Election results: Dhingra and Kuderer favorites heading into November campaign season

Preliminary city, county and state election results are in for the August primary.

Preliminary results for the Aug. 1 primary are in, showing unofficial results for which candidates will appear on the November ballot, as well as whether a proposed county sales tax passed.

For the City of Redmond, Steve Fields took the majority of votes for position 2 on the city council with 43 percent, and Byron Shutz took 35 percent of the vote. If the tallies do not change dramatically, they will appear on the ballot, knocking Osama Hamdan out of the race.

This council race saw incumbent Shutz defending his seat against the two challengers.

For position 6, Jeralee Anderson and Jason Antonelli will move on to the next round, with 59 percent and 28 percent of the vote, respectively. They beat out Roy Captain for a position on the November ballot.

For the Lake Washington School District Director District No. 3 seat, Cassandra Sage and Anita Damjanovic received 53 percent and 31 percent of the vote, securing their positions, while Christian Cahua received the least votes at 16 percent.

At the county level, a sales tax called Proposition No. 1, which would have raised the tax county-wide by one-tenth of one percent for seven years, was rejected by 55 percent.

The program was designed to provide funding for cultural organizations to expand programs and serve diverse and under-served populations.

Some critics argued that it promoted this by balancing the proposition on the backs of working and poor people.

Dow Constantine and Bill Hirt will run against each other for the November election to secure the position of county executive, beating out two other candidates, including the infamous evergreen candidate, Goodspaceguy.

Constantine received 75 percent of the votes.

In the Washington state House of Representatives election for the 48th District, Democrat Vandana Slatter will be facing off against Ciaran Dougherty in November. While there were only two candidates, they appeared on the August ballot.

Slatter received 76 percent of the vote, while Dougherty received only 23 percent.

For the 48th District Senate seat, Incumbent Patty Kuderer, Democrat, passed the primary with 61 percent of the vote, as did Michelle Darnell, Libertarian, with 23 percent of votes. Richard Knierim received only 16 percent and is now disqualified.

Finally, in the heated 45th District Senate seat, Republican Jinyoung Lee Englund and Democrat Manka Dhingra beat out the non-partisan Parker Harris for a place in the November election.

Dhingra received a clear majority of votes, at 51 percent, while Englund received 42 percent

The position is hotly contested, and the winner of the district could tip the balance of power in the state Senate.

Currently the Senate is equally split between Republicans and Democrats, with one independent Democrat who frequently votes with Republicans.

Republican Dino Rossi currently serves in the position after being appointed to fill the position left vacant after Republican Andy Hill’s death last year. Rossi also said he would not seek election in this year’s election.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Englund had received more than $702,000 and Dhingra more than $676,700 in campaign contributions, according to the Public Disclosure Commission’s website.

All preliminary results were updated on Wednesday at the Reporter’s deadline. Tallies will be updated over the following days and can be viewed at https://info.kingcounty.gov/kcelections/Results/web-results.aspx?eid=8.