$6,300 bike returned to Element Cycles

A $6,300 stolen bike was returned to Element Cycles around midnight on Sunday night after it was stolen in early September.

Staff at the bicycle store in downtown Redmond say on Monday that the bike was left in the parking lot behind the store, right in front of the businesses’ bike lab.

Staff said due to the time it was left, it was lucky that some Trader Joe’s employees saw it and brought it inside their store overnight before it was returned Monday morning.

The suspect was captured in security footage when he initially stole it last month, and staff said it appeared to be the same suspect returning the bike in footage from this week.

The stolen bike was a BMC Team Machine SLR 01 with electronic shifting capabilities.

According to previous coverage, store clerks were swamped by customers at the time the bike was stolen, so they forgot to take the suspect’s ID and credit card as security before they let him test the bike.

Staff had previously told The Reporter that customers had stolen small items in the past, but nothing as expensive as the bike.

“We’re pretty well-staffed with good customer service,” said Lorraine Wright, general manager. “That’s your best defense against shoplifting.”

Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound had offered a cash reward of up to $1,000 to anyone who could identify the suspect.