40 laptops stolen from Willows Prep in Redmond

Bolt cutters and Victoria’s Secret bag recovered from scene.

Last month, an unknown culprit broke into Willows Preparatory School in Redmond and stole 40 laptops from the school’s IT room.

Overnight on Dec. 20, the suspect allegedly smashed a window to enter the school building — one that houses about 115 sixth through eighth graders — and broke into the locked IT room using tools, said Andrea Wolf-Buck, Redmond Police Department public information officer.

Police reports state that the school’s building facilities manager was the first to discover a broken window on a door in the school gym. He then went upstairs, he told police, to gather supplies to board the window when he noticed an open door that appeared to have been forced open.

A “sparkly grey Victoria’s Secret bag” with bolt cutters inside was discovered in the next room on top of a copier, according to reports. That’s when the open IT office door was noticed with a damaged door.

“The room was in disorder and a shelf knocked over,” the report stated.

School officials told police that following the break-in, 40 laptops were missing. The report noted, however, that there were several laptops left behind and multiple Microsoft Surface Tablets left in the office.

The stolen computers, although fairly new, were slated to be replaced, the report stated. No other rooms or offices appeared to be disturbed. The only doors forced open led to the computers and IT room and other electronics “in plain sight.”

Police officers took photos of the damaged doors and the disorder in two rooms. They also captured a photo of a “distinct” shoe print, left near the damaged area and door handle, according to the reports.

The bolt cutters gathered at the crime site were sent to be analyzed for fingerprints. But an update made to the police report on Jan. 8 indicated authorities were unable to get any fingerprints from the tool found at the scene.

There was no security footage to help authorities locate the suspect.

Willows Preparatory School is a private International Baccalaureate candidate school for the middle years program in Redmond. Bellevue Children’s Academy, the parent school for Willows, was founded in 1992 by Yuka Shimizu.

School officials declined to comment when contacted for this story.