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While saving on interest, personal loans could be the best option as alternatives to credit cards. You can finance your preferred and needed big purchases without a problem. Personal loans could be beneficial for emergencies, too. Statistics prove that more than 20 million US borrowers are taking advantage of these loan types.

What’s most critical is to have a repayment plan and make clear the reasons and purposes of the loan: a vacation, home improvement, debt consolidation, or a cross-country move. We present to you the top five lending platforms that offer the greatest personal loans.

You just need to be an adult, have an open bank account, be a permanent resident of the USA, and have a steady monthly income. Independent of your credit score, it is most likely to be found eligible for an emergency loan. Keep reading below and see which Best Personal Loans platform is your suitable match.

Best Known Personal Loan Brands

  1. Money Mutual – Overall Best For Personal Loans
  2. BadCreditLoans– Top-Rated Bad Credit Loans
  3. CashUSA– Best Loan Company For No Credit Check Personal Loans
  4. Personal Loans – Top Emergency Loans for Fast Cash

#1. Money Mutual – Overall Best For Personal Loans


MoneyMutual is one of the greatest companies that offer guaranteed acceptance for BadCreditLoans. It’s a social networking platform that connects borrowers with short-term lenders. With a vast network of over 60 lenders, MoneyMutual links customers with local loan providers, and the offer for online loans is wide, starting from payday, installment, bad credit, and other loans.

About The Platform

Users can access all of MoneyMutual’s lenders by visiting the site, filling out the relevant paperwork, and then submitting them. This is significantly more efficient than visiting each lender’s website and filling out a fresh loan application each time.

As a result, MoneyMutual enables applicants to cast a larger net and perhaps obtain loan offers much more quickly. They only work with short-term lenders, so it’s a great place to go if you need a payday loan right away.

Before determining whether or not to accept the loan, users can review the terms and conditions. MoneyMutual’s straightforward business model implies they aren’t involved in any of the details of a loan, such as an amount, interest rate, or loan length.


Apply If You Have A Bad Credit Score

MoneyMutual does not check your credit score before connecting you with lenders who want to work with you. Furthermore, most lenders will not conduct a thorough credit check before determining the amount of money you can borrow. This is not only helpful because it speeds the time of credit approval, but it also allows people with negative credit to qualify for a loan based on other factors, guaranteeing that they get the money they need.

Short Approval

When you decide to apply for a particular bank loan, you must make an appointment and potentially take time off work to explain your situation, fill out several documents, and so on. However, the online approach of Money Mutual will save you time, and you will be approved shortly, especially if you apply for a short-term loan.


  • The application takes no more than 5 minutes
  • Money Mutual platform is fast and free
  • Connects customers with more than 60 lenders
  • Educational sources included for better understanding the terms of personal loans
  • No extra fees included
  • Great transparency in the process of borrowing
  • Clients with bad credit can apply too
  • Short time of approval and transaction


  • Some loans may not be available in your country

Customer Experience

The company’s customer service is incredibly popular, with people praising the employees’ friendliness and helpfulness. They’ve also expressed their satisfaction with the company’s payment options. Although some users have expressed dissatisfaction with a particular loan company’s high-interest rates, the sites have a large number of positive reviews for all of the lending companies available. Because of the quick turnaround time and user-friendly website, borrowers will be able to appreciate their services more easily.

Lending Tree

The marketplace has created a natural habitat for online lending companies like Lending Tree, with more than 30 million customers served. Lending Tree has teamed up with lenders who are prepared to work with borrowers who have FICO ratings below 600. If you’re having trouble getting back on track with your finances, Lending Tree can provide the support you need to make better decisions in the future. This brand can provide a wealth of resources for your financial situation, independently of your credit history.

About The Lending Platform

Lending Tree has added certain services that you may find useful, such as a credit card analyzer and credit card repair plan alternatives; these instructional tools are designed to assist you in overcoming financial issues and build up your self-esteem when it comes to making decisions about future loans or debts. If you follow them to the letter, you will be able to lower your debt and put yourself in a better financial situation than before. You can use your loan for a variety of objectives, including home remodeling, debt consolidation, automobile financing, and business financing.


Personal Loan Fees

The application does not require paying fees and is completely free for each applicant. However, the lenders that you will try to match up with will include some payment costs in the form of fees. You need to understand the meaning and existence of these fees before signing the contract since sometimes they can outweigh the initial installment. Many lenders will include lower interest rates to attract enough customers, but to compensate they will include transactional, personal, or other fees. If fees are included, always calculate them as part of the total amount you should pay. Rest assured, because Lending Tree matches with users that include low-cost fees, floating between 1%-3%.

The Application Process

After you have created an account, you should specify the purpose of the loan (e.g. is it an emergency, personal loan, mortgage, etc.). This serves as some sort of an indicator for the platform to select the lenders you could match up with. Then, the amount you need to borrow will help additionally. After you have specified anything there is about the loan, you should provide your personal and contact information. To do safe businesses for both sides, Lending Tree will ask for proof of your source of income.


  • A simple process in four steps
  • You can access unbiased customer reviews
  • No fees are included for using the service
  • If better service emerges, it will alert you
  • You can compare your offer with more than 1500 lenders


  • The number, choice, and offers by lenders are overwhelming

Customer Experience

Lending Tree is a corporation with a large number of satisfied consumers. Their popularity is growing due to their low pricing, and you may have the customers-favorable APR rate as low as 3.49 percent, which is uncommon on other lending sites. Their customer care agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and each customer can receive genuine guidance on a variety of financial issues and queries. The loan limitations vary and are appropriate for everyone, making Lending Tree a reasonable choice for borrowers.

#2. BadCreditLoans – Top-Rated Bad Credit Loans


BadCreditLoans attempts to connect borrowers with lenders in their network. Financial emergencies can happen at any time, and they are nothing to be ashamed of. Furthermore, people may find it difficult to secure financing from banks or other financial institutions in such a situation. This is where BadCreditLoans comes in since it allows customers to look for personal loans and get money right away.

About The Lending Platform

Clients with credit scores as low as 500 are accepted into the program, and each candidate is matched with various lenders. They can assist you in finding other ways to meet your financial responsibilities if you do not qualify for a personal loan. Simply fill out a short application and wait for the lenders to come to you.

Not only are their services quick and simple to use, but they are also absolutely free. They host the application process, and there is no cost to you. You have complete freedom to exit the application process at any time. They also provide customers with extensive comparison shopping services as well as personal loans for people with really terrible credit.

Customers can use the website to browse for mortgages, car loans, credit cards, student loans, and other financial goods. Borrowers looking for business loans will be glad to learn that the BadCreditLoans network includes lenders who fund small enterprises and startups as well.


Procedure For Submitting An Application

It takes fewer than five minutes to complete the online application. Following that, the server will locate several lenders who suit your criteria and will send you proposals by email. When you go to the website, you’ll see a page where you can apply for a loan. On the first page of the questionnaire, the purpose of the loan, the amount, and your credit rating are all stated. If you don’t know your credit score, select “not sure” from the dropdown menu.

Availability At All Times Of The Day And Night

This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you urgently need a loan, you can submit an application at any moment and wait for a response. It also protects your personal information with top-of-the-line data encryption. Best of all, regardless of credit score, anyone can apply for a loan.


  • Lower interest rates compared to other lending platforms
  • Many lenders are included in the offer
  • The application and the approval time are fast
  • You can pay back the personal loan within one to five years period
  • If you pay on time, you can improve your credit score
  • Compare and research multiple lending offers before choosing one


  • Every lender might not be licensed in every state

Customer Experience

We identified a number of positive reviews on transparent sites like Trustpilot, with over half of them being positive. Customers that were happy praised the company for providing swift finance and approval, even if they had bad credit.

Borrowers who have used the company’s services have also commended the politeness and knowledge of the company’s customer service representatives. We also checked the level of service over the phone and via email.

The company’s personnel were courteous and educated, and they were willing to respond to any questions we had. According to customer reviews, this platform may be the best alternative if you need fast cash to deal with a financial emergency.

#3. CashUSA – Best Loan Company For No Credit Check Personal Loans


CashUSA is a web-based online lending platform that connects borrowers and lenders. However, it differs from its lending marketplaces competitors because the loan amounts are typically lower and more reasonable, also coming with lower interest rates. You simply fill out a free application on the website, and shortly after, you will be given a list of lenders who might approve your loan. Loans are available for customers independently of their credit profiles due to the use of multiple lenders.

About The Platform

CashUSA personal loans, like many other personal or quick loans, are perfect for people who are short on cash or can’t receive their funds through traditional ways and need to borrow money online immediately. CashUSA offers loans ranging from $500 to $10,000, with average annual percentage rates (APRs) of 5.99 percent to 35.99 percent. They can be repaid over a 90- to 72-month period.

When it comes to personal data obtained from loan clients and website users, CashUSA reviews confirm the company’s exceptional level of security and privacy. Lenders, firms that provide products linked to your loan request, and other CashUSA marketing partners are part of the third parties with which the platform is allowed to share the personal information. Since they do this for a living, no one will abuse the sensitive data.


Loan Amount

According to the lender and the location, loan amounts typically range from $500 to $10,000. Hundreds of CashUSA loan criteria reviews show that determining your personal loan eligibility details only takes a few minutes, and funds can be electronically wired into your account in as little as one business day if approved.

Security And Privacy

CashUSA employs computer safeguards, secure files, and secure buildings to protect your personal information from unauthorized access and use. While the platform collects and uses personal information from their clients, as well as any user that visits their website to borrow money, they are committed to maintaining a high level of security and privacy. They have a privacy policy on their website that explains how and why they collect data from users, who they share it with, and what they do with it.


  • You can borrow between $500-$10 000
  • No fees are included
  • The repayment term is between 90 days to 72 months
  • The funds are transferred within one day
  • It offers educational sources for beginners
  • The loan terms are transparent
  • The platform uses the highest security
  • Available network of lenders from 50 states
  • People with bad credit can apply


  • Not a direct lender
  • You can borrow a maximum of $10 000

Customer Experience

CashUSA is always glad to respond to client questions and concerns, which is why customer care professionals are available during business hours. Customers have praised the organization’s ability to handle all types of personal credit fast and efficiently. They also praised the clarity and simplicity of the loan eligibility criteria, as well as the breadth and diversity of their network. Customers have also remarked that the pricing is reasonable and that the website is safe and secure in their reviews.

#4. Personal Loans – Top Emergency Loans for Fast Cash


The platform plays the role of a bridge that connects people with bad or poor credit to personal loans of up to $35,000, offering services of matching on their website. Personal Loans is a leading network, which means when you choose a lender, you should address every issue you have with the contract. Moreover, the platform has a network of reputable lenders across the country who are willing to lend funds to customers who suffer from poor or bad credit. This means you may apply online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and be matched with a variety of lenders around the country.

About The lending Platform

Personal Loans stands apart from other websites due to the fact that it is completely free. Furthermore, the loan terms at Personal Loans differ depending on the loan type you choose. The candidate must be at least 18 years old, have a valid social security number, and be a lawful citizen or permanent resident of the United States.

Personal Loans also require the applicant to declare their source of income.


Filling The Requirements

The applicant must also provide a valid bank account into which the lender/lending partner can deposit funds once the loan has been approved. Please remember that meeting these requirements does not guarantee that your request will be approved, but it will almost surely increase your chances.

Terms That Are Flexible

Another aspect that helps Personal Loans rise to the top of the loan portal ladder is their flexibility in terms. Many personal loan companies enforce strict rules on their customers, such as limited repayment durations and loan amount limitations. This website offers borrowers an incredible range of options, collaborating with lenders who offer loans ranging from $500 to $35,000.


  • It gives customers a financial flexibility
  • It has better interest rates than credit debt
  • Personal Loans provides only unsecured loans, no collateral included
  • You can qualify even though your credit score is 580
  • Competitive rates are included
  • The monthly payments are pre-determined


  • Requires hard pull
  • It could involve possible fees

Customer Experience

This platform has got nothing but positive comments on the internet, with users praising the speed and efficiency with which their processes were performed. Personal Loans can be contacted by phone or via email on the website. Phone assistance is available Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Their staff will be able to help you with any questions or issues you may have with the service, but they will not be able to assist you with the personal contract between you and your borrower.

Beginners guide for personal loans with Min. Credit Score

The Difference Between Personal loans And Other Loans

Unsecured Type

You should find a distinct secured and unsecured type of loan. Personal loans are of an unsecured type, meaning they don’t use collateral to secure the loan. That’s why the interest rates are slightly higher than those loans which use some sort of material guarantee for the lender.

Interest Rates

Interest rates for personal loans vary on average, as it is seen with other loans, usually between 3.99%-35.59%. The optimal APR rate would be somewhere between the minimum and 12%. Everything above this you should consider high, and reconsider your decision about the loan’s affordability.

The Ease Of Applying

Some platforms include pretty complex applications that can’t be easily filled if the applicant is not tech-savvy. You won’t fill documents, and if you have a bank account and a consistent and regular income as a salaried or self-employed individual, you will be eligible for personal loans.

Maximum Amount You Can Borrow

Although the maximum borrowing limit can be as high as $35,000, it doesn’t mean that you will be approved. These high limits ask for bigger requirements, and additional fees and higher interest rates usually follow them. That’s why it is better to plan the amount you really need instead of borrowing an astronomical amount you can not pay back.

Pros Of Personal Loans

We will showcase below a few advantages of personal loans:

  • Flexibility

Some types of loans can only be utilized for a specifically designed purpose. When you take out a car loan, for example, your only option is to spend the money to buy a new or second-hand car. Personal loans don’t follow such limitations, they can be used for a variety of things, including medical repayment or consolidating your loans into one debt.

A personal loan can be the optimal option for those customers who are in need of financing a large purchase but don’t want to be restricted in how they will use the approved money. Before applying for a loan, double-check the approved uses with your lender.

  • Lower Interest Rates, Higher Borrowing Limitations

The interest rates for personal loans are usually cheaper than, for comparison, those found on credit cards. The average personal loan rate was 10.46% in September 2021, while the average credit card rate was 16.27%. Personal loans with rates ranging from 3% to 5%, which experts consider optimal, are available only to consumers with excellent credit histories. You might be found eligible for a loan amount with a bad credit score, too.

  • No Obligation For a Security Deposit

Since we have mentioned that personal loans are unsecured loans, you can be accepted without putting up any collateral. You won’t be obligated to put up your home, car, or other valuables as collateral to secure the loan. In case you aren’t able to repay the loan on the due date you and the lender agreed upon, you will face serious financial penalties. However, if this happens, you don’t need to be concerned about losing your home or automobile as a result of this.

  • Less Difficult To Keep Track Of

Consolidating debt, such as many open debts, and entering a debt spiral can be a few of the reasons why people take out personal loans. As seen on a personal loan, a fixed rate paid once in a month is easier to manage than many credit rates with versatile and diverse interest rates or payment due dates.

Borrowers who qualify for a personal loan with a lower interest rate than the one on their credit cards will simplify the payment and save some money.

Drawbacks Of Personal Loans

For some, personal loans can be the only choice left on the table, while for others may not be the proper solution. We enlisted the few negative sides of personal loans.

  • Higher Interest Rates Than The Alternatives

Personal loans do not necessarily have the lowest interest rates. This is especially true for borrowers with bad credit, who may be subjected to greater interest rates than those charged by credit cards.

If you have enough equity in your home, you can take out a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit to borrow against it (HELOC). A home equity loan is a type of installment loan, but a home equity line of credit is similar to a credit card. The fact that your home is utilized as security for a home equity loan or a HELOC is one disadvantage. You risk losing your home to foreclosure if you default on the loan.

Personal loans are not the only option. Credit card balance transfer offers are another option. If you pay off your debt before the special offer period ends, you can save money with a favorable balance transfer deal. Transferring the balance on your credit card can be of great help.

  • High Penalties And Fees Are Possible

Personal loans may be accompanied by fees and penalties, which can increase the cost of borrowing. The origination fees typically range from 1% to 6% of the loan amount. Fees for loan processing might be rolled into the loan or deducted from the total amount disbursed to the borrower.

If you pay off your loan debt before the end of the term, some lenders will charge you a prepayment penalty. Examine all costs and penalties associated with any personal loans you’re considering before applying.

  • Payments Are Higher Than With Credit Cards

Credit cards provide low monthly minimum payments and no due date for paying off your balance in full. Personal loans have a higher fixed monthly payment and must be repaid before the loan period ends. You’ll have to adjust to the larger payments associated with the loan payoff timeline if you consolidate credit card debt into one personal loan.

  • Can Lead To A Debt Increment

Personal loans can be used to consolidate debt, such as credit card balances, but they don’t solve the problem. Your available credit limit is increased when you pay off your credit cards with a personal loan. This provides an opportunity for overspenders to rack up extra charges rather than pay off their debt.

What To Consider Before You Get A Personal Loan

Before you apply, you should ask yourself the following six questions to know if you are eligible for the loan and whether or not the conditions of the loan suit your financial preferences.

Do I Meet The Loan Requirements?

If you meet the minimum requirements, you are good to go. They typically include:

  • To be older than 18 years
  • You have a regular monthly income
  • You are a permanent resident of the USA or have a citizenship
  • Give details about your financial situation
  • Don’t be bothered about the soft or hard pull
  • Some lenders may even ask for employment information

To pre-calculate your financial situation, before applying, you can use multiple helpful tools, such as Borrowing Power Calculator.

What Do I Need The Loan For?

Next, you should think about why you need the loan. However, statistics have shown that the following three loans are among the most commonly applied:

Unsecured Personal Loan

This is a short-term loan of an unsecured type. The loan is not secured with collateral. It is mostly used for debt consolidation, travel and vacations, and wedding expenses. Although it has a slightly higher interest rate than secured loans, it will give you the freedom to borrow money without risking your collateral.

Car Loan

The car loans are designed so that individuals can buy a new or second-hand car without wasting time trying to save some money. Car Loans usually have lower interest rates, compared to personal loans, and although they are thought to be unsecured loans, they use the car as collateral.

Flexi Loan

Flexi Loans typically act as a line of credit, allowing the borrower to withdraw the amount of money he needs. This modern form of loan is different from the traditional one since you will pay interest only on the amount that you withdraw, instead of the whole lump sum. This loan form is great if you have multiple things to pay but at different times, like home renovation, wedding, or vacation. The best thing is that you can borrow how much you need without entering into deeper debt.

What Are The Interest Rates?

An interest rate is an expense that a bank or financial bureau changes upon the borrowed money.

In an ideal world, you’d choose a personal loan with the lowest possible interest rate so you can concentrate on repaying the money you borrowed instead of paying extra interest. The interest rate is determined by the type of loan. A loan secured by an asset typically has a lower interest rate than an unsecured loan. Before applying, check out our current personal loan interest rates to see how we stack up against the competition.

What Are The Fees Associated With Personal Loans?

Every loan has different fees, and they usually include:

  • Servicing fee
  • Early exit
  • Early repayment
  • Lending fee
  • Withdrawal fee
  • Insurance

Make sure you understand these fees before signing the contract. You should also calculate the fee, if there is one, upon the total loan amount.

Repayment Period

Depending on the length of your loan, you can determine the amount of the repayments. Thanks to the interest rates, you can calculate the total amount you will pay. The longer the loan length, the lower the monthly installment will be. Usually, personal loans have a period of repaying back from 1-7 years.

What’s Your Plan For Paying It Off?

Planning is the best strategy you can come up with. Although it sounds obvious, you should know how you intend to repay: weekly or monthly? If you plan to pay it before the due date? Consider it twice, and rethink your loan intention.

FAQs: Best Personal Loan Lenders and Loan Approval

Q.1 How Much Do I Need To Borrow?

Always prepare a plan before applying. That way, you will understand your needs. For example, if you need the personal loan for something nice to buy or a vacation, then lower the amount, since it isn’t such a big emergency, like a medical matter or wedding. Typically lenders offer the smallest amount of $500, but the optimal is considered to be between $1000-$3000. Depending on your need, there will be situations where you will need less than $500, and if that’s so, it might be easier to save some cash in advance or borrow from a close friend or relative.

Q.2 How Long Will I Pay Back The Loan?

It depends on the terms of the loan, which move on the average between one month and 72 months. There are also companies that offer payback time from six months to seven years. You must pre-calculate the installment and the interest rates too. If you pay off the loan longer, the more you will pay. Some lenders include penalties for pre-paying, so it’s important to read and understand the terms of your loan. If it is needed, seek professional advice before signing anything.

Q.3 How Much Will I Pay In Interest?

The interest rate is usually made upon different factors, such as your credit score, the loan amount, and the loan term. The average APR fluctuates between 3.59% to 35.99%. If your credit score is good, you will get the lowest interest rate possible on your personal loan, and you will wisely select the shortest repayment term.

According to some research, the average interest rate for a 24-month personal loan is 9.63%.

Q.4 Do Personal Loans Have Fees?

Most of these loans don’t include any fees, but some companies may include origination or sign-up fee. The origination fee is a one-time and upfront charge that lenders will subtract from your loan to pay administration costs. You can find it as a flat-rate sometimes, and sometimes it varies between 1%-5%.

Q.5 What Is The Impact Of A Personal Loan On My Credit Score?

Credit cards are recognized in the financial world of lending as revolving credit, whereas personal loans are installment credit. Your credit portfolio could be improved and strengthened if you have both sorts of credit on your account.

Having varied credit loans on one account can be advantageous, but it is obviously not sufficient. Some people think that taking out a new installment loan can be helpful in terms of improving their credit score, but it’s pointless to take on debt (don’t forget about the interest) unless you absolutely need it.

Q.6 For Which Borrowers The Personal Loan Is The Proper Solution?

Personal loans can attract many customers, but not all will find the best solution in this type of loan. Personal loans will be a proper and natural step in the following situations the most:

  • Need Emergency Cash– Many lenders who operate online will offer quick money transfers, taking no longer than a few days.
  • Strong Credit Record– The higher your credit score, the lower the interest rates will be. Also, you won’t feel overweighed by the monthly installments.
  • Paying Back A High-Interest Debt– Personal loans are the most appropriate way to consolidate credit card debts that cost too much.
  • Using The Funds For Necessary Expenses– Personal loans are suitable for customers who have an emergency, such as paying for medical treatment or remodeling the home.

Conclusion: Top Companies for Best Personal Loans

Before considering taking a personal loan, you should come up with a plan. Calculate the total loan amount and add the interest rates per month. Weigh the pros and cons of personal loans compared to their alternatives. However, compare the personal loan conditions and terms with those of HELOC, home equity loan, or credit card balance transfer.

Don’t forget to read the specific terms and conditions of the particular loan since they tend to vary from loan to loan. Once you have collected all possible data, take a deep breath and decide whether or not the benefits of the preferred personal loan outweigh the drawbacks. It is crucial to understand every part of the contract, and if you don’t, do not hesitate to ask for professional advice. Some contracts include hidden fees that are given in an uncertain way, and for a borrower-beginner, they could be hard to notice. Sign when everything is straightened up.

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