The Best CBD Oil To Buy Online In March 2022

Are you feeling stressed out at work? Struggling to fall asleep at night and stay alert during the day? Perhaps pain is keeping you away from the activities you love? There’s a high probability that somebody you know has already recommended you try CBD oil to deal with those nagging symptoms. Unfortunately, shopping for CBD products for the first time can feel like an overwhelming and confusing undertaking.

If you haven’t already tried CBD oil before, you’re in luck, because the products and prices are even more appealing in 2022. But before you rush off and wade into the unknown world of CBD, it’s best to become acquainted with the leading brands and the basics of cannabidiol.

The 5 Best CBD Oils In 2022: First Glance

  1. Balance CBD
  2. Dani Pepper
  3. Hollyweed
  4. CBD Pure
  5. CBDistillery

Cannabidiol In America

Cannabidiol (CBD) became legal for cultivation and sale in the United States under the 2018 Farm Bill. Initially, most products consisted of CBD oils and edibles but as the years went on, countless new and innovative product categories have emerged, providing increased options for shoppers. And of the products available, full spectrum CBD oil delivers the most consistent and desirable effects.

Many companies are now selling enhanced formulas, and tinkering with full spectrum extracts to include additional cannabinoids and adding botanicals to increase the effects. Still, even as access increases, some states are lagging behind the pack and shoppers living in these areas have few choices for local CBD stores.

Good news — the most potent and affordable CBD oils are sold online, so if you’re looking for the best CBD oils in 2022, all you need is an internet connection.

Brand Breakdowns: The Best CBD Oils In 2022

1. Balance CBD


Balance CBD curates an exhaustive portfolio of CBD products made from premium industrial hemp. The brand is one of the oldest and most trustworthy in the CBD industry.

They have grown into one of the most recognizable companies for unique full spectrum products. Balance CBD’s popularity resulted in a feature in the celebrity gift baskets, where every Hollywood star in attendance went home with their CBD cream!

Though Balance CBD’s topical cream has gained name recognition, it’s the oil tinctures that draw most shoppers due to sky high CBD volumes and extremely low cost per milligram.

Balance CBD carries a wide range of dosages beginning with low strength 500 mg tinctures, but with higher potencies of 1000 mg, 1500 mg, 2000 mg, 2500 mg, and 5000 mg bottles. Prices vary from $29.99 for a 500 mg bottle to $129.99 for a 5000 mg tincture — priced among the lowest cost per milligrams of any legal CBD supplier.

These tinctures are sold in multiple formulas too, like the Harlequin Terpene Infused CBD Oil; an enhanced CBD oil with beneficial terpenes for added relief.

Balance CBD seeks to make their products accessible to as many shoppers as possible, and as such, the oils are vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free.

In addition to the CBD oils, the brand sells vegan CBD edibles, highly concentrated CBD capsules and topical creams, specially formulated CBD pet products with flavor infusions for easy application, and more.

The Benefits Of Balance CBD

High Strength And Low Cost

The primary draw for Balance CBD is the price point of their products. The brand hosts a price match guarantee and will meet the price tags of any competitor oils. However, the guarantee is practically redundant because Balance CBD products are priced below competitors as it is.

Balance CBD’s 5000 mg tincture is literally the most affordable full spectrum CBD oil on the legal US market; Harlequin Terpene Infused Oil is likewise affordably priced, and at $149.95 for 5000 mg, it’s still less expensive than a regular full spectrum oil from most competing brands.

Consumer Friendly Policies

Balance CBD hosts a 30-day money back guarantee that covers every purchase; customers can return their products within the 30 day window for any reason. Balance CBD is cruelty-free from farm to tincture, and the company has engaged in a number of social initiatives and provides a discount for veterans. Free shipping is offered for orders of $75 or more.

Natural Ingredients

Balance CBD oils — and all products for that matter — are created without any artificial ingredients and made exclusively from non-GMO hemp. Balance CBD oils have 2 ingredients, consisting of just CBD and liquid organic coconut oil. Even products that feature flavors are made with natural ingredients, and their gummies don’t contain food coloring which is sometimes included in CBD gummies by other brands.

Third-Party Testing

Independent laboratory testing is incredibly important to CBD shoppers. Balance CBD products are tested at Pure Analytics which is one of the most popular independent labs for cannabis testing. QR codes are featured on every bottle with links to the third-party test results.


Balance CBD has well over 40,000 five star reviews. Customers applaud the company for its below average prices and high-quality products. Only a small percentage of reviewers were critical of the company and most complaints were based on shipping delays and purchasing a low strength product.

2. Dani Pepper


Customers who shop at Dani Pepper typically return for a second purchase and there are several factors to explain the loyalty that many consumers feel towards the brand.

Anybody shopping for full spectrum CBD oil tinctures will see the appeal in Dani Pepper: Their tinctures vary from 500 mg to 5000 mg, with potencies in between, and their prices are often on par with Balance CBD; 5000 mg bottles sell for $129.95. Those who don’t want any THC content can choose the CBD isolate oil in the same potencies as the full spectrum bottles.

While Dani Pepper products are made for everyone, the company rose to prominence with the launch of their CBD lube, and CBD orgasm enhancer, and a sex oil. These products might redden the cheeks of some consumers, but even regular CBD users will find a lot to appreciate from this company.

The Benefits Of Dani Pepper

High-strength and Low Cost

Dani Pepper prices and potencies are consistent with Balance CBD. Consumers can pick up both high and low strength CBD products, and prices are consistently lower than many other suppliers. Shoppers who want high-strength full spectrum products for low prices per milligram will love Dani Pepper, but the lack of a terpene enhanced tincture suggests that Balance CBD oils are potentially stronger.

Consumer Friendly Policies

CBD shoppers have the backing of great policies from Dani Pepper; the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. COAs for third-party laboratory test results are easily accessible on the website.

Natural Ingredients

Dani Pepper Full spectrum CBD oils are made from hemp-derived CBD and MCT coconut oil. The tinctures are vegan, but possibly not gluten-free. Dani Pepper products are free of additives and never include artificial ingredients.

Third-Party Lab testing

Dani Pepper Products are tested by Pure Analytics — one of the largest labs in California and responsible for CBD testing for a number of major brands.


Customer reviews for Dani Pepper were overwhelmingly positive. Customers noted that the oils had a pleasant natural taste and many of the reviewers were long-time users. Of the limited number of negative reviews, some people claimed the oils were too strong for them while others weren’t sure about efficacy.

3. Hollyweed

The Hollyweed brand became known following a clever marketing stunt in 2017, when company founder, Zach Fernandez, changed the Hollywood sign to read Hollyweed following the end of cannabis prohibition. The stunt resulted in a misdemeanor trespassing charge for Fernandez who willingly turned himself in, but after making headlines in local publications, the marketing campaign was likely worth a minor run-in with the law.

Today, Hollyweed carries both full spectrum CBD products and products made from delta-8 cannabis. Shoppers won’t have issues navigating the website and those who want to avoid higher THC concentrations can focus their search on the CBD products tab.

Full spectrum oils from Hollyweed provide reasonable potency options. The lowest strength tinctures have 300 mg of CBD and the highest comes with 10 times the concentration, containing 3000 mg of CBD and selling at $124.95. Shoppers should keep in mind that Hollyweed only sells one CBD tincture, so there are no THC-free oils or additional formulas.

Shoppers can buy most cannabidiol products through this company, including gummies, topical creams, capsules, hemp flower and CBD vape carts.

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The Benefits Of Hollyweed

Potencies And Prices

Hollyweed doesn’t carry as many potencies as the previous brands and prices are much higher, but in the grand scheme of things; Hollyweed oils sell for less than the cost of CBD oils from many of their competitors not featured on this list. With potencies from 300 to 3000 mg and plenty of product categories, Hollyweed has an oil for all CBD users.

Consumer Friendly Policies

Customers can return their products without a hiccup thanks to a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. The company offers free shipping on all orders. As well, Hollyweed provides a variety of hemp flower products which aren’t found at all online CBD stores.

Natural Ingredients

Hollyweed CBD tinctures contain just hemp seed oil and CBD. There’s no flavoring or additives.

Third-Party Testing

Hollyweed products are tested at CannaSafe, which is an independent laboratory operating out of Los Angeles. Test results are displayed on the website.


Unlike the previous brands, Hollyweed doesn’t have many reviews on their website; in fact, some products have no recorded reviews. The company has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot, and most people appreciated the Delta-8 gummies.


4. CBDPure

CBDPure’s service model and website is simple and honest: the company provides a minimalist shopping experience and lets the products speak for themselves. The brand hosts just 4 product categories — oils, capsules, topicals, and pet products — all made with organic ingredients and extracted using a clean extraction process.

CBD shoppers that value purity will feel at ease with CBDPure, as the ingredients consist of full spectrum hemp oil and CBD. The oil tinctures are available in potencies of 300 mg, 600 mg and 1000 mg, priced from $29.99 to $79.99. Potencies are lower than the previous companies and prices are a touch higher per milligram.

What’s different about these oils is that they feature hemp oil as their carrier instead of coconut oil; hemp oils are rich in fatty acids and this could also help with lowering blood pressure. All products from CBDPure are full spectrum, so there are no THC-free choices.


The Benefits of CBDPure

Low Potency And Pure

Customers who want high strength CBD products might find the tincture options disappointing, but the addition of Hemp seed oil and an emphasis on clean production could resonate with some buyers. As well, 1000 mg of CBD is probably enough for most CBD users.

Consumer Friendly Policies

CBDPure provides an incredibly generous satisfaction guarantee; customers can return any product within 90 days for a complete refund.

Natural Ingredients

All CBDPure products live up to the brand name and never include artificial ingredients and all products are extracted from organic hemp.

Third-Party Testing

CBDPure employs Columbia Laboratories for their product testing. Results are available for each product category under the lab test results menu.


There are no customer reviews available on the CBDPure website. The company is family owned and is often included in best CBD oil articles across a variety of publications.

  1. CBDistillery

Shoppers who prioritize choice might prefer a brand like CBDistillery. The company launched in 2016 based out of Colorado, and their goal is to provide high quality CBD for the lowest possible prices. CBDistillery is one of only a few brands that sell full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate oils. And their tinctures extend beyond those categories, including a synergy tincture, a sleep tincture, and tinctures with additional cannabinoids like CBG and CBN.

CBDistillery also presents shoppers with a great range of different potencies — beginning with a 500 mg tincture or a 450 mg sleep tincture that touts 150 mg of CBN. Consumers who need something highly concentrated have tinctures up to 5000 mg. CBDistillery’s highest strength bottle sells for $240, which is a reasonable price, although less cost effective than some other brands. Some oils are sold with flavor infusions.

Customers have plenty of options beyond CBD oils. CBDistillery has an assortment of products; there’s several formulas for CBD gummies and capsules, topical creams such as face creams and cleansers, powders for beverage infusions, vape cartridges, and pet products too.

The Benefits Of CBDistillery

Highly Potent And Priced Fairly

CBDistillery products are sold in low potencies for beginners and very high potency bottles for long-time users. The 5000 mg bottles for $240 might not provide the lowest cost per milligram but additional flavors might tip the scales for some shoppers.

Consumer Friendly Policies

A 60-day satisfaction guarantee ensures that consumers can return their products for any reason within the designated window.

Natural Ingredients

CBDistillery oil tinctures are made with Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract and MCT oil, and natural terpenes. Flavored oils also have natural flavoring.

Third-Party Testing

These products are tested at ACS Laboratory in Florida. Test results appear on the CBDistillery website on the product pages.


CBDistillery has received over 37,000 five-star reviews. Customers appreciate a variety of products from this company and many tout the great flavors of their edibles too. A small percentage of customers didn’t enjoy the flavored oils and found that the natural tinctures taste better.

How We Made The List

There are certain qualities and policies that go hand in hand with great cannabidiol. Companies are quick to sing their own praises but when examining policies, prices and ingredients, it becomes obvious that only a select few truly live up to the hype. In assessing the best CBD oils in 2022, we weighted the following traits above any marketing claims and boastful statements.


We selected companies that sold products at justifiable prices. There are many “premium” CBD suppliers who sell their products for 2 to 3 times the prices of the brands featured above. While lower strength bottles such as 500 mg tinctures typically sell for around $30 — a very fair price — truly affordable CBD sells at a low cost per milligram in high volumes. The best CBD oil in 2022 is an oil that’s affordably priced for everyday use.

CBD Type

Customers want to have some choice for their CBD oils, but full spectrum extract is clearly the most effective formula based on emerging research. We selected brands that sell full spectrum products, but we gave a slight edge to the companies that also sell CBD isolate oil for THC-free users.

Potency Ranges

There are brands that create oils with just one potency, and these oils are often only suitable for beginners or high needs CBD users. Other brands try to straddle the middle ground presenting oil tinctures that are mid-strength to cater to the largest population possible. Shoppers shouldn’t need to compromise — the Best CBD oil in 2022 comes in multiple concentrations.

Consumer Friendly

Every brand we selected offers a money back guarantee, but these policies aren’t a rule with CBD companies; some only accept returns for unused and unopened packages. The quality of a website also plays a huge role in determining the quality of the services received.


We chose brands that use USA grown hemp because this ensures that farming practices are in accordance with US law. Additional ingredients are important too, which is why we only featured brands that don’t use artificial ingredients.


Only through independent laboratory testing can you truly understand what’s in your CBD oil. These laboratory tests confirm THC and CBD potencies, the presence of additional cannabinoids and terpenes, and certify that the products are pesticide-free and don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

How To Take CBD Oil

Taking CBD oil for the first time might seem a bit strange. For some, the concept of administering an oil sublingually sounds complicated or uncomfortable, but the process is fairly straightforward. Consumers have two methods of application:

  • Mix CBD oil with a beverage
  • Take oil sublingually (below the tongue – this is the best method).

Water-soluble tinctures are the ideal products for blending with a beverage. If you’re purchasing standard CBD oil tinctures, then sublingual application is the most desirable method of consumption. To take an oil sublingually:

  • Measure out a dose with the oil dropper
  • Place the oils beneath your tongue without making contact between your mouth and the dropper
  • Hold the oils under your tongue for at least 30 seconds.
  • Swallow

The best CBD oil in 2022 includes accurate dosing information, and in a perfect world, provides a variety of dosing suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oils

What is the best CBD oil on the market?

When you’re looking for products, whether it be to buy Ephedrine in Canada or CBD in the USA you want to make sure you’re getting the best. The 5 brands we featured provide incredible CBD oils and arguably the best choices for any consumers. In general, the best CBD oil on the market is a full spectrum tincture that’s available in multiple potencies and for a low cost per milligram.

What are the 3 types of CBD?

CBD oils come in many different forms but there 3 overarching CBD types:

  • Full spectrum: Whole plant compounds including 0.3% THC, CBD, minor cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.
  • Broad spectrum: a THC-free tincture containing CBD, minor cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.
  • CBD isolate: pure CBD mixed with a carrier oil such as organic coconut oil.

Which CBD oil is best for high blood pressure?

Early studies have shown a beneficial relationship between taking CBD oil and lowering your blood pressure. Any full spectrum tincture could help with this so long as you take the product daily in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet.

What CBD oil is best for anxiety?

Full spectrum or terpene enhanced. When shopping for CBD oil for anxiety you’ll want to begin with a low dose because overdoing it might actually make you feel even more anxious. Avoid CBD products such as CBD coffee and seek out gummies or formulas that include additional extracts such as ashwagandha or lavender.

What is the best CBD oil for pain?

Those who are shopping for CBD oils for pain management should seek out a higher milligram tincture — 2500 mg and up. Choose a full spectrum tincture with added terpenes for best results as there’s some indication that terpenes can also help with pain management and possibly further enhance the effects of a full spectrum tincture by triggering an entourage effect.

You can also use topical CBD products, and they have their own benefits. For example, CBD lubes and CBD creams.

What CBD oil is best for fibromyalgia?

CBD users who take oils for fibromyalgia have much higher pain needs than regular consumers; you’ll want to aim for the higher potencies, likely a 5000 mg tincture. Terpenes are very important here too, and one of the most desirable cannabis strains for fibromyalgia is Harlequin. Balance CBD offers an oil tincture that contains all of these harlequin terpenes in large quantities.

What is the Entourage Effect?

In a word — synergy. When CBD, additional minor cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, and THC work together they provide more effects than on their own. What’s enticing about this is that there’s only minimal THC needed to provide this effect, so consumers can take a full spectrum oil without any risk of getting high and reap the rewards on an entourage effect.

When is the best time to take CBD oil?

This will depend on your goals. The best time to take CBD oil is about an hour before you need it; while tinctures are fast acting it can take up to an hour to feel the full effects. So, if you’re planning to take CBD to stay calm at work then your best bet is to take the oils at least an hour before you clock in. The same is true for nighttime tinctures for sleep.

If you’re using CBD daily and require it through the day, then take CBD oil 3 times per day, beginning at breakfast time.


Which CBD oil is best for restless leg syndrome?

Some people use CBD oil for RLS although there’s only limited evidence supporting its usage; there are an abundance of people who swear by it. All full spectrum tinctures can help with RLS and products that include melatonin might help you sleep better overall.

What kind of CBD oil is best for dogs?

Full spectrum oils are great for people but not always ideal for a pet. Most people want to avoid giving their dog THC so the best oils for dogs are created with CBD isolate. Another thing to consider is potency; dogs and cats don’t need a high tincture volume so anything about 500 mgs is likely excessive.


Where to buy the best CBD oil?

Online — there’s no debate. Because local laws surrounding CBD and CBD stores vary from state to state, residents in some areas of the USA have poor access to products in their state. Even states with a booming CBD industry tend to have fewer product options and lower potencies than what’s offered through online vendors.

Here’s a store locator if you want to buy CBD in store.

What is the best extraction process for CBD oil?

CO2 extraction is the most desirable extraction method and there are a few reasons to explain this: CO2 is a natural gas and companies can use it for extracting, recapture the gas, and use it again later. The CO2 extraction process is solvent free, unlike ethanol extraction which uses a solvent and then purifies the product to remove the solvent. Lastly, CO2 extraction is more environmentally friendly.

What is the best CBD vape oil?

First and foremost, never try to vape oil from a CBD oil tincture; these oils are thicker than the oil in vape carts and designed for ingestion and not inhalation. There’s no best CBD oil as far as vapes are concerned — there are numerous strains all providing unique effects and customers will want to try oils from the Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid subcategories to find the right effects.

How fast does CBD oil work?

CBD is fast acting when taken sublingually. You may begin to feel calm within minutes or after 20 minutes; by an hour, you should feel the full effects. Alternative CBD products might take longer.

Can CBD make you high?

No, only full spectrum products contain THC — the compound in marijuana that makes you high — and at 0.3% THC the concentration is too weak to cause intoxication.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD’s popularity has attracted the eyes of those in the medical community. While research will continue for years before any definitive claims are made about CBD’s benefits, there’s growing evidence to suggest that CBD’s helps with:

  • Pain management
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sleep difficulties
  • High blood pressure related to stress
  • Opioid addiction.
  • Focus and energy

There are many conditions that could also benefit from taking CBD oil but it’s too early to suggest CBD as a treatment.

The Best CBD Oil in 2022: The Winner

We’re pleased to present 5 incredible companies that specialize in full spectrum CBD oils — all of which use independent labs for testing, offer money back guarantees, and operate in a transparent and trustworthy manner. However, one brand stood above the rest.

Balance CBD offers the most potency options and the lowest cost per milligram of any legal brand on the CBD market. Balance CBD’s full spectrum tincture comes in a staggering 5000 mg maximum strength tincture, high enough for virtually any needs. The addition of Harlequin Terpene Infused full spectrum oil tincture takes potencies to even great heights and makes the oils useful for a wide variety of needs.

Between Balance CBD’s trusted reputation, their small company feel and great customer service, shoppers who choose Balance CBD save more and don’t sacrifice anything for great CBD. And with over 40,000 five-star reviews — it’s evident that Balance CBD resonates with consumers.


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