Marymoor Village project team to hold first community workshop

A visualization workshop is set for Oct. 25.

The Marymoor Village Design Guidance and Standards project team is holding its first community workshop next week.

The workshops will be at 5 p.m. on Oct. 25 at the Redmond Community Center and will offer opportunities for participants to envision a new look and feel of Marymoor Village.

The city’s vision is for the village to be a more walkable place that features opportunities for nearby living, gathering, shopping, employment, education and rapid transit connections to Redmond and central Puget Sound. The village is currently a diverse mosaic of manufacturing, distribution industrial, education and religious uses. The future light rail station is also part of the Marymoor Village vision and will be located adjacent to Marymoor Park and SR-520 near the west end of Northeast 70th Street.

“We really want to hear from the potential type of residents who might be interested in moving [to Marymoor Village]. We are looking for the input of Redmond residents,” said project manager, Beth Mountsier. “This workshop is really more about, ‘What should the look and feel of the community be?’ In terms of more of the specific design guidance for the buildings, new development that will happen and more details about if there’s landscaping and trails.”

Ultimately, the workshop will give participants the opportunity to give feedback and input. Participants will also see the vision for Marymoor Village in order to better understand the long-term vision of the village. The workshop is open to everyone, especially potential residents. The project team is also inviting all property and business owners from the community and surrounding neighborhoods, as well as potential developers and architects who’ve worked in the community to attend the workshop.

“That’s the aim of the workshop. We are looking for input of Redmond residents and the kind of design features they want. What they want the community to look like,” said Mountsier.

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