Buy Weed Online: Top 3 Delta 8 Brands Providing Gift Packs For Stoners This Christmas | Get Cannabis Plants Legally On The Market 2021

The Internet makes everything seem so straightforward when it comes to ordering things online, at any time, and from any place in the world. Also, it ships directly to your home address. That’s why living in this modern era has made buying weed online possible like never before. So, whether you want to find cannabis for medical or recreational uses or quick and fast delivery, there are still a plentiful of options.

If you’ve tried to legally purchase cannabis online, you’ve already realized that the web market is saturated with suspicious dealers. Eventually, you have found some cool websites but something about their content, customer service, or client reviews simply doesn’t show whether you’ve come to the right place. All that can cause a lot of hassle and you simply don’t want to go through it.

We also have to be aware that buying it online nowadays doesn’t put us in any legal strain with the state. What you need to do first is consider some things, like whether you are using it for medical or recreational purposes, the legal status in your country, the quality of the product, etc.

For that reason, we have delved deep into the ocean of information to make things easy for you. We will discuss how to find your best weed online supplier, without getting into any trouble. We will also bring forward the differences between Delta-8 and Delta-9, their legality, and price. So, keep on reading this article to find all you need to know.

Top 3 Brands To Buy Recreational Marijuana Stock Online

  1. Exhale – Overall Best Delta 8 Thc Weed In The Cannabis Market
  2. BudPop – Best Marijuana Weed Brand
  3. Hollyweed CBD – An Emerging Brand For Best Thc Products

#1. Exhale – Overall Best Delta 8 Thc Weed In The Cannabis Market



Established in Los Angeles, California, the brand has been on the market for many years and has decades of experience. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The brand was founded by a team of enthusiasts with the same goal; bringing top-notch organic products that enhance your body’s function.

Being featured in several exclusive magazines, like LA Weekly, Forbes, Observer, Los Angeles Times, and Ministry of Hemp proves that Exhale is the pioneer in creating various exquisite cannabis products. It’s a great place for everyone checking out something new for the very first time or someone who’s been enjoying weeds recreationally over a long time.

The site offers a full spectrum of Delta-8 products, including gummies, cartridges, Delta-8 flowers, pre-rolls, and cigarettes, available both online and physically. They also have a dedicated section for first-time buyers where you can find useful information about dosage, how Delta-8 works, and its negative effects.


The brand’s been dedicated to creating pure and organic cannabis products by taking the right ingredients from nature. Exhale makes sure all of its products are carefully selected and independently tested by third-party labs, thus ensuring everyone gets their enjoyment. This company uses solely Premium Colorado hemp grown by the local farmers which proved to be the secret formula for the success of this company.

Exhale is always on the run to improve its products and the service it offers. It is good to mention that its products are always 100% natural, GMO-free, gluten, and dairy-free. The company makes all information about the products and lab tests available to its valued customers, so you can always know that you get top-quality products.

Exhale has built its reputation based not only on its safe to use products but also on its customer service, user-friendly website interface, and transparency. The brand offers a rewards program too, with which you can enjoy the perks of being their customer. There are ways to earn and spend your points, and by referring your friend, you can both get a 10% off. The prices are also affordable and there are tons of positive reviews by their satisfied customers.


  • A full portfolio of products
  • 100% organic products
  • No GMO
  • Vegan products available
  • Products are tested by third-party labs
  • Affordable prices
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the products
  • Free shipping to most of the U.S.
  • 20% discount on your first order


  • Products are available only online
  • Some Delta-8 products are still illegal
  • Only high-potent Delta-8 products

Customer experience

Exhale has been trying to stay on top of similar websites where you can buy weed online and they have succeeded in this quest. Lots of their customers say words of praise regarding the brand, its products, and customer service. They have expressed their satisfaction by giving this brand a 5/5 rating on their website and Google. Many of them reported that they finally feel much better after consuming their products.

The variety of products and their top-notch quality have truly established this brand as a pioneer in its industry. But it’s not only that. Exhale offers fast shipping, and on top of everything, a money-back guarantee and discounts. To ensure this, they ask their clients for feedback after each purchase. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try them out!

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale

#2. BudPop– Best Marijuana Weed Brand



Founded by several young enthusiasts, BudPop is a relatively new website on the market. Despite all of this, it already filled the headlines of a few prestigious journals, like LA Weekly, Observer, US Weekly, Maxim, and Men’s Journal. So what is BudPop?

BudPop is a premium brand that originates from Los Angeles, California, and is just one of the several cannabis brands that create and sell cannabis products online. To establish themselves on the top of these brands, BudPop focuses on giving their valued consumers high-quality Delta-8 products. They claim their products are 100% organic, vegan-friendly, and GMO-free.

This premium brand offers a wide variety of Delta-8 products, including cartridges, gummies, and flowers. Third-party labs are responsible for performing thorough testing on all of their products. The lab tests and various certificates of analysis are also available to the general public on the website itself. BudPop loves transparency, and so do we. Therefore, BudPop has made lots of different information available to their valued clients, including details on their products, extraction, and dosage.


BudPop is a company that values innovation and strives for client happiness at all times. The result of this creativity has brought new flavors of Delta-8 flowers, gummies, and cartridges on the market. Furthermore, BudPop seems to like to experiment with taste combinations and this has led to creating cannabis products with exquisite purity.

This company has been extensively committed to providing its valued customers with safe and healthy cannabis products. Embracing creativity and science, all customers have a chance to try out something new. A very important feature they utilize is ensuring all of their customers’ needs are met and no minor person buys some of their products, as this act is forbidden by law.

Another amazing feature that makes BudPop stand out is the quiz that tells you the perfect product for you and your needs. So all you need to do is take the short quiz with general questions about you and your needs; then simply enter your email address to get your results. The site also states that they do fast shipping across the USA, money-back guarantee, and secure payment too.

But the surprises don’t stop here! BudPop’s unique reward system is what makes their loyal customers come back all the time. So this is what happens; customers get different points for signing up, buying products, and following them on social media. You can use these points in exchange for more discounts.


  • Completely organic products
  • Uses locally grown hemp
  • Fast shipping
  • Secure payment
  • All products tested by third-party labs
  • Test results available on the site
  • GMO-free, vegan products
  • Reward system
  • Money-back policy


  • Ships only within the US
  • Pricey products

Customer reviews

We did extensive research on customers’ reviews about BudPop. In this research, we took a deep look into the testimonials of their customers on their website and Google. Despite being a relatively new brand, their exceptional product quality has made them enjoy an almost 5-star rating on their site with so many happy customers.

Some of their acclaimed and sought-after products are their Strawberry Gelato Gummies and Strawberry Gelato Delta-8 THC Vape. Lots of customers have expressed their satisfaction with using these cannabis products, claiming how much they helped in pain-relieving or overcoming stress. They also approved the authenticity of the products, the safety requirements, the fast shipping, and the helpful customer support.

Don’t forget the reward system and the discounts you can enjoy once you become part of BudPop’s family. Surely, you will have a great time using their products.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop

#3. Hollyweed CBD – An Emerging Brand For Best Thc Products



A great place to buy weed online is Hollyweed CBD. This brand has also been enjoying a reputation in the online market for its great products and reliable resources and it is legit.

Their website is very easy to navigate through; you can browse a bunch of different products, including disposables, flowers, cartridges, and tinctures. By carefully choosing natural ingredients, the brand has surely strived to provide a satisfactory experience for everyone.

Just like the rest of all reputable online weed vendors, Hollyweed CBD dedicates itself to providing extra satisfaction to its loyal customers. They employ third-party labs to do extensive testing on all of their products, ensuring the highest quality for the best value. The tests’ results are also available to the general public. In addition, their FAQ section and learning center have attracted lots of customers to stop by again and again.


Hollyweed CBD puts its products in different categories, depending on tests performed to prove stringent quality, potency, and safety. Furthermore, they claim to ensure utilizing 100% organic non-GMO hemp plants grown on U.S. farms with no dangerous impurities. Hemp is harvested in its raw state from farms in Carolina, Colorado, Oregon, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Later, through extensive evaluation, the hemp is carefully processed to be prepared for sale.

Like many of the competitors, Hollyweed CBD offers a 25% discount on subscriptions. As of this moment, a lot of their products are on sale, so make sure you check them out while the goods are still in stock, and lock the great price.


  • A vast variety of products
  • 100% organic, GMO-free
  • 25% discount on subscription
  • Rich learning center and FAQ sections
  • Third-party testing
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Available at online stores

Customer reviews

Hollyweed CBD also enjoys an excellent reputation among its customers. Lots of the users claim they had a great experience using the different products, ranging from vapes and edibles to tinctures and flowers. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any customer reviews on the site; however, from what we’ve found on Google, many customers find the website’s content useful and want to come for more.

If you are looking for a wide range of different Delta-8 products, this site is the perfect place for you. The mix of commitment, sharing their knowledge with customers and high quality is certainly this brand’s formula to success. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Hollyweed CBD’s customer support.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD

How Did We Create This List?

Finding particularly good and reputable online marijuana sellers is certainly a very difficult and demanding task. Legality, state laws, high quality, and customer reviews are just some of the crucial issues when creating this list. Let’s thoroughly check the top three websites for selling cannabis online

Can You Legally Buy Weed Online?

The answer is both yes and no. While in this article we will discuss how to legally buy it online, we need to make sure it is legal where we live. Sadly, cannabis is listed on Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. That being said, buying it online or through a vendor may get you in trouble as it’s punishable by federal law. Always keep in mind that different states have different laws on cannabis purchase, possession, and consumption.

As of this moment, only 17 U.S. states allow limited usage of cannabis for recreational purposes. What does that mean, though? Well, some states do allow recreational cannabis use, so you may be able to legally use it if there is a medical indication for it. If the state where you live permits using marijuana only for medical purposes, all you need is a medical prescription and a medical marijuana card. Make sure to check whether your place of residence allows it.

Since we mentioned two types of marijuana here, the Delta-8 and Delta-9, it’s good to know that different laws apply to them. Delta-8 is legally available on a federal level, while Delta-8 has come across various prohibitions in several states. In this article, we will focus on buying Delta-8 THC products legally from highly-reputable online vendors, while ensuring you get top-quality stuff.

Beginner’s Guide For Buying Weed Online

The online market is surely overwhelmed with a lot of weed vendors. However, you shouldn’t just pick the closest and cheapest supplier. Engaging in purchasing untested raw cannabis may impose a hazard to your health and overall wellbeing. Also, you might get in trouble with the authorities for unauthorized possession of cannabis. Hence, we have created this guide with all the things you need to take into consideration.

  • Choose a suitable product for you

The top three premium brands we discussed above offer loads of different products. But can you use any of them? Are they too strong for you? Well, the answer lies in the description of the products. Whenever you buy weed online or similarly derived products, make sure to check all the ingredients on the site. Some of the ingredients may cause allergies and can prove potentially dangerous for your health.

When it comes to the potency of the products, Exhale, BudPop, and Hollyweed CBD all offer potent Delta-8 products. Thus, you can be sure to enjoy full efficiency. However, always double-check whether your chosen product contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

  • Third-party testing

Finally, lab tests. In this review, we went through all the top brands’ websites to have a look into their lab tests. These websites value transparency regarding the products they sell and customers highly appreciate it as well. The brands do this to certify that their products are completely authentic and safe as advertised. As we could see, these brands employed third-party laboratories to ensure the safety and health regulations are maintained throughout the whole process, from harvesting to the end product.

  • Different potency

Products containing Delta-8 can come in a variety of flavors. Hemp flowers also come in a variety of strains, and a good example can be Indica and Indica-hybrid strains from BudPop. These strains have different purposes and you must be aware of how they work and what their function is. Each time before you proceed to add a product to your shopping cart, make sure to read the description label on the said product.

  • Quality and effectiveness

Quality is another asset we must be careful about. As mentioned before, carefully examining the test results performed by independent labs will be very beneficial for us. Thus, we can be sure that the products we want to buy don’t contain any toxic cannabinoids, pollutants, or unnecessary ingredients.

When it comes to effectiveness, you must consider the brand and the ingredients. Different brands and products may display different effects, but most of them will demonstrate them in about 30 minutes to 6 hours after consumption, all depending on the product type and administering method. These factors affect the duration of the effects too.

  • Brand reputation

Before making any purchase, a very important thing to consider is the brand’s reputation. Here we discussed the top three brands for legally selling weed online, and while they are legit and safe, do a bit of research yourself. Carefully read customer reviews and experiences, lab tests, and certifications of analysis. This way you can get a clear picture of the credibility of the product and the brand.

  • Customer service

All the above-mentioned brands appreciate their customers’ opinions and are constantly working hard and looking forward to improving their service. For that reason, they offer loyalty and rewards programs and discounts, quick responses to their clients’ queries, fast shipping, and full discretion.

  • Source

You certainly want to make sure that the products you want to buy meet local safety criteria and the hemp used in producing them are organic, without imposing health risks. The brands discussed in this article certify that they produce their products with all health measures taken, without using allergens, pollutants, or any harmful compounds.

Exhale, in particular, advertises that they use Premium Colorado hemp grown by local farmers. BudPop claims their pesticide-free hemp comes from Nevada, which means the hemp these brands use is not imported.

  • Examine your needs

Carefully think about what kind of product you need, whether it’s medical or recreational purposes. But don’t worry if choosing the right product for you is a hassle for you; some of the brands, like BudPop, offer a short quiz to help you find what’s the best product for you. Others have learning centers and blogs where you can read and educate yourself about the usage and dosage.

  • Payment and shipping

We already mentioned the legitimacy of these brands. All of them accept various types of payment. However, as you might do with any kind of online purchasing, the same applies when buying cannabis products online; take all precautions before you pay. Double-check if the sites offer free shipping, as some of them, like Hollyweed CBD, might not. Next, go through their return, cancellations, and refund policies to ensure you get a pleasant buyer’s experience.

  • Knowing and understanding the law

In this article, we covered Delta-8 THC products derived from natural hemp and we’ve also learned that products containing less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC are approved by federal laws. However, please note that these products are not available in every state and may still fall under federal law. Before you purchase any product, do the research yourself whether the possession and consumption of such products are possible in your place of residence. These may change now and then, so always try to find the more recent information.

What Is Delta-8 And What Are Its Benefits?

You have already read a lot about Delta-8 THC in this article. But if you are new to it, you might want to find out more about it. Here we will discuss how similar or different it is from other related products, and its benefits or side effects.

Delta-8 THC (Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol) is a compound derived from cannabis with psychoactive characteristics. Delta-9 THC is a similar cannabis product that is stronger and more potent than Delta-8 because it’s the compound that creates a high. Delta-8 occurs naturally in hemp flowers and marijuana plants.

Similar to Delta-9, Delta-8 products can make you feel excited, relaxed, relieve pains, help you with digestion and improve the quality of your sleep, though the effects are a lot milder. Of course, it’s highly beneficial, but you must take it with precautions.

  • Fights against anxiety and stress

We’ve all experienced periods in life with extreme stress and we know how much it affects the quality of life, both privately and professionally. People who’ve been using Delta-8 products claim those products helped them get stress and anxiety-free. Some people also claimed the products helped better concentrate on their daily activities and were able to maintain their focus for a longer time.

How do those products work? The products mentioned in this article sold online also contain chemicals that are known for their calming effects. Thus, you can enjoy a clear state of mind as the effect you’ll get is mild and won’t increase your anxiety furthermore.

  • Boosts appetite

You may have heard about the positive effects of Delta-8 products on appetite. Lots of people reported that after taking some of those products, they managed to increase their appetite and restore their eating habits. Unfortunately, there are not many studies that can certainly prove the effects of cannabis on hunger. However, according to some researchers, the results showed that Delta-8 can stimulate your appetite depending on what products you use (vapes, edibles, etc.).

  • Pain relief

Scientists have been trying to prove the effects of Delta-8 on pain-relieving. Just like with appetite boosting, lots of people reported the positive effects of taking such products for going pain-free. Furthermore, studies conducted showed that these products are more effective when treating chronic pain. So, if you are suffering from chronic pains that cause you anxiety and lower your productivity, you might want to give these products a try.

However, a good thing to mention here is that these Delta-8 products are not regulated and approved by the FDA. That means you must be extremely careful when using them and of course, buy them from reliable and trusted brands. Also, you can consult your physician for further advice.

Delta-8 products side effects

We already covered the benefits you might get from using Delta-8 products. However, as mentioned before, you need to take them with care and precautions. While there are plenty of positive experiences regarding the benefits of using these products, it is worth mentioning the side effects. Knowing how to balance between the dosage and choosing the right product for you, you can have a happy, fulfilled, and relaxed life.

  • Dry mouth and red eyes

People have reported that one of the most common side effects caused by these products is the feeling of dry mouth and red dry eyes. Since Delta-8 products are still considered highly potent, be mindful not to overdose. It is very important to remain hydrated whenever you are taking any form of these products.

  • Drowsiness and numbness

Other side effects associated with overdosing with these cannabis products are drowsiness and numbness. While the right amount can make you feel relaxed and give you a clear mind, some people reported feeling tired and lethargic. Increased anxiety is also a common side effect of overdosing. If you have a long-lasting feeling of all the aforementioned products, call your doctor immediately.

  • Decreased or increased heart rate

Probably less common but not isolated side effects would be fluctuations in your heart rate. Again related to overdosing, the products can make your heartbeat slower or faster and can also cause hypotension.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Can I buy weed online?

Buying cannabis products online is possible and safer than buying them from different dispensaries. This is because when you search for the products online, you can check how trustworthy and reliable the sites are, and the source of their products. Buying a product from an untrusted site that offers no transparency on the sourcing and production of their products can be a potential risk for your health.

Always look out for changes in the law regarding weed legalization. Some states allow possession and consumption solely for medical or even recreational purposes, while others don’t allow it at all.

Q2. Is there a difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9?

Delta-8 and Delta-9 are two related compounds found naturally in cannabis plants. Delta-9 products are more potent, therefore, with more adverse effects, including paranoia, increased anxiety, decreased motor functions, and lethargy. Delta-8 employs mild but more beneficial effects, making you more productive.

While Delta-8 is legal in most states, Delta-9 remains illegal on a federal level as it contains a higher level of THC, that is, more than 0.3%. As such, Delta-8 is a good alternative to marijuana.

Q3. Can I consume weed daily?

That depends on you. Are you wondering if it’s going to make you addicted or intolerant to some of the chemical compounds? Unfortunately, the answers to these questions depend merely on the individual, and ongoing studies have shown that about 9% of people can develop an addiction.

In conclusion to the above, tolerance is the key to responsible consumption. Tolerance can vary and over a while, you may notice that the effects of weed consumption or similar products have decreased. Instead of increasing the dose, give yourself some time to gauge your body. Also, you aren’t advised to use such products when operating with machines or vehicles.

Q4. Will I get a THC positive test?

Products like gummies, vapes, tinctures, etc., that contain Delta-8 may also contain traces of stronger THC. Also, the test result may depend on how long you’ve been taking those products. Since every individual has a different tolerance to the said products, to avoid being tested positive for THC, it is best not to use them for a while before you take the test.

Q5. What’s the recommended dosage?

Different products contain different amounts of Delta-8 THC. To understand their potency, we must carefully read the package label. The dosage usually depends on your needs and possibly medical indication, and any overdosing may result in experiencing many side effects discussed above.

Usually, the sites we reviewed in this article have blogs where you can find guides to safely use their products. There you may also read that suitable dosage for the desired effects depends on your age and weight too, as main factors. However, there are other factors to consider, including your body mass and tolerance. Desired effects also depend on the consumption method as well.

Bear in mind that the effects take place after half an hour to several hours after consumption. THC concentrations can stay in your system for as long as a month too.

Q6. Are cannabis products expensive?

Since the whole process of production and testing of the products is time-consuming, the products can still keep a higher price on the market. Though the top brands offer discounts on your first order, oftentimes they offer products on sale too, so keep an eye on them if you want to try out something new. Always buy products from trustworthy sources and avoid shady vendors at any cost.


In this article, we covered a lot of information on how to buy weed online; the best online vendors, the products they offer, their safety and dosage, differences between various products, etc. This information is very valuable for any first-time trier or an experienced user, wishing to try out something new and fresh.

Since cannabis and its products are psychoactive drugs, possessing them legally and consuming them responsibly is crucially important. Here are a few things to recap and remember.

The top three premium brands to buy products online are Exhale, BudPop, and Hollyweed CBD. These brands offer an excellent range of safe-to-use products that have undergone extensive testing by third-party labs. This ensures getting exquisite quality while diminishing health risks at the comfort of your home.

The federally legal status of Delta-8 products in some states allows every customer to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience. However, always do your research before you engage in any shopping venture and consume these products responsibly.

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