AT&T Redmond employees support local charities

AT&T Redmond employees nominated the following organizations to receive company funding through its community contributions budget:

Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra ($2,500) The Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras is the largest youth orchestra training program in the United States. Each year, it serves about 1,500 students with diverse backgrounds with four full orchestras, three summer festival programs and partnerships with local public schools.

Salmon for Soldiers ($1,000) Salmon for Soldiers helps military veterans who suffer from paralysis, post-traumatic stress, brain injuries and other challenges through fishing. Activities help reduce stress while creating new relationships with others who love fishing.

Hand-in-Hand/Safe Place ($1,500) Hand-in-Hand provides care and support for children who have faced trauma, been removed from their home. They also support foster parents and offer services to families in crisis, so that children remain safe.

Camp Prime Time ($1,500) Camp Prime Time is a place where children with a terminal/serious illness or a disability can enjoy the beauty of the mountains with their families.

Na’ah Illahee Fund ($2,500) Na’ah Illahee is a catalyst for Native women and girls. They work with small organizations across the Pacific Northwest to promote Native women and girls as leaders and to strengthen their connections within Native communities and cultures.

Lambert House ($1,000) Lambert House is a center for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth, providing them with daily opportunities to make friends with other young people and with supportive adults.

“While planning for funding contributions this year, we encouraged our local AT&T employees to nominate organizations that they thought we should consider supporting,” said Bob Bass, AT&T Washington president. “We were blown away by how many suggestions we received about incredible organizations doing such important work in our community, and we’re thrilled to be able support the groups chosen.”