The Best Weight Loss Programs and Top-Rated Diet Systems (2022)

It takes time, effort, and hard work to lose weight. It becomes even more challenging to do so when doing it alone. But access to a good weight loss program can make things easier for you.

Such a program will tell you when to exercise and what to include in your diet. It’s a combination that assists in maximizing your weight loss results.

What’s more, there are even programs that recommend the best meals to take! These are programs that assist in simplifying the weight loss journey.

You may have noticed that all weight loss programs claim to assist their users in losing weight. But the reality is that not all are successful.

We tasked our weight loss experts to find the best weight loss programs for 2022. And below is a look at what they discovered:

The Leading Weight Loss and Dieting Systems of 2022

After spending hours deliberating and analyzing different systems, this is what our team chose:

  • Nutrisystem
  • Custom Keto Diet
  • Weight Watchers
  • Beachbody
  • Golo
  • Noom
  • Hello Fresh
  • LA Weight Loss
  • Diet Direct
  • Beyond Body
  • Raw Generation
  • Factor 75



It’s considered one of the best programs in the weight loss niche worldwide. Nutrisystem continues to grow strong every day, assisting its users in losing weight and beginning to live healthier lives. It does this by delivering a balanced nutrition right to its doors.

Nutrisystem is the best choice for anyone who wants a program that will tell them what to eat each day to help them lose weight. It provides several subscription and pricing options ranging from $9.99 to $13.21 per day.

The program comprises easy-to-make dishes selected from over 160 menu choices. It’s among the reasons it has remained one of the leading weight loss systems. Consider Nutrisystem if you want to follow a hassle-free weight loss program.

Custom Keto Diet


Found online, the Custom Keto Diet creates a custom ketogenic diet based on your build. Most weight loss programs are meant for individuals with varying experience levels, sizes, weights, and shapes.

Such programs force you to follow the same schedule others are using.

With Custom Keto Diet, you get a diet that’s specifically meant for your use. Individuals who would like to learn more about it have an option to try it for free. If you don’t like its offerings, you can request a refund within sixty days.

Your journey begins with a brief quiz conducted online. Answer each question honestly, as it will influence your diet. The website will use your answers to generate an eight-week custom keto diet.

All you have to do now is pay for it and follow it to the latter.

Weight Watchers


Weight Watchers is a well-known global weight loss system. It rebranded a few years ago to become WW to reflect its renewed commitment to health and wellness. Individuals can get their weight loss journey started today for only $1.

The amount will cover your first ninety days on this program. As with many other companies in this space, WW seeks to undercut its competition by offering you a low introductory offer.

It works by customizing its program to match your unique needs. The first step to getting started involves completing an online quiz. You’ll then receive customized meal recommendations and guidance to get you through your weight loss journey.

The company provides multiple plans and packages dependent on what each user wants. For example, you can plan your daily meals using the Weight Watchers PersonalPoints Engine. You could also consider using its app as your recipe book.

WW is the go-to system if you’re looking for straightforward weight loss advice.



Most people know Beachbody because of its many workout videos. Over the years, it has begun offering a detailed package that includes weight loss tools, videos, and guides targeted at people with different experience levels.

Beachbody will prove difficult to beat, especially for individuals who want home workouts that will help them lose weight and burn excess fat. The company provides subscribers with 1,500 exercises. Some of the most popular workout programs include:

  • Insanity Max:30
  • 21 Day Fix
  • Muscle Burns Fat

Our editorial team likes Beachbody because it offers a broad range of workouts. Its workouts focus on much more than light cardio training and low-impact workouts. Its home strength training programs are some of the most strenuous online programs.

Visit its website today, choose a program, and follow the instructions. You should start to see promising results within a short time. Beachbody can enable you to lose the excess weight from the comfort of your home.



According to its creators, the Golo weight loss program assists individuals to “go lose weight, go look great, and go love life” while enjoying many more benefits. The program targets people having different weight loss expectations.

Its primary target market is people who may have struggled to lose weight for many years. It works well for individuals with:

  • Stress
  • Insulin resistance
  • Any other factors likely to affect weight loss

Golo recently launched a program called Release. It’s an all-natural dietary supplement that targets individuals suffering from insulin resistance. The program uses a combination of plants and minerals to support immunity, control hunger, and burn fat.

It also assists its followers in losing weight by balancing their hormones. We like Golo Release as it doesn’t require you to follow a strict meal plan, pay an expensive subscription, or exercise daily to lose weight.

All its users have to do is take it as recommended and wait to see results. Its formulation makes it safe for people living with diabetes. The manufacturer claims that it’s supported by over 100 studies that help to showcase its efficacy and safety.

A break of the studies shows that Golo led to:

  • 206% additional inches lost around the midriff
  • 12.5% lower blood pressure
  • 17.6% lower cholesterol
  • 79.9% more weight loss

The results show that it fairs well when pitted against other supplements. After purchasing the Golo supplement, you get to receive bonus weight loss resources such as:

  • Overcoming Diet Obstacles guide
  • myGolo online platform
  • Golo Metabolic Solution

Among many other benefits.



It’s one of the latest weight loss programs to enter the market and whose popularity continues to increase. Noom requires individuals to answer a few questions about their workout experience, weight loss goals, and demographics.

Noom uses the answers to these questions to create a profile for each user. We like it because its recommendations are dependent on real psychology. Today, most programs focus on the physical factors, e.g., the need to reduce your calorie intake.

The program emphasizes the need to retrain your brain’s relationship with food. You can unlock your potential of developing a more sustainable weight loss journey by retraining yourself.

Adhering to the recommendations advanced in the weight loss program enables you to build new habits and identify your thought patterns. Its customized plans will provide you with the answers you need to get through, regardless of your expectations.

It works well for those who want to change their relationships with food and lose weight.

Hello Fresh


Hello Fresh, a widely popular meal delivery system, allows you to eliminate all stress from your mealtimes. It’s a program that targets individuals who cannot lose weight because they don’t know what to buy or how to cook healthy dishes.

The program delivers a kit of pre-portioned ingredients designed by a professional chef. All ingredients are sourced from farms and sent to your home every seven days. Each meal comes with easy-to-follow recipes that range from desserts to kid-approved meals and craft burgers.

Hello Fresh offers twenty-five fresh new recipes with every delivery, providing flexible meal plans customized to meet your dietary needs. For example, a person who wants to lose weight will need to follow a different meal plan from one looking to gain muscles.

The meal delivery system has become quite popular with Americans, especially those that like taking great dishes prepared using fresh ingredients. Their meals will help you lose weight without worrying about how to prepare each dish.

LA Weight Loss


LA Weight Loss refers to a weight loss program designed to assist you in rejuvenating your body and in losing additional weight. The program can provide you with a science-backed weight loss guide to get you to where you need to be.

Its popular options include:

  • LA Life Max
  • LA Life Essential
  • LA Life QuickStart

Your body will continue to burn calories throughout the day as you follow the recommendations given by the LA Life Program. As it does this, it will boost your energy levels and enable you to control your appetite and cravings.

Its designers have designed it to work with your body. The program features several supplements, a mobile app, and numerous other perks under the LA SlimMetrics Brand. It’s a tried and tested program boasting thousands of customers.

You should consider trying it today, especially if you want to live healthily or lose weight.

Diet Direct


Diet Direct is a home delivery system that provides delicious, high-protein food every day. Subscribers have an option to choose from complete dishes to snack foods. It’s an opportunity to customize your weight loss journey based on your individual preferences.

If you look at all the recommendations on this list, you’ll notice that it’s among the most affordable programs. Pricing starts at $1.64 per meal. Every Diet Direct subscription comes with bonuses that aren’t available in other programs.

Diet Direct subscriptions include success guides, meal replacement shakes, and menu plans. It’s the perfect program for individuals who don’t want to do a lot of cooking at home. We also recommend it for those who don’t know how to plan meals.

The program will help you lose weight without doing a lot of work.

Beyond Body


The people behind Beyond Body have marketed the program as a revolutionary way to attain general wellness and good health. Following the recommendations offered in this program will allow you to improve your well-being and achieve a healthy weight.

It provides a personalized wellness guide meant to help you achieve your goals.

Your journey to actualizing your goals starts by completing a quiz on its official website. Every answer you submit will go towards providing you with a personalized guide. The guide will contain personalized weight loss guidance, shopping lists, and meal plans.

All these will simplify your weight loss journey. Why follow another program when you already know what you want to achieve? Remember that each person has a different physiology, which means everyone loses weight differently.

Beyond Body provides you with a guide fashioned using your physiology. Our editors like this program because users get access to it immediately. You’ll receive instant access to a digital manual allowing you to unlock vital information to aid your weight loss journey.

Raw Generation


Raw Generation comprises a lineup of juices that will assist you in jumpstarting your weight loss journey. It works well for individuals who already have excellent dietary habits and who like to prepare great dishes at home.

Individuals can create a box of Raw Generation Juices, ensuring that they receive specific juices every thirty days. A single package comprises twelve juices that will last you two days, even when you’re on a juice cleanse.

Raw Generations juices have different formulations. Some are intended for weight loss, while others are meant to assist in cleansing the body. However, all their juices are 100% raw and don’t contain artificial additives.

The juices are soy-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Factor 75


If you believe that a dietician-designed meal can further your weight goals, look no further than Factor 75. It’s a program that provides its customers with 27 dietitian-designed weekly options. It introduces new menus to its list of offerings every seven days.

We love the program as it assists in taking out all the hard work from preparing and cooking meals. It’s different from the other weight loss programs you may have encountered in the past.

Rather than worry about what to eat, you can expect Factor 75 to supply fresh, healthy, tasty meals each night. Its meals are ready to heat and eat. The program allows you to use your preferences to customize the weekly meal plans.

Its meal offerings include:

  • Plant-based meals
  • Low-calorie meals
  • Low-carb meals
  • Keto-based meals

Additionally, you feel like you’re dining out with diverse and unique options such as stuffed pork tenderloin, spicy turkey poblano, brisket ropa vieja, etc. You get to enjoy all these healthy meal options from the comfort of your home.

Criteria Used to Rank the Top Weight Loss & Diet Systems of 2022

All the weight loss programs that our editorial team came across when writing this guide all claim the same thing – they can help you lose excess weight fast! But as our team soon realized, not all of them lived up to their promises.

We, therefore, used the following ranking factors to separate the best from the rest:

Menu Options

The best weight loss systems offer their users hundreds of choices. Such choices make it easy for users to mix up their weekly dishes, ensuring they get access to different meals each day. A dish that features the same set of meals weekly can get boring fast.

We were drawn to programs that provided variety. Programs that allowed clients to mix things up.

Backed by Dieticians or Doctors

Registered dieticians or doctors create the best programs for individuals looking to lose weight. Companies that used professional experience or experts to prepare their dishes ranked highly on our list.

Menu Diversity and Customization Options

Today’s best weight loss programs can accommodate a broad range of diet requirements, preferences, and choices. For example, such programs will include Kosher weight loss or vegan weight loss programs.

They have to cater to the needs of customers who may not like certain foods or vegetables. Furthermore, an excellent weight loss program is easily customizable and should work with any client’s preferences for their meals.

Personalization Options

Individuals use different ways to lose weight. The reality is that no two weight loss journeys are similar. Our team favored programs that made it possible for their clients to personalize their weight loss journey based on the goals they wanted to achieve.

A weight loss program shouldn’t shoehorn you into the same program as everyone else. The personalization options should consider several factors such as:

  • Weight loss goals
  • Age
  • Physiology
  • Gender
  • Other weight loss factors

Pricing and Value

Weight loss programs come at varying prices, ranging from $5 to $50 per day. Some individuals have no issue paying for premium-restaurant quality dishes delivered to their homes each day.

On the other hand, some prefer cheap, easy-to-prepare dishes delivered at a discount price. Both options are okay. Our team didn’t apply any pricing bias when reviewing the different weight loss programs on this list.

However, we did offer preference to those that provided good value. We believe that clients paying a premium price should receive great ingredients. At the same time, those paying a discount price should still get access to quality food.

Appetite Control

An excellent weight loss program allows you to reduce your daily calorie intake without appearing to starve you. For example, some programs will let you eat up to six meals per day to minimize your hunger pangs.

Other programs have a rich fiber, fat, and protein content that works in reducing your appetite. Our team loved weight loss programs that could intelligently manage your hunger without causing you to starve.

Ease of Use and Follow Ability

When reviewing each weight loss program, one of our team’s questions was, “is it easy to follow this program?” Other questions included:

  • Can an individual having limited experience with weight loss programs see it through?
  • Does this weight loss program contain any unnecessary complications?
  • Many people find it challenging to follow a complicated weight loss program.

Ingredient Quality

A search on the internet will reveal that some of the available weight loss programs aren’t anything more than a microwaveable frozen meal. A more detailed examination will show that some are genuine, chef-designed gourmet dishes.

It becomes hard to lose weight when taking meals prepared using cheap ingredients. An ideal weight loss program should comprise quality ingredients. It should have fresh and farm-sourced fruits and vegetables.

Intelligently-designed dishes make it easy to lose weight.

Dish Preparation

Weight loss programs come with different preparation options. Some of them are microwaveable, which means that all you have to do is throw the plate inside a microwave. Some will require you to add some ingredients to meet your calorie intake.

Others may need you to prepare the ingredients and cook them. Individuals have varying tastes regarding preparation strategies and even cooking plans. Our team concentrated on meals that a person could cook in twenty minutes or less.


How do the dishes taste once they’re ready? Does the company have food tasters under its employ? Do the customers like the food, or have they reviewed it as tasting bland and nasty? It’s challenging to strike the right balance when dealing with a weight loss program.

However, some programs have managed to walk this line with great success.

Real Weight Loss Results

Some programs have existed for more than a decade. These programs are likely to have thousands of reviews from real customers. Successful programs will feature reviews from clients who have used them to lose weight and may include some photos.

Our team tested each program whenever it got the opportunity. This list of the best weight loss programs also considered all the legitimate customer testimonials and weight loss results.

Refund, Free Trial, or Money-back Guarantee

Every weight loss program that believes in its products will protect it using a money-back guarantee or a no-questions-asked refund policy. Most choose to offer their clients a 30 or 60-day risk-free trial.

Others may opt to provide a 7-day free trial to get consumers excited about their offering. Companies that guarantee their weight loss products are trustworthy, as they genuinely believe in their products.

Long-Term Success

A majority of the done-for-you weight loss programs we have encountered when preparing this guide have a significant disadvantage – you can’t enjoy long-term weight loss success when you have another person cooking all your meals.

It explains why most featured programs in this guide focus on long-term weight loss results. The programs take you through the process of preparing healthy meals by ensuring you have access to all the resources you need.

If you regain it, it doesn’t make sense to follow a weight loss program.

Honest Advertised Weight Loss Claims

Many weight loss programs and systems allow you to lose between 1 to 2lbs. every seven days. And these are the results you achieve when you pair the program with a healthy and well-designed exercise routine.

A typical adult can lose this amount without experiencing any adverse reactions. Our editors were wary of programs that claimed that their users could lose up to 30lbs. within thirty days.

Steer clear of any weight loss program that makes such ridiculous claims hoping to draw you in.

Weight Loss Programs – How Do They Work?

A weight loss program provides you with all the tools needed to begin your weight loss journey. However, you should note that the tools in question will typically vary from one program to another.

When reviewing the available programs, we have noted that the tools that feature the most are:

  • One-on-one coaching with weight loss experts, dietitians, and doctors
  • Recommended meals, ingredients lists, shopping lists, and recipe books
  • Mobile apps and additional tools meant to guide your weight loss journey
  • Done-for-you meals which include meals that take a few minutes to prepare and others that are ready to eat
  • eBooks, videos, and guides explaining the best strategies to follow to lose weight
  • Other guides, apps, resources, or tools to simplify the weight loss process

Weight loss programs have a single goal: to make the weight loss journey simple and effective. People have different needs as some want to make their meals while others prefer having everything done for them.

Some programs don’t charge a penny, while others require you to pay a subscription fee to access the weight loss advice.

Potential Side Effects of Following a Weight Loss Program

Healthy adults who follow the recommendations and instructions given by the weight loss programs rarely experience any side effects. Nonetheless, the weight loss process comes with positive and negative side effects.

An individual may experience uncommon side effects in their journey, which may include:

  • Constipation
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Coldness
  • Bad breath
  • Dizziness

These symptoms will occur when the body begins to release its fat reserves. For example, some individuals have reported getting “keto breath” as their ketone levels rise. It’s an indication that the body has started burning fat for energy production instead of using carbs.

All these symptoms are expected as you continue losing weight.

Top 10 Tips for Your Weight Loss Journey

According to health experts and the National Health Service, the following are the best tips to guide you on your weight loss journey.

Practice Strength Training

The muscles in your body tend to burn more calories than fats. Building more muscles allows you to lose weight faster. Consider incorporating strength training into your training. Building muscles will allow you to create a fat-burning furnace inside your body.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

It seems reasonable to skip a meal to assist you in losing weight. But, skipping a meal may cause you to miss out on receiving essential nutrients. Health experts believe that skipping breakfast will cause you to snack more during the day.

Practice Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is an essential psychological tip to apply when looking to lose weight. It allows you to manage your portion sizes and curb your cravings while ensuring you won’t succumb to stress eating.

It involves putting your utensils down when in-between bites and ensuring that you chew your food more carefully. Make sure that you get to taste and acknowledge the food every time you take a bite.

Eating disrupts the fullness feeling and natural hunger cues present in your body.

Eat Regular Meals

Eating all your meals regularly enables your body to burn calories at a much faster rate. It’s also the easiest way to ensure that you won’t get tempted to eat unhealthy snacks throughout the day.

Plan All Your Meals in Advance

Anyone serious about losing weight will want to plan their breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinners for the next seven days. Planning your meals reduces the temptation to eat unhealthy foods, buy fast foods, or snack in between meals.

Planning may take time and effort, but you need it to achieve your weight-loss objectives.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

80% of the adult population doesn’t eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. These are food items rich in minerals, fibers, vitamins, and natural sugars, needed for weight loss.

Fruits and vegetables will leave you feeling full while ensuring that you don’t surpass your daily calorie intake. Experts consider them superfoods needed for fast weight loss.

Treat Yourself Every Once in a While

Avoiding specific treats doesn’t always help you realize your weight loss goals. Instead, it tempts you to seek out these treats. Enjoying the occasional treat while adhering to the recommendations of the weight loss program can make the process more effective.

However, make sure to eat the treats in moderation.

Get Active

You need to exercise to lose weight. Leading an active lifestyle can ensure that you enjoy more benefits and burn more calories. It works more efficiently and much faster than when you’re only dieting.

Being active doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to work out harder. It could involve taking a thirty-minute walk in the morning or evening to boost your weight loss program.

Use a Smaller Plate

Psychology plays a vital role in your weight loss journey. For example, using a smaller plate during your meal times can trick the brain into believing that you’re eating more food than there is.

You can make smaller portions appear large using a smaller vessel. You’ll likely overeat if you choose to use bigger bowls and plates.

Eat Foods with a High Fiber Content

Fiber begins bulking up after it has entered your body, making it a well-hidden weight loss secret. It soaks up the water present in your gut and stomach, making you feel fuller. Fiber can help the body to push waste from your digestive tract.

It’s what makes it ideal for cleansing and detoxification. Weight loss experts recommend eating more lentils, fruits, peas, beans, oats, brown rice and pasta, whole grain, and bread to boost your fiber intake.

Scientific Evidence to Promote Weight Loss Programs

Some of the leading and most renowned weight loss programs have used genuine scientific evidence to back up their products. For example, Weight Watchers has conducted several studies to prove the efficacy of its products.

An example of studies used to back weight loss programs include:

In a 2015 study, scientists took several weight loss programs and attempted to compare their effectiveness. After conducting more than thirty-nine studies, researchers established that Weight Watchers offered the best weight loss results.

According to this book, weight loss involves much more than eating a well-balanced diet. It also involves modifying a person’s behavior. Individuals may need to change their lifestyles and behaviors to unlock long-term weight loss.

A study published by Healthcare in 2018, which analyzed tens of trials to determine the traits of the best weight loss program, established that it should have the following:

  • Safe
  • Set realistic goals based on individual medical conditions, preferences, and needs
  • Efficacious
  • Ensure long-term compliance and maintenance of weight loss
  • Economically affordable and culturally acceptable
  • Healthy and nutritionally adequate
  • A weight loss program with all these traits will assist you in losing weight.

Benefits of Losing the Excess Weight

According to the CDC, losing a modest amount of weight can significantly impact your health. benefits that you’re likely to enjoy after losing 5% to 10% of the excess weight include:

  • Increased self-confidence, energy, better mood levels, and physical mobility
  • Improvements in your blood pressure levels
  • Decreased risk of obesity
  • Improvements in cholesterol

Obesity is closely linked to most chronic conditions. Therefore, every pound you lose reduces your chronic condition risk.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Loss Programs

The following are some of the questions that our weight loss experts receive regularly:

Q: Is eating fat bad for weight loss?

A: Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are okay. However, saturated fats can complicate the weight loss process. Try to get healthy fats from avocado, olive oil, tofu, and cold-water fish.

Q: Should I keep a food diary for weight loss?

A: Experts believe that maintaining a weight loss diary can double your weight loss results.

Q: What is the typical weight loss per week?

A: With a well-balanced diet and an exercise program, the average adult loses around 1 to 2lbs every seven days. Nonetheless, some men can lose up to 5lbs in a week without experiencing any adverse reactions.

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