A Wireless store offers electronics drying

The Redmond A Wireless store can now bring liquid damaged electronic devices to the Novelty Hill location to have them dried.

The service relies on the Redux drying technology, which removes moisture from wet cell phones, tablets and wearables.

The revive process has been successful with devices that have been damaged by toilet water, soapy washing machines, puddles, mud, tomato soup, beer and more, a press release from the store said.

Customers pay a $10 assessment fee and a basic phone or data device costs $50 for a successful recovery. Smartphones, tablets and wearables cost $90 to be dried.

To help increase the chances of success, customers are advised to not plug in the device, turn it off immediately and remove the battery. The drying process usually takes less than one hour.

Redux works by creating a vacuum in which the phone is placed. Since the atmospheric pressure is much lower inside the chamber, water boils at a much lower temperature, allowing the liquid to be boiled off without damaging the electronics.