Engineer Jeralee Anderson seeks office to fix transportation woes

Jeralee Anderson is running for position 6 of the Redmond City Council on a platform largely centered around addressing the city’s transportation issues.

Anderson is a transportation civil engineer and founder of Greenroads, an organization that helps municipalities undertake public works projects in more environmentally sustainable ways.

Anderson said the city spends more than half of its budget on roads and infrastructure, and she would like to be a part of those decisions.

“I’m just interested in being a good voice on council,” she said. “I think I bring a good amount of local experience to the table.”

Anderson has worked with regional and international transportation agencies and was recognized by the Obama administration for her work.

Anderson said she will begin looking at creative ways to address mobility and access issues in the city, like creating metrics on how to assess goals the city sets and their effectiveness.

She also hopes to look at the problems from a holistic perspective and work with the community and the public works department to reduce congestion and engineer better infrastructure projects.

She also said her experience as a business executive with a board of 15 directors gives her experience working with people.

“I think I have a lot to share, and I’d like to see Redmond grow and maybe develop,” she said.

Anderson is a proponent of incorporating public input into public policy at every step, not just at public hearings.

This is an area that she said Redmond hasn’t emphasized enough in the past.

“There’s a substantial amount of value in reaching out to the community,” she said.

As a first-time candidate, Anderson hopes to be an independent and fresh voice on the council.