depending on your credit. The fact that the website is designed to be practical and straightforward gives customers an easy time as they only need 10 minutes to complete the website’s form.

Another great advantage of FundsJoy is that it connects you to several lenders, allowing you to choose from different offers depending on your needs. The will be presented to you once you submit your request.

Get Up to $5,000 within one business day.



Will I get a loan if I have a bad credit score? If you want a loan and have a poor credit score, look no further than BadCreditLoans. This website helps individuals with bad credit get a loan at no cost whatsoever. The websites operate just like FundsJoy. It provides you with many lenders to allow you to select your offer based on your preference. Several lenders on the websites compete for you, which means you won’t miss a loan regardless of your credit. What happens is that once you get a loan, you will pay interest and other fees to your lender. The only thing you will not pay for is the services BadCreditLoans is offering you.

Get $200 to $10,000 within 1 business day.



PickALender is situated in Overland Park, Kansas, and connects you with different lenders in a matter of time, just as the name suggests. You can access the financial service you are looking for at no additional cost in a few easy steps. All you need is to visit the PickALender website and select the service you want. The website focuses on credit card consolidation, auto loans, and debt consolidation. You can also access home improvement loans, general Payday loans, travel loans, and other services while using this website.

PickALender primarily connects you with lenders from around your area. This is why it is easy to borrow a loan from this website. First of all, you only need 2 minutes of your time to complete the application, and another thing is that the lender can deposit the money into your account within 24 hours.

Get $100 to $40,000 within 24 hours.

Next Day Personal Loan


Getting a loan within 24 hours is a daunting task. You will have to walk from one bank to another with plenty of documents, which will leave you disappointed. Try the Next Day Personal Loan online website to ease the stress on yourself. With only three steps, you can get a personal loan that you can use in whichever way your want.

The first thing you will need to do is fill in the form within 2 minutes, and if you qualify, you will manage to review loan lenders from around you. If you get a suitable one, complete your form and wait for your loan the following day. It is as easy as that, and the surprising thing is that the website offers loans to everyone regardless of their credit.

Another great thing about Next Day Personal Loan is that it features 256-bit data encryption, a vast network of lenders, directly deposited funds, etc.

Get $100 to $40,000 within 24 hours.



Lastly, we have CashUSA, a Payday loan website located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Like the other Payday loan websites, Cash USA connects you with different lenders ready to loan you money. For this website, applying for a loan is also very easy. Fill in the required information, review lenders, select a suitable offer from your preferred lender, complete the application and wait for your loan.

CashUSA makes everything easy for its customers as everything you need to check is well presented on the website. This means that you will not be bothered by any questions throughout the application process. Everything is plainly indicated.

Request Up to $10,000 within one business day

How Were The Best Payday Websites Ranked?

Our team reviewed all Payday websites and selected the few best you can take advantage of. Not all Payday websites were chosen because some promise to provide fast loans but rarely do that. This is why we separated the best from the average loan websites. Here is how they were ranked;

Quality of Lenders

Getting quality loan lenders is not easy, but the best Payday loan websites make that possible. Some websites will lead you to expensive lenders, while others will provide legitimate lenders. The above websites we have provided will ensure you get more than 120 quality lenders with which you can conduct business professionally.

Deposit Speed

The best thing anyone would wish for is to get your loan as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many Payday loan websites that claim to deposit money quickly in your account do not do that. That is why we selected a few best websites that will save time. A few websites will deposit funds after 2 hours, while others will take 24 hours. The ones that take less time are ranked higher than the rest.

Website Fees/ Charges

Everything with fees is essential to the customers. This is why payday lenders must be open about their fees. The truth is that most companies do not disclose this information openly as they do not want customers to avoid their services. Our team felt that it is essential to let customers know the vital details about Payday websites. This includes interest rates, fees, charges, and other necessary information.


Transparency is key to any business that wants to be successful, but this is not the case for many Payday loan websites. We find all the websites we have ranked above to be completely honest about their fees, charges, and other essential things customers should know.

Websites Contact Details

How will you manage to reach customer care to clarify pressing questions without the contact details? We only picked Payday loan websites that are completely honest about their contact details. This is because these websites need you to include your personal information. So, why not have their accurate contact information if they deal with your data?

Customer Testimonials

One way to know if a website is legitimate is to peruse customer reviews. They rarely lie. As much as we tested these websites, we also had to look at what other customers say about Payday loan websites. For example, the MoneyMutual website was our top-ranked because it has assisted over 2,000,000 customers in borrowing money from reputable lenders. Although no website had 100% positive reviews, we managed to rank them based on how customers responded to each website.

Experience and Reputation

A company’s reputation is not only crucial to the company itself. It is also essential to the general public. The thing is that many businesses grow and fail with time, but we preferred to select only those that have had a long experience in the industry and have an outstanding reputation. This will help you find the best Payday loan website quickly.

Security and 256-Bit Encryption

Entering your details online is very risky and sensitive as many fraudulent activities occur. We ensured that all websites above are legit and use HTTPS secured with 256-bit encryption at a minimum. This encryption ensures that your information is safe, such as your social security number. We also encourage you to use online Payday loan companies that use the latest encryption method.

Acceptance of All Credit Scores

Getting a loan is difficult, especially if you have a bad credit score, but that should not stop you from accessing a loan. The good news is that there are many lenders at Payday websites who want to conduct business with you and accept low to average credit scores. This makes it easier to borrow a loan, so we also considered this while ranking the websites above.

Ease of Use

Online websites should be designed to be easy for the customers to understand and use. Unfortunately, other Payday websites are not user-friendly, making it hard for customers to complete application forms in minutes. Luckily, the ones mentioned above are designed to suit customers’ needs. They are straightforward, and everything is well presented to allow the customers to maneuver throughout the website easily.

Borrowed Amount

Payday websites have you covered whether you are looking for a considerable amount of money or a few dollars. Our editorial team also ensured to pick those sites that allow you to get better and good funds. The websites we have selected will offer you a loan of between $100 to $40,000.

The following were some things we considered while ranking Payday loan websites.

How Do Payday Loans Websites Work?

If you are going to borrow money from Payday websites, it is wise to know how they work. They are easy to use, affordable, and easily accessible. Read on to discover how they work.

Step1: Go to the Website and Fill in the Application

The first thing you will be required to do when you get to the Payday loan website homepage is to enter your full name and any other details needed to review the offers presented.

Step 2: Fill in the Entire Application

Apart from your full names, there are other details you will be required to fill in. Your lender will need your earning information, social security number, and additional information to confirm your identity.

Step 3: Check the Available Offers

After your preferred Payday loan website has verified your identity, it will provide you with different lenders who want to do business with you. It does not matter if your credit is good or bad. A list will be provided where you will find the best offers to pick from.

Step 4: Choose the Amount You Want to Borrow

Once you have found a lender willing to provide a loan, select the amount you will manage to pay. Some Payday websites allow you to borrow a lot of money, but the average website will let you borrow between $200 to $5,000. Whatever you want to do with the money, you can always find a lender willing to lend you the right amount of money.

Step 5: Enter Your Banking Information

It is essential to fill in your correct banking information to receive money from your lender. Payday lenders prefer direct deposit because it is the easiest and fastest way to send and receive money. Therefore, fill in your depositing information correctly to receive your funds immediately.

Step 6: Get Your Money In 1 Business Day

Payday lenders will deposit money into your account within 24 hours after completing the required form. If you are lucky, you might get a Payday website to deposit funds into your account after 2 hours.

Step 7: Withdraw Your Money and Spend

After receiving the money, you are free to use it in your projects. It is now your money, and you can budget it however you prefer.

Step 8: Pay Back the Loan

Many Payday loan websites let customers pay the loan after 2 to 4 weeks. It is essential to check the due date to avoid accumulating vast amounts of interest.

Payday Loan Website Fees

Many customers usually avoid using loan websites because they assume they are expensive. The truth is that Payday websites are free to use. Remember, the Payday website is not the same as a Payday lender.

The website connects you with different lenders around you, and the lender offers the loan. There are various financial offers available on top websites, and the best part is that the lenders are always competing for business, meaning you won’t fail to get a loan. Because the websites make it possible for the lenders to get customers, they receive compensation from lenders who contract applicants. In short, the lenders are the ones who pay the Payday loan websites, which allows customers to use the websites for free.

Every lender charges differently, but it is always a simple APR (annual percentage rate) for interest. For example, if you borrow $2,000, the interest rate charged will be $200 for the 2 to 4 weeks. The interest rate is the cost of borrowing a loan. The law does not allow lenders to charge customers expensive fees on Payday websites, making payday interest rates reasonable. They must also disclose all information about their charges to customers.

Why Should I Go for a Payday Loan?

There are so many advantages that come with getting a Payday loan. The most obvious one is that you can acquire money immediately. You do not have to wait for days to receive money as it is usually sent to your bank account after a few hours of filling out the form. Here are other reasons you should consider a Payday loan:

  • It allows you to deal with emergencies before you get your paycheck
  • You can pay your workers and other bills immediately
  • You can clear unexpected costs like travel and car repair expenses.
  • The money can help provide basic needs like shelter, food, and other things
  • It eliminates the worry of not having enough money as you want for your salary
  • Allows you to hold cash immediately to spend the way you want.

You may want to get a loan, but the money is all yours to use once you get a Payday loan.

What Are Payday Loans Requirements, and Who Can Qualify?

Like any other financial service, Payday loan websites require you to provide specific information to qualify for a loan. There is nothing like an anonymous Payday loan. You have to give your details, and here is what you need to be eligible for the loan:

  • Must be 18 years and above
  • You must be a current resident of the state you filled in the loan application.
  • You must have a valid phone number and email address
  • An active banked account opened for a minimum of one month is also a requirement.
  • You should not be in debt or bankrupt.

Your lender might also ask you to provide your income proof. They will simply check how much you earn, and the more you make, the more money you can borrow.

How Much Money Can I Get from a Payday Loan Website?

Many factors come into play when borrowing loans from Payday websites. A credit score is one thing. Some lenders prefer to check credit scores to determine what offers to provide to you. State lending law is also another factor.

With an average Payday website, you can borrow from $200 to $5,000.

Since credit score matters in Payday loans, it is crucial to have an average or a good one to access a good amount of money. People with poor credit can access between $500 to $1000, while those with good ones can borrow more than $10,000.

As much as credit is essential, you can always get a loan regardless. The secret is to browse through the offers presented to get a suitable lender with a reasonable offer.

Advantages of Payday Loan Websites

The best Payday loan websites allow customers to get quality lenders to provide funds immediately. Some of their top advantages include;

You Can Get Funds No Matter Your Credit Score

Unlike banks, Payday lenders can provide you with a loan regardless of your credit. Whether it is poor or good, you can always get different offers. The only thing is that people with good credit can get more offers than those with bad ones. But this should not worry you because if your look carefully, you will always get a good offer no matter how your financial past was.

Payday Loans Are Cheaper

You can be charged an annual rate of 18 to 40% on your loan with a credit card. You can get an APR of about 5 to 30% from Payday lenders regarding Payday loans. Even if you might not qualify for a low-interest rate, it is better than that of credit cards.

There are Multiple Lender to Choose From

The good thing about getting a loan from Payday websites is selecting from many lenders. Instead of sticking to one or two, you can choose several of them to get the perfect offer.

You can Apply to Several Lenders at a Time

You have to fill in individual applications from different lenders on Payday websites. Even though this might take time, you will find the best offers available. Besides, it will take less than 10 minutes to complete an application. From there, you can wait for your feedback.

Customizable Terms

The best thing with payday loan websites is to customize your loan requirements depending on your situation. You can include the amount of money you are trying to get including the number of days you wish to stay with the loan. Payday websites have made all this more accessible as they understand that people need money for different reasons.

Boost Your Credit Score

Having a good credit score is a good thing as it will allow you to access more loans. Surprisingly, Payday loans help many people improve their credit so long as they consistently pay their loans on time.

Should I Have an Income to Get A Payday Loan?

One advantage of getting a Payday loan is that it can cover you until your next paycheck arrives. While income proof is essential to some Payday lenders, others may not need it. They will process your loan immediately after completing the application so long as you have a good credit score. Lenders who need income proof provide loans based on income flow. They understand that some people get paid monthly, weekly or bi-weekly. Therefore, they must check your paystub to see if you can manage to pay the loan within the period set.

However, this is usually not the case for all lenders. Some lenders will use your income from other sources to provide a loan. They may need to check your social security number, disability payments, and self-employment income, including other income sources.

Types of Income Acceptable by Payday Lenders

Here are some types of income that are acceptable for a Payday loan:

  • Pensions
  • Disability payments
  • Paystubs from employers
  • Government income
  • Self-employment income, etc.

You don’t need to have income proof to get a payday loan. You will find Payday websites that allow customers to borrow money without income verification details if you research well.

The Truth About Payday Loans and Credit Scores

At first, you might be a little scared if you are trying to get a loan with a bad or no credit score. This should not stop you from borrowing the funds you want. If you have a poor or no credit score, you can still get a considerable amount of loan from Payday websites, and if it is good, you will be lucky to get more offers. Payday websites think of customers’ loan needs, and that is why it strives to connect you with lenders who will offer you a loan regardless of your credit score. You will get what you want, whether below average, medium, or high.

Payday lenders use a simple metric to check your credit score. Here is it:

  • Exceptional Credit: 800 and above
  • Very Good Credit: 740 to 799
  • Good Credit: 670 to 739
  • Fair Credit: 580 to 669
  • Poor Credit: Scores below 580

If you have a good paycheck but a low credit score, you can qualify for a good loan offer.

What Makes a Payday Loan Unique?

There are so many ways to borrow a loan, but you must understand that different loans are unique in their way. Here is how Payday loans are different from other types of loans out there;

  • The Borrowing Terms: Ordinary loans can be borrowed anywhere between 1 to 4 to 30 years, depending on the loan types. On the other hand, Payday loans need borrowers who can manage to pay the loan between 2 to 6 weeks.
  • The Amount: Payday loans are outstanding for those people who need to solve pressing issues before their paycheck arrives. This is because they are paid within a short period, and you can get an average amount of $500 to $1000. If you want to purchase a car or a house, Payday loans are not for you. You might want to go for a conventional loan, which offers about $5,213 as per TransUnion.
  • Depositing Speed: With a Payday loan, you can get a loan within a few hours. But if you are looking for a mortgage, you will have to wait for two weeks.
  • Rates: Payday loans have higher interest than a mortgage and conventional loans. The APR for a mortgage maybe 3%, while it may be 20% for a Payday lender.
  • Credit Score Acceptance: If you are looking for a loan on the Payday website, you will manage to get it even if your credit score is low. But if you want a conventional loan, you will need to build a good credit score to receive conventional loans.

How Safe Are Payday Loans?

Are there some risks that come with Payday loans? Usually, Payday loans are safe, but there are a few risks that you might face if you work with non-quality lenders. These might include:

  • Hidden Charges or Fees: As much as the law demands that Payday lenders disclose their fees upfront, not all lenders do this. Some loans come with hidden charges, APRs, and other secret fees. This can cost you more than you expected.
  • Increased Interest Rates Due to Late Payment: This is another risk with Payday loans. The lenders allow you to borrow the money between 2 to 8 weeks, but the charges will increase if you miss payments.
  • High APRs: One of the most important things to check while borrowing money is the interest rate charged on the money borrowed. Some Payday lenders charge high amounts, while others are very fair.
  • Scam Websites: Not all Payday websites are legit. You might accidentally fill in your details in a disreputable company, which will sell your details. They may take your personal information to abuse it. It is crucial to find out more about a Payday website before using it to borrow a loan to avoid such issues.

Above, we have mentioned the top and best Payday websites you should consider using. Our team trusts the websites they have provided as they have tested and carried out customer analysis to find out the truth about the mentioned Payday companies.

Alternatives to Payday Loans

If you fail to get the loan from Payday websites or do not get the best offers. You can still get a loan from other sources, including:

  • Local credit unions
  • Friends and family
  • Selling possessions
  • Credit cards
  • Online personal loans
  • Cash advance from employer

Other places to think of are government emergency relief services, pawn shops, creditors, etc.

Payday Loans FAQs

Payday loan websites are very straightforward, and borrowing a loan is less complicated. As Payday loan experts, we have gathered a few questions and provided brief answers to help you understand more about Payday loans.

Q: What’s the most accessible type of loan with bad credit?

A: Several Payday websites focus on providing loans to those with a low credit score. Many lenders on the websites look forward to working with individuals with average, poor, or no credit.

Q: What is considered a bad credit score?

A: If your credit score is below 580, that is considered a bad credit score, but you can still get a loan.

Q: What is considered a good credit score?

A: A good credit score has attained 670 and above.

Q: How do payday loans work?

A: Payday loans provide customers or borrowers with funds until they get their next paycheck. You simply borrow money from a lender, and you will pay it back once you receive your money.

Q: Do I need income to qualify for a payday loan?

A: Many Payday lenders prefer to work with individuals who can provide their income proof to verify if they can pay the loan on the due date. Luckily, some companies do not bother about income proof so long as your credit score is good.

Q: Can I get a loan with no credit?

A: Yes, you can get a loan regardless of your credit score.

Q: How much can I borrow with a payday loan?

A: You can qualify for a loan of between $200 to $40,000 on a good Payday Website.

Q: Can I borrow $10,000 with bad credit?

A: If you can prove that your income flow is steady, you can get up to $10,000.

Q: Does applying for a payday loan impact my credit score?

A: The effect is not very significant, but your credit might be affected if your lender conducts a hard credit check.

Q: What is a FICO score?

A: Lenders use a credit score to calculate pricing and rates.

Q: What do I need to apply for a payday loan?

A: You need to include your phone number, name, bank details, and social security number and provide income proof to qualify for a loan.

Q: Can I get a payday loan when self-employed?

A: A payday loan is not only for those with jobs. If you are self-employed, you can also get a Payday loan so long as you can provide an income statement to your lender.

Q: How soon do I get money with a payday loan?

A: A payday loan is usually deposited within one business day after completing the required application.

Q: Do I need a job to get a payday loan?

A: You don’t need a job to get a loan on Payday websites. Some lenders will accept disability payments or pension proof as income proof.

Q: How do I get money with a payday loan website?

A: The process is usually simple. After approval, the payday lender will request your bank account details and deposit money into your account.

Q: How much does a payday loan cost?

A: Before completing a loan application, you should check for APR charges and other fees required. Lenders are supposed to be transparent about their charges, and that is why you should go for quality Payday lenders.

Q: What if I can’t repay my payday loan?

A: You may incur additional fees if you miss a loan payment, but other lenders will call you for negotiations.

Q: Are payday loan websites safe?

A: Many Payday Websites are legit and abide by the laws set. Above, our team has provided the best websites you can use.

Q: Are payday loan websites a scam?

A: Payday loans are not a scam. Many Payday websites are in serious business with a reputable track record of providing customers with the required funds.

Q: Can I get a payday loan without an income?

A: If you have a good credit score with no income proof, you might get a Payday loan. Some Payday websites cater to those individuals with no income but who have good credit.

Q: What’s the best payday loan website?

A: Some of the best Payday Websites include MoneyMutual, FundsJoy, PickALender, BadCreditLoans, CashUSA, and Next Day Personal Loan.

The Best 6 Payday Websites in 2022 Final Words

Developing a stable income stream can be challenging in harsh economic times. According to the CNBC, 56% of Americans find it hard to cover an unexpected $1000 bill with their savings. Fortunately, Payday loans are here to help families and individuals get the most pressing bills out of their way before they receive their paycheck.

Above are some of the best Payday websites you can use to access a good amount of money within a few hours and pay it back later.

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