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Using CBD oils to treat ailments is quickly catching on among consumers, thanks to its undeniable benefits.

If you carry out a google search on the ‘best Full Spectrum CBD Oil in Canada,’ it will throw up multiple results. So, it’s easy to imagine the growing popularity surrounding this hemp-based component.

Then again, that’s one of the reasons why most people find it difficult to choose the right product from numerous options. And since unverified sources are responsible for most of the articles and blogs available on the topic, you won’t know if the information provided is trustworthy.

Luckily, we’ve tried CBD oil products, even CBD gummies ourselves, so you can trust us to provide accurate information. In addition, our well-researched brands use 100% natural ingredients, allowing you to enjoy the health benefits without experiencing side effects.

To learn about the top brands and their stand-out products, read our guide for extensive reviews and detailed discussions on the subject.

Top 3 Best Full Spectrum CBD Oils In Canada [Full Reviews]

1. CBD North – Overall CBD Oil Canada

2. Mellow Oil – Premium Brand For CBD Oils And Tinctures

3. CBD Magic – Hemp Seed Oil Contains Organic MCT Oil

#1. CBD North – Overall Best CBD Oil Canada


Brand Overview

CBD North believes in the mission that every Canadian has the right to quality healthcare. Therefore, the brand has been working tirelessly to develop affordable, fair, and organic CBD products suitable for people suffering from numerous ailments.

Understandably, CBD North is well known for researching the various benefits of CBD to develop natural and effective products for the masses. These products further undergo third-party lab tests, ensuring that all the ingredients meet the demands of modern healthcare.

What’s more, this Vancouver-based organization offers prompt and efficient service, delivering to any location in Canada within 2-5 business days. Be it a town, village, city, summer cottage, or even a hockey rink, CBD North makes it a point to connect with consumers all across the country.

Even more remarkable is that it provides a discount through its CBD Assistance Program. People in need are recognized by this initiative, meaning they can purchase a quality product at lower prices. So, there’s fairness and transparency in how the brand operates.


  • 45% discount through the CBD Assistance Program
  • Free shipping for orders above $99
  • Fast delivery
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Uses only natural ingredients like organic hemp and MCT oil
  • Available in multiple strengths
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Superb cannabinoid blends
  • Trusted by consumers


  • Doesn’t deliver outside Canada


A. CBD Assistance Program

CBD North has developed an assistance program that allows it to identify the people in need. Be it students, retired individuals, or army veterans, anyone who struggles to pay the full amount is eligible for a 45% discount.

Moreover, if the product fails to meet your requirements, it’s possible to opt for a refund.

B. Third-Party Lab Tested

The CBD North Full Spectrum Canadian CBD oil has been lab-tested by a third-party organization. These tests determine the product’s efficacy and ensure that it meets healthcare standards as laid down by the FDA.

Any consumer who wants to view the lab results can do so by visiting the company website.

C. Multiple Sizes

CBD North Full Spectrum CBD Oil is available in multiple sizes to meet customers’ demands. You can choose any of its variants – 500mg, 1,000mg, or 2,000mg containers, to administer the required dose.

Additionally, the dual strength of this product is another advantage when it comes to treating pains.

D. Natural Ingredients

It comprises only natural ingredients, so you can understand why it’s highly beneficial for treating ailments. This full-spectrum CBD oil uses organic hemp extracts, including MCT oil, for the purest experience.

E. No Artificial Components

Along with organic components, it doesn’t have any artificial flavors, ensuring maximum safety. This is because preservatives often cause cancer and other complications, which natural ingredients help prevent.

Long story short, consumers can enjoy the organic scent and taste of the product without worrying about side effects.

F. Dosage Guide

In addition to the above factors, CBD North has added a dosage guide to help users reap maximum benefits of their product. When used in the correct amount, CBD oil can help cure insomnia and relax the mind.

On the other hand, an overdose will make you drowsy, but consuming too much CBD oil isn’t harmful, so you need not worry.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBD North

#2. Mellow Oil – Premium Brand For CBD Oils And Tinctures


Brand Overview

Mellow Oil has become a household name for CBD oil Canada wide, thanks to its simple and innovative products. The brand uses only organic ingredients instead of cannabis derivatives, meaning it’s safe and suitable for relieving various pains.

Now, despite its wide range of products, it offers clarity of thought and excellent customer service, so people know what they are using. In addition, all the components are lab tested and handmade with a focus on curing specific ailments through plant-based ingredients.

What’s more, it makes relief products in small batches, delivering them to people discreetly and as fast as possible. But particularly pleasing is the avoidance of complicated terminology, ensuring that all its services are easily understandable.

Consumers can buy pure CBD oils one at a time or opt for a subscription plan, whichever seems convenient, and all the records remain private. In addition, there’s a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee with an option of returning the products for a full refund.

If people have questions, suggestions, or complaints, Mellow Oil listens to all opinions and responds quickly for the best user experience.


  • Free shipping on orders above $100
  • 25% discount when purchasing three or more CBD oils
  • No chemicals, pesticides, or cannabis components
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • All products are lab tested
  • 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Extremely user-friendly and fast service
  • Delivery within three days


  • No scented products


A. Organic Ingredients

The Mellow Oil Full Spectrum Tincture consists wholly of organic ingredients, helping cure pain, insomnia, and restlessness. After meticulous research and planning, the company has chosen plant-based ingredients, refining them through handmade processes for maximum efficiency.

Moreover, you won’t find cannabis derivatives, so there’s no chance of suffering side effects.

B. Fast Delivery

A stand-out attribute of the Mellow Oil brand is its prompt and fast delivery. You can expect the order to reach you within three business days, which says a lot about the company. It guarantees a seamless experience, and you’ll receive the order without any hassle.

C. No Preservatives

It doesn’t contain preservatives or artificial components, so what you taste is organic hemp seed extract.

The avoidance of artificial ingredients further adds to the health benefits, preventing cancer and other ailments. Its plant-based alternatives ensure that this full-spectrum tincture improves bodily functions within a short time.

D. Customer Satisfaction

All top brands take customer satisfaction seriously, and Mellow Oil is no different. We’ve already mentioned its efficient delivery system, but ordering from the website is also easy. You can opt for a subscription or buy products one at a time as per your needs.

What’s more, the product descriptions are easy to understand because they are written in a simple language.

E. Discreet Services

Further adding to its customer satisfaction is the availability of discreet services. Be it placing an order or the final delivery, all transactions between you and the company remain strictly confidential.

But why is this relevant? First, the brand takes into account that people recovering from certain ailments would like to keep things private. So, you can rest and recover in peace with the surety that your information is safe.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mellow Oil

#3. CBD Magic – Hemp Seed Oil Contains Organic MCT Oil


Brand Overview

CBD Magic uses innovative healing solutions, helping people recover from aches, pains, sleep disorders, and more. Plus, all its ingredients are third-party lab tested, meaning there’s no dip in quality across its wide range of products.

It strives to make it easier for consumers to purchase premium-quality CBD products of their choice, including this full spectrum hemp oil made from natural ingredients. Apart from that, the brand has developed water-soluble tinctures, pet-friendly CBD oils, CBD topicals for pain, etc.

With its excellent customer service and user-friendly delivery options, anyone in Canada can enjoy the benefits of its CBD oil products. Plus, the brand uses water-soluble nanotechnology as part of the production process to meet modern healthcare standards.

Unsurprisingly, CBD Magic has received largely positive reviews, thanks to its 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee and year-round support. In addition, a team of professionals ensures that people receive the delivery on time, without any hassle.


  • Shipping within five days
  • Processes refunds within 30 days.
  • Uses water-soluble nanotechnology
  • Wide range of products
  • Available in numerous sizes
  • Lab results are available on the website.
  • Contains only natural ingredients and cannabinoids
  • No shipping costs
  • Prompt reply to people’s queries


  • Takes time to show noticeable results
  • People with a sleep disorder may wake up once or twice.


A. Complete Refunds

As with most companies, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Understandably, consumers can opt for a full refund within 30 days of receiving the package if they are unsatisfied with the product. Rest assured, the refund will be promptly processed.

B. Free Shipping

Some brands set a minimum buying price for free shipping. But CBD Magic offers free shipping on all purchases, irrespective of how many items are in your digital shopping bag.

In other words, whether you purchase one or multiple units, you’ll only need to pay the price of CBD products.

C. Innovative Production Line

The production line of the company has grabbed everyone’s attention, thanks to its innovative water-soluble nanotechnology. It allows the brand to produce premium-quality full-spectrum hemp oil while upholding the standards of healthcare.

So, along with efficiency, it guarantees safety, ensuring that its efficacy isn’t affected.

D. Lab Tested

The finished product and all its components are lab tested before the hemp oil hits the stores. A third-party organization carries out the testing and publishes the results available on the company website. Hence, consumers can easily check the quality of individual ingredients.

E. User-Friendly Service

Apart from its fast delivery, refund policy, and free shipping, CBD Magic focuses on establishing a bond with customers through its user-friendly website. All the services are easy to avail of, and you can also post your queries about the product.

Rest assured, customer representatives will answer all questions so that you have a clear idea about the product you’re buying.

F. Organic Components

It uses only organic components and cannabinoids, maintaining your bodily functions in perfect harmony. This means that the taste and smell of the product are due to natural ingredients rather than artificial preservatives. Hence, there’s no need to worry about side effects.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBD Magic

How We Made This List Of The Best CBD Oils In Canada

To make a list comprising the top three Full Spectrum CBD Oils in Canada requires considerable planning and hours of hard work.

For starters, we had to figure out how to sift through the sea of information available out there. Long story short, we put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes to narrow down the essential points that distinguish the top brands.

Although there are many factors and personal preferences, we felt that user response and lab test reports held the key. We also looked at the choice of natural ingredients and how each brand extracts CBD oil from hemp seeds.

This brought down the list to a manageable number. Following this, we took help from research papers, documented reports, journalistic sources, and consumer behavior to reach the magic number three.

You will find below the factors that helped us refine our guide for your benefit.

  • The effectiveness of each brand in reducing inflammation, pain, indigestion, insomnia, and other disorders
  • All the information regarding CBD, its benefits, uses, etc., must be available to the consumer
  • Natural ingredients used and the THC levels once the products hit the shelves
  • Brands must provide complete data about full-spectrum products and their correct dosage
  • The reputation of the brands and customer reviews regarding their services
  • Whether the production line and facilities satisfy FDA standards
  • Lab testing and featuring the results on the brand website is a must
  • Hemp sources and their method of extraction
  • Customer satisfaction, ease of use, delivery, and payment options

Buyer’s Guide For Hemp Seed Oil

Let’s now proceed to the buyer’s guide, where we’ll discuss how to choose the best Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Canada. We’ve already looked at the essential attributes of our top three brands, but in this section, we’ll tell you how to make the right purchase.

For starters, you need to think about what ailments you want to cure to pick the best option. Every product has unique traits, and it’s crucial to determine how those qualities will benefit you.

So, take a look at the following points to make an informed decision.

  • Shipping

After choosing a suitable brand, you need to consider its shipping policies. All our recommendations, especially CBD North, offer fantastic shipping facilities, delivering their products to all parts of Canada. Unfortunately, not all brands share the same goals and serve only specific locations.

Additionally, consumers will look at shipping charges because it adds to the overall cost of the purchase. Most brands require people to purchase a minimum amount to qualify for free shipping, but CBD Magic provides free delivery on all products.

Needless to say, proper research about a brand’s shipping regulations will save you both time and money.

  • Hemp Sources

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that quality hemp extracts produce the best CBD oils. Hence, it’s crucial to gather information regarding the company’s hemp sources and extraction procedure. This ensures that CBD oil has the desired impact for treating different ailments.

Usually, premium-quality hemp extracts are available in the US, and the brand must follow ethical standards to procure them. Moreover, modern production lines are moving towards green technologies and sustainable practices, which all companies should adhere to.

  • THC Levels

Companies extract CBD oil from cannabis and hemp, so it contains THC, the component found in marijuana that makes people high. So, understandably, a major concern among people is regarding the psychoactive property of CBD oil and if they are likely to experience side effects.

You can breathe easily because all hemp oil-based products must contain less than 0.3% of THC components. Meaning, there’s no chance of getting high, and even an overdose leads to nothing more than drowsiness.

It would be best to check the product details before making the purchase, ensuring that it meets the safety requirements.

  • Lab Results

As we’ve mentioned, all brands need to test their products through a third-party testing agency to comply with the FDA guidelines. These results must then be available on the company website for consumers to see.

But despite the stringent regulations, there’s bound to be malpractice, and often brands mislabel their products. Hence, you need to be vigilant and ensure that the company meets the high standards of integrity as laid down by the law.

It’s important to note that all our featured brands meet the necessary health standards. You can visit their website to check if they follow the correct procedure.

  • Cost

Keeping aside shipping charges, the cost of full-spectrum CBD oils depends on the extraction methods, choice of ingredients, and concentration. For example, one extraction method involves using supercritical CO2, but the flipside is that it’s costlier than other techniques.

The price also varies depending on whether you use a low, medium, or high-quality blend. That said, full-spectrum oils cost more as they require innovative production methods and further refinement than other products. So, you need to have a flexible budget to purchase the necessary dose.

  • Ingredients

Quality and choice of ingredients are other deciding factors while purchasing CBD oils. It would be best to choose an all-natural, organic product, having plant-based components rather than artificial preservatives.

Moreover, premium-quality products have important cannabinoids that combine to create an entourage effect. This increases its efficacy, allowing users to receive quick relief from pains. CBD may be useful in boosting testosterone levels through its anti-inflammatory & stress reducing effects. Hence, CBD with the best testosterone boosters sounds like a good plan.

  • Flavor

CBD oils that use organic ingredients have a soothing natural taste that artificial components can’t substitute. In addition, full-spectrum oils offer several variations of an earthy flavor, meaning consumers have many options to choose from.

Apart from that, other natural ingredients like essential oils, Salmon constituents, berry, mint, and even chocolate work well to enhance the taste. However, certain people fail to adjust to the earthy flavor, so it takes time getting used to CBD oils.

  • Brand Information

Companies must provide consumers with all the relevant information. Be it lab results, customer reviews, or overall brand reputation, all the data should be available on the company website.

What’s more, they must display everything from the production process to the weight of each ingredient on the container. Even information about the supply chain isn’t off-limits, and customers have every right to know the hemp oil distribution process.

Speaking of information, brands must mention the dosage details in simple terms for easy understanding.

  • Potency

You can calculate the potency of the oil by determining the volume and concentration of the mixture. Knowing the potency helps ascertain the product’s effectiveness and how many milligrams are suitable for chronic pain relief.

Furthermore, brands provide a dropper to help you measure the required amount. Usually, full-spectrum oils react fast, delivering relief within 30 minutes to relax the mind and body. However, if you don’t experience any noticeable change, increase the dose after consulting a doctor.

  • User Experience

To build brand reputation, it’s vital to focus on user experience. Apart from fast shipping and convenient payment options, navigating the website to find the right product shouldn’t be a hassle for consumers.

Additionally, the brand must reply to people’s queries and process their requests within a short time to become a top choice on the market.

How Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Help?

It’s difficult to ignore the multiple benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil Canada, so we’ve highlighted the essential points below.

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil is rich in proteins and Omega-3s that offer balance and keep the body active
  • CBD oil has essential cannabinoids that maintain skin health, moisturize the skin, prevent inflammation, and reduce the signs of aging
  • The cannabinoids combine to form an entourage effect, which helps cure acne, pimples, dermatitis, and more
  • Thanks to the fatty acids and vitamins present in hemp oil, the human body develops resistance to bacteria, fungal infections, and viruses
  • Be it muscle tension, arthritis, aching joints, or tendonitis, it lowers pain and discomfort in the body
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil is suitable for curing insomnia as it reduces restlessness, relaxing the mind and body
  • It lowers anxiety levels, allowing you to concentrate and feel comfortable in social situations

FAQs About Full Spectrum CBD Oil Canada

Q1. How Long Does Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Stay In The Body?

The impact of full-spectrum CBD oil depends on the bodily functions of the individual. Usually, it stays in the body for two to three days, but in some cases, the effects may linger for several weeks.

Q2. Is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Better Than CBD Isolate?

According to research papers and journals, full-spectrum CBD oil is more refined and helps cure ailments faster than CBD isolate. This is because it uses a combination of CBD and THC (in negligible amounts), reducing muscle tension and interacting with the nervous system to cure arthritis.

Moreover, full spectrum CBD oils use only natural ingredients made from organic techniques.

Q3. Does Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Have Side Effects?

Containing 100% natural components and cannabinoids, full-spectrum CBD oil is safe to use and doesn’t cause complications. However, concerns about its side effects aren’t unfounded as CBDs may interact with other medicines, which may prove dangerous.

We’ve mentioned some of the common side effects below.

  • Dry mouth
  • Lethargy
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Irritability

Q4. Can CBD Oil Lead To Weight Gain?

Although one of the side effects of CBD oils is appetite loss, it may also cause people to gain weight. However, studies have shown that when used in the correct dosage, it can help improve appetite, and this change may cause people to struggle with increased weight.

Q5. How Often Should You Consume CBD Oils?

It would be best to consult a doctor regarding the correct dosage, but most people start in small amounts.

For example, full-spectrum CBD oils provide relief from joint pains within 15-45 minutes, so a 20-40mg dose might prove sufficient. You can increase the dose by 5mg after a week for more severe ailments.

Q6. Can CBD Oil Harm Kidneys?

The claim that CBD oil may harm kidneys isn’t justified, and consumers need not worry. In technical terms, CBD oils prevent cisplatin that causes nephrotoxicity, with lab tests on rats showing that they may help reduce oxidative stress.

Q7. Can CBD Oil Lower Cholesterol?

Yes, CBD oils reduce cholesterol as they contain natural ingredients that control blood pressure and lipid uptake.

Q8. Can You Take CBD Oil If You Have Blood Pressure Medication?

It’s imperative to consult a doctor before taking CBD oil with blood pressure medication. The natural components of hemp oil can help reduce blood pressure in patients, but there’s a chance that it might interact with the medicine.

In such a scenario, the anticoagulant effects of CBD will thin the blood, which could be dangerous.

Q9. Can CBD Oil Cause Irregular Heartbeat?

Due to cannabis, CBD oils may have adverse effects on the heart, including irregular heartbeat. In addition, medical research has shown that cannabis consumption could be responsible for arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, and ventricular tachycardia.

Conclusion – Which Full Spectrum CBD Oil Canada Should You Buy?

We feel that the CBD North Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is one of the top products available right now, and our detailed analysis backs up the claim. Don’t forget that we have first-hand experience using the product, so don’t be afraid to trust our judgment.

Meanwhile, the brand offers fast delivery and discounted rates, ensuring that people across Canada can make use of its potent formula. Speaking of formula, customers and lab tests vouch for the effectiveness of its organic components, reducing body tension to make you feel comfortable.

Particularly pleasing is that hemp oil extracts don’t contain psychoactive components, meaning you won’t get high. What’s more, there’s no need to worry about side effects either, as authentic full-spectrum CBD oil in Canada doesn’t contain artificial substances.

Long story short, it would be best to choose a 100% natural product without compromising on quality. You can consult our guide to make an informed decision, as we’ve narrowed down the most sought-after and trustworthy brands.

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