Fields vies for position 2 council seat

Steve Fields is running for position 2 on the Redmond City Council with the goal of improving the quality of life in the city.

As the city has undergone rapid growth in recent years, Fields said investments in residents should keep pace.

“As we grow, our quality of life should get better, these are opportunities for everybody,” he said.

Fields said his experience working for King County and the City of Seattle in the executive and budget offices have prepared him for a position dealing with issues like traffic and homelessness in Redmond.

He hopes to balance the growth of big retail stores moving into the city with support for local businesses.

“The more we do to support our small businesses, the happier everybody is,” he said.

Fields previously ran for mayor in 2015 against incumbent John Marchione.

He also hopes to raise the analysis standards the city council uses to advise the mayor of which projects they should undertake, instead of relying as heavily on developers to do the legwork.

Increasing traffic in the city concerns him, as does what he considers unattractive developments.

If elected, he hopes to develop a vision and a plan on how to manage development and mitigate issues like increasing traffic, a shortage of parking and environmental concerns.

Fields said campaign slogan is “build community not just buildings.”

Homelessness and affordability are also regional issues he thinks the council should do more to address in both the short and long term.

He also said this election is special since all three positions that are up for election have challengers, and marks a higher level of participation in local politics.

“I think that is a really important and exciting step for Redmond,” he said.