The Best THC Gummies in The Cannabis Industry – Top Weed Brands For Winter Delta 8 Sale And Discount Gift Coupons For Weed Edibles

Ever since COVID-19 caught the world by surprise, and the endless lockdowns that followed soon after, life has been all sorts of stressful. Whether you lost your job, struggled to keep or find one, or simply had to work overtime from home, it has been a tumultuous time to say the least.

Due to these trying times, coupled with the legalization of marijuana, there’s been a recent spike in the popularity of CBD and THC infused products and THC edibles. And we are glad it has, as it makes coping with our stressful lives a lot easier!

So to help you ease into this world of tranquility, we have reviewed and picked out some of the best Delta 8 gummies you can find on the market. With these gummies can now sit back, pop one and let the calm take over.

Keep on reading and find the best Delta 8 gummies for you!

List Of Top Delta Brands For Christmas Coupons On The Best 5 Delta 8 Gummies

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best THC Gummies
  2. BudPop – Most Reputable Brand For Delta 8 Edibles
  3. Hollyweed – Famous Brand For Delta 8 THC gummies
  4. Diamond CBD – Potent Brand For Weed Edibles
  5. 3Chi – Flavored D8 Edibles For Beginners

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best THC Gummies


Exhale Wellness’ Delta 8 gummies were a pretty easy choice for the number 1 spot on this list. This brand produces organic, vegan-friendly products safely and legally. It is a relatively new company that gained much attention due to its core quality and customer satisfaction values. Exhale Wellness is also popular because of the main content enable accessibility for its cannabis products to various types of consumers. They offer a 30-day full refund guarantee and free shipping, which is a rare trait across the market.

Alongside the amazing Delta 8 gummies, Exhale Wellness also sells vape cartridges, soft gels and flower tinctures. Each product has a good variety from different strains, fruit flavors and potencies. It is hard to get bored of their products or even feel unsatisfied. Now let us tell you what sets the Exhale Wellness Delta 8 gummies apart from all the others.


Exhale Wellness has a special selection of hemp that is completely safe and legal. The Delta 8 gummies are made with natural fruit flavoring. They are also made with pectin, a plant-based fat rather than animal-based fats such as gelatine. The gummies are high quality and potent and vegan-friendly, and organic. There is no doubt Exhale Well’s Delta 8 gummies are the best you can buy.

The flavors you will get in a pack of Exhale Wellness Delta 8 gummies are pineapple, orange, apple, grape and strawberry. They also come in two potency variations:

  • 750mg jar (30 gummies, 25mg each)
  • 1500mg jar (30 gummies, 50mg each)

Additionally, we know that these Delta 8 gummies are exactly what they claim to be. How? Because Exhale Wellness gets all their products tested by third-party laboratories. The reports are posted online to assure their customers they’re getting the safest and purest products.


  • Healthy, vegan and quality-focused brand
  • Completely organic products
  • COAs are provided for products
  • Gummies made using natural flavor and full-spectrum hemp


  • Still new to the market
  • Only available online

Summary Of Customer Reviews

Even though there are only a few reviews by Exhale Wellness customers, nearly none of them are negative! The Delta 8 gummies are very high-quality and delicious. Customers love the potency because the effects are still manageable and enjoyable. Most consumers have recommended consuming THC gummies before bed. There are claims that it helped people sleep and cope with stress or anxiety.

Customer Policies

  • 30-day, money-back guarantee
  • Free returns
  • Free shipping on orders

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop Delta 8 THC Gummies – Most Reputable Brand For Delta 8 Edibles


BudPop is a fairly new company led by industry professionals and hemp experts. Their focus is on removing the negative influence of drugs on people’s lives. They aim to help people make Delta 8 THC a healthy aspect of one’s lifestyle. Their motto “pop plants, not pills” perfectly represents their core values. The company is also highly esteemed because of its transparency and business practice.

BudPop puts all their products through testing by third-party laboratories. They publish reports online on the official BudPop website. It allows customers to know what they are buying. You can rest assured that BudPop will only deliver the purest high-quality products. They also get their products tested by third-party finest labs and publish findings online. But, what makes their Delta 8 gummies one of the best?


BudPop’s Delta 8 gummies come in two delicious flavors; strawberry gelato and blue dream berry. You will find them in a jar of 625mg, with 25mg per gummy of Delta 8 THC. There are only 2 flavor varieties and one potency, which might sound very limited. But, 25mg per gummy is a healthy dose, and you will enjoy the unique flavors.

BudPop uses completely safe, organic and legal organic hemp grown in the US. The Delta 8 gummies are not vegan, though. It might be off-putting to certain consumers. If you are the health-conscious type, you can always see the product’s ingredients alongside its description. The online shop has an easy interface but still offers all the information you want!


  • Professionals manufacture hemp plant products using safe, legal hemp
  • Healthy 25 mg per gummy dose
  • Free shipping for orders above $50
  • 14-day refund for unopened products
  • Easy to use website


  • No money-back guarantee
  • Only available online

Summary Of Customer Reviews

BudPop’s high-quality products and high standards have given them a lot of exposure in the hemp industry. However, there aren’t many customer reviews to go through yet. And yet, there are almost no negative reviews either. BudPop strongly values customer satisfaction and does not let itself lack in product quality.

BudPop customer support is also easy to get a hold of. You only have to fill out a form on their website, and the BudPop team reaches out to you themselves. The website also features an FAQ section that can help you unfamiliar with THC products.

Customer Policies

  • Only unopened products can be returned and refunded within 14 days
  • Shipping fees are calculated during checkout
  • Orders processed 48 hours after confirmation

=> Click here to visit the official website of Budpop

#3. Hollyweed – Famous Brand For Delta 8 THC gummies


If you’re looking for one of the most well-known, reputable and reliable brands for THC products, Hollyweed is the one to go for. Hollyweed is vegan-friendly and organic, and they aim to make their products accessible to all types of consumers. Their Delta 8 gummies are made using legal and the finest hemp extracts.

They offer good varieties of flavors and potencies, and there’s something for everyone! Moreover, you have the option of one-time purchases or subscribing to their service and saving 25%. Hollyweed aims to be completely transparent about its products. You can find organic ingredients lists on their site. Additionally, they get all their hemp products tested by third-party laboratories, with reports you can find online.


Their Delta 8 gummies come in packs of 10 gummies. The potency variety is great, and you will be able to get 25mg, 50mg or 100mg of Delta 8 THC per gummy. They are very potent, so you are advised to start with half a gummy and slowly up the dose until it’s right. You will feel the gummies’ effects around 2 hours after consumption. It’s longer than most competitors, but the euphoria and buzz are so worth it.

In each pack of Hollyweed Delta 8 gummies, you will get a fun variety of fruity flavors. You’ll get strawberry, orange, grape, pineapple and apple-flavored gummies. The product is completely vegan because Hollyweed does not use animal-based fats. Moreover, the gummies are also natural and safe, with no artificial coloring or flavoring used.


  • Good variety of potency; 25mg, 50mg and 100mg per Delta 8 gummy
  • Resealable bag
  • Vegan product
  • Tasty flavors


  • you can only buy it online
  • Slightly expensive for 10 gummies a pack

Summary Of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are raving about how amazing these Delta 8 gummies are. Everyone seems to love Hollyweed for the high-potency, high-quality vegan gummies. Additionally, people claim that the benefits range from improved sleep to help them cope with anxiety and stress. Customers say that the potencies are perfect, and they keep coming back to get more.

Hollyweed also ensures their orders are shipped quickly, and if customers are not satisfied, they get their money back. Not only is the company very confident in their products, but they have the reviews to back it up!

Customer Policies

  • 1-3 days for processing and shipping
  • Unshipped orders can be fully refunded after cancellation
  • Easy to reach the company for customer support via email or phone call
  • Full 30-day return and refund guarantee

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed

#4. Diamond CBD – Potent Brand For Weed Edibles


Diamond CBD Chill Plus is a very well-loved brand with an impressive line of various products for you to try! Chill Plus delivers high-quality, flavorful hemp and CBD-infused products and edibles. Their Delta 8 products line is great because it offers the benefits of CBD along with the euphoric relaxation you get from THC. If you want a reputable and reliable brand to shop from, Chill Plus is one of the best choices.

Diamond CBD Chill Plus Delta 8 gummies are some of the best because they are completely legal and safe. You can see ingredients as you shop on their official website. The brand is dedicated to delivering the purest products. They ensure that all their products are tested by third-party laboratories and publish their reports online.


The Delta 8 THC gummies squares are balanced with CBD isolate, which offers a relaxing, steady high. They are perfect for taking after a long day of hard work when you want to relax and sleep well fully. A jar of Delta 8 gummies squares has 4000mg of Delta 8 THC, and 4000mg of CBD isolate. They come in various flavors, including blueberry, mango and watermelon.


  • Safe and legal products
  • Variety of flavors
  • 30-day return policy
  • Free shipping on orders above $100
  • High potency
  • Balanced Delta 8 THC and CBD infused gummies


  • Expensive
  • Found online only

Summary Of Customer Reviews

You will find many customer reviews that are going on and on about how amazing Chill Plus products are. Customers are very satisfied, claiming that the Delta 8 gummies squares have helped them sleep better, thoroughly enjoying the effects. Moreover, the customer support chill plus provides is excellent. If you are not satisfied with any of their products, you can get a full refund if you return it before 30 days. Additionally, you can either buy their products one time or subscribe and save money every month!

Customer Policies

  • Free 2-day express shipping on all orders of $100 and above
  • 30-day return policy

=> Click here to visit the official website of Diamond CBD

#5. 3Chi – Flavored D8 Edibles For Beginners


If you want to find the most popular THC-infused products, 3Chi is where you should look. 3Chi is a reputable and reliable brand that has been producing a large line of CBD, CBN, CBG and Delta 8 infused products and edibles. 3Chi was the first to discover Delta 8 THC extraction methods from hemp and introduce the substance to the market. And without a doubt, they’ve got some of the purest, best Delta 8 THC gummies out there!

The hemp they use is organic, grown, and sourced in the US. 3Chi has its secure extraction procedures to ensure quality standards are maintained. North Coast Analytical Labs test all their products, and all reports are published online for everyone to look at. There is no doubt they are an honest company with strong core values.


You will find their gummies in various fun flavors and potencies. The gummies are vegan and gluten-free, making them much more accessible to a wider range of consumers. It does have some artificial colors and flavors, but it is completely safe regardless. The Delta 8 gummies blend includes CBN and CBC and a good amount of Delta 8 THC.

The two flavors you can choose from are black raspberry and watermelon. You can purchase a pack of either 8 or 16 gummies. The gummies come in 25mg of Delta 8 THC potency, a healthy dose. The gummies provide an earthy yet fruity taste, and black raspberry is unique.


  • Sold for great prices
  • Mostly natural
  • Black raspberry is a unique flavor
  • You can select some good shipping options
  • Good potency


  • Effects not as long-lasting as some competitors
  • Can only reach the company online for support/assistance
  • Unclear if they ship internationally

Summary Of Customer Reviews

Almost all of their customer reviews are satisfactory. The gummies are potent enough that only half of one will give you great effects in a short period after consumption. Some customers claim that it has helped them sleep, eat and relax much better. There is no doubt that these high-quality vegan and gluten-free gummies have made many people very happy!

Customer Policies

  • Fast delivery within 4 business days
  • 10-day return policy for items bought through their official website
  • Responsive on online inquiries

=> Click here to visit the official website of 3Chi

How We Chose The Best Delta 8 Gummies

Even if you are not new to this, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed with the countless options of Delta 8 gummies on the market. If you do not know what you should be looking for, it might take you long before you find the right Delta 8 gummies for you.

They come in a range of prices, but usually, they’ll cost a good amount of money. You deserve to get your money’s worth because you work so hard and deserve no less than the best Delta 8 gummies.

Let us tell you how we picked out these Delta 8 gummies and what you should look out for, too. In this review, we will look at the brand/company, review the products, and give you a useful buying guide. We will also tell you a few safety and dosing Delta 8 gummies for recreational or medical use.

But first, let’s look at how we sorted this top 5 Delta 8 gummies list for you:

  • User experience with the gummies (is it worth it?)
  • Customer reviews of the brand
  • Reliability, transparency and responsibility of the brand
  • Our experience with the product and brand

It is time to dive into the reviews and see what sets these Delta 8 gummies apart from the rest!

Buying Guide for Beginners: What You Need To Know Before You Buy Delta 8 Gummies

We’ve made a list of things you need to know before buying any THC-infused products. We recommend reading this buying guide, especially if you are new to this!

How to Choose the Right Brand For You

The right brand for you will have core values that align with yours. They will be honest about their business practices and their products. Moreover, they should offer products that are safe for you to consume. The right brand for you will prioritize you and deliver no less than what they claim they can do for you.

Company Reputation

Do not ever compromise on THC-infused products just because a random company sells them much cheaper! Always look for reputable companies because they will be honest about their product ingredients and manufacturing process. You should always take your time to do a little background check before you buy from anyone.


A good, reliable company will be upfront and honest about its ingredients. Most official sites will include a list of ingredients on every product page for customers to see while they shop. And if you buy in a store, always check the ingredients! You need to be sure there are no substances you are allergic to or that can harm you.


The best way to know if a product is of good quality is to look into customer reviews. You could also ask people who have tried a product you want to buy. If you are convinced enough, buy yourself the least amount of the product and try it out! A high-quality Delta 8 gummy will not only taste good, but it will provide positive effects too.

Product Variety

A good brand will invest its time and energy into producing a good variety of products. Besides, it will serve you well to have options if you enjoy trying new things. Look for flavor and potency varieties. Some brands will also offer varieties for products made with different hemp strains.

Transparency about Laboratory Test Reports

A company should be fully transparent about what they are selling you. Third-party labs have tested the best THC-infused products. The important thing is whether a brand publishes reports online for everyone to see.


Of course, an excellent product may not be cheap, but it has to come for a reasonable price. Some many brands or companies overcharge for sub-par quality products. As a first-time buyer, compare prices between the best products you are interested in. Moreover, look for companies with return policies so you won’t lose your money for a product you did not like.

What You Need To Know Before Consuming Delta 8 Gummies

  1. How To Stay Safe

Always look at ingredient lists and lab reports before you buy any Delta 8 THC product. The best products will be made with legal, organic and good quality hemp. If you are vegan or have any dietary restrictions, make sure that no ingredients will hurt you. Some bad companies will add harmful chemicals and pretend to be as amazing as others.

The best way to stay safe is to look into the brand, product ingredients and lab reports. Customer reviews are also important. If you want unfiltered and honest ones, look for them anywhere but the official site. A safe hemp-infused product will give you the desired effects without any bad ones afterward!

  1. How To Find The Right Dose

You have to begin with the lowest potency you can find, usually 25mg of Delta 8 THC in the case of Delta 8 gummies. Start with half the gummy and wait for any effects if you are a first-time user. If you want stronger effects, have the other half. The more time passes, the more you can experiment, but please avoid eating more than a couple of gummies at a time.

  1. Prescriptions

If you are looking for Delta 8 THC for medical purposes, please consult a professional first. There are claims of Delta 8 THC helping with physical pains or emotional and mental distresses. However, there has been no concrete, scientific evidence as of yet. An expert can help you find the right dosage and products for you.

FAQs about Delta 8 Gummies

What are Delta 8 gummies?

Delta 8 gummies are an adult, fun version of the classic gummy candy we grew up loving. They are infused with Delta 8 THC and may contain other hemp-derived substances. It is a fairly new substance to the market, and Delta 8 gummies have only been around since 2019. They have become extremely popular in the past couple of years because of how tasty and effective they are.

Can you take Delta 8 gummies every day?

You could take them every day, but that will cause you to build up a high tolerance very quickly. High tolerance will mean you have to consume higher doses of Delta 8 THC even to begin feeling its effects. Everyone’s body is different, and some people might already require higher doses than others. However, it is best to take them after every few days or only when needed.

If you plan to take them for medical purposes, consult an expert first.

How long does it take for Delta 8 gummies to kick in?

Your body is different from the next person’s, and it could respond to Delta 8 THC differently. If you have a fast metabolism, you will feel the effects kick in within 30 minutes to an hour after consumption. However, if you have a slower metabolism, you might need as long as 2 hours to feel anything at all. Whenever you consume any Delta 8 gummies, be patient and wait 2 hours before taking any more.

The product quality and ingredients might also affect your buzz. A high-quality product will not have any ingredients that can ruin your effects. However, if it contains any allergens you could react to, do not take them at all! If you consume high-potency gummies, do not expect it to kick in sooner. All it will do is give you very intense effects that may not be enjoyable if the dose is too high for you to handle.

Some Effects You Might Experience Include:

  • Increase in appetite
  • Motivation/higher productivity
  • Euphoria
  • Increased sex drive
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Happier mood
  • Alleviated pains

Conclusion: What are the Best Delta 8 Gummies in 2021?

To conclude this review, we think that Exhale Wellness has the best Delta 8 gummies right now. They offer excellent quality, the flavors are delicious, and the gummies are pretty potent. In addition to that, they are an honest company that is very transparent and values your satisfaction as a customer. In case Exhale Wellness is not right for you, you can look into and try out the other 4 brands we have reviewed here!

Hopefully, this review was helpful for you, and now you can enjoy the bliss that good Delta 8 gummies can give you. We also hope that our buying guide was useful for you too, and you can now confidently consume Delta 8 gummies!

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