Candidates file for Redmond and state November elections

Candidates for local and state elections have been filing to run in the November election. The Reporter has compiled a list of candidates and will be producing profiles on the candidates over the next few issues.

In the Redmond City Council election, Byron Shutz is running for re-election against Steve Fields and Osama Hamdan for the Position 2 seat. Shutz was elected in 2013 after running unopposed, and Fields has run for the position of mayor in a past election.

For Position 4, Tanika Padhye will seek election in November after she was appointed to the seat in March after Kimberly Allen stepped down. Padhye will be running against Eugene Zakhareyev.

Jason Antonelli, Roy Captain and Jeralee Anderson are running for Position 6 as current council member John Stilin’s term expires on Dec. 31.

Stilin announced on Wednesday that he will not be seeking a third term in this year’s elections.

“Several highly-qualified individuals expressed interest in being on the city council during the process to fill the position vacated by Kim Allen in January. This got me thinking that now would be a good time to make room for a new voice on the council,” he said.

In state legislature elections, Manka Dhingra, Jinyoung Englund, Robert P. Harris and Ian Stratton have all filed to compete for the state Senate’s 45th District seat for November’s election.

In the 48th District, Patricia Kuderer has filed to run for the Senate seat and Vandana Slatter has filed to run for a House of Representatives seat.

Full profiles for the candidates will be released in coming weeks but excerpts from the candidate’s platforms provided on their websites when available are included here.

Dhingra (D) is running on a platform supporting public schools and young learning. She also will support DUI laws and repairing transportation infrastructure.

Dhingra also hopes to provide increased legal protection for victims of domestic violence as well as tackling issues of homelessness and crime. She also hopes to stand up to lobbyists and big corporations and fix Washington’s regressive tax structure.

Englund (R) is running prevent a new state income tax, fully fund education, reduce traffic congestion and keep car tabs from rising.

Her website says Englund is both the daughter of immigrants and a second-generation military spouse and entrepreneur who graduated from the University of Washington.

Harris (I) did not register with a part affiliation.

Stratton (D) had also filed for the position.

In the 48th District race, Slatter (D) is running unopposed to defend her seat in the House of Representatives.

Kuderer (D) is also running unopposed to keep her Senate seat in the district.