OneRedmond candidate forum aims to inform voters before Nov. 2 elections

Redmond candidates were asked the same five questions on issues in the community.

OneRedmond interviewed and recorded the responses of all the candidates for Redmond City Council recently regarding their backgrounds and qualifications and their responses to the same five questions that reflect the concerns of Redmond residents, curated by members of the OneRedmond board with the intent to help inform voters for the Nov. 2 elections.

The five questions candidates were asked:

How should the City of Redmond work to increase its supply of affordable housing?

Should the City of Redmond take steps to protect small businesses that provide many living wage jobs in Redmond? If so, what steps?

What should the City of Redmond’s priorities be when planning for significant growth?

How do you feel the competing priorities of sustainability and affordability should be addressed? If one, or the other, should be given priority, which is it?

What in your opinion is the most important issue the City of Redmond is facing and what are your plans for addressing it?

Voters can watch the candidates’ responses to the questions and learn more about their experience and qualifications by visiting the OneRedmond candidate forum on their website here –