Are there enough places for kids to have fun in Redmond?

A perceived lack of activities for pre-teens is causing concern among some Redmond residents.

Annamarie Stolfo is one such resident who said that up until recently, her 10-year-old daughter was content going to places like the spray park, Kids Quest Children’s Museum or the library’s story time.

But as her daughter is getting older, Stolfo said she may be outgrowing these activities, and there doesn’t appear to be many options left for recreational activities.

In an email, Stolfo said the Redmond public pool is old and she has some safety concerns about it, so she drives her daughter to a public pool in Lynnwood.

There is also a lack of skating rinks, another activity that she and her daughter enjoy, as well as the nearest bowling alley being located in Kirkland.

Stolfo said the spray park in the Redmond Town Center is geared toward toddlers, and a new one being built in the city would be too exposed for her to feel comfortable having her daughter there.

“I am not the only frustrated parent and I actually talked with other parents from my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop,” she said. “We get to have good activities via the Girl Scout camps, but for our fun end of the year activities, we always have to go away from Redmond.”

Stolfo said she knows there is a teen center and classes for her daughter once she reaches her teenage years, but she would like to see more places for older kids to get together for fun.

Rachel Van Winkle is the city’s deputy director of the Parks and Recreation department, and said they work to provide recreation opportunities for kids and solicit people for activity ideas.

“It’s really community demand, so we have programmers out there talking with people,” she said.

Many of these are classes ranging from clay-working and basketball to horse riding lessons and soccer.

The Old Firehouse Teen Center also offers teen-directed programs for high school students and a place to showcase music and art talents, she said.

Most activities require a location, but commercial real estate is expensive within Redmond.

Loopnet listings show that most commercial spaces for purchase, ranging from warehouses to retail and mixed use buildings, range upwards from $20 per square foot.

Small business owners in previous coverage have voiced concerns that they are being pushed out due to high rents and a lack of available commercial real estate.

A lack of recreational activities in the city could continue until real estate prices allow smaller businesses an opening in a quickly expanding Redmond.