Juel Park tour and open house slated for Aug. 20

The City of Redmond Parks and Recreation Department will host a tour and open house of Juel Park, 18815 NE 116th Street, on Thursday, August 20, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

The City is seeking proposals from individuals and organizations interested in the use of the buildings and/or space at Juel Park that is compatible with the park’s master plan.

The East Redmond Corridor Master Plan identifies the following potential uses for Juel Park: heritage, environmental play/learning, salmon viewing, farming partners, community gardens, arts studios and other uses.

A Request for Proposals is located along with the East Redmond Corridor Master Plan here.

For additional information, contact Mary Yelanjian (arts, heritage, other uses) at (425) 556-2316, myelanjian@redmond.gov or Teresa Kluver (farms/gardens, nature, trail uses) at (425) 556-2355, tkluver@redmond.gov.