Ongoing road closures due to downtown Redmond light rail extension

Sound Transit has set up detours, and plans for a temporary off-ramp for SR 520 Eastbound in June.

On March 21, contractors from Sound Transit closed NE 60th Street in Redmond to vehicle traffic for approximately six months, so that crews can build the future light rail underneath the street at ground level, as it heads north towards downtown Redmond.

A temporary pathway has been put in place to maintain pedestrian and bicycle traffic, although Lake Washington School District bus routes may experience some delays due to this closure, according to Sound Transit. Any changes in bus stops and times will be communicated by the school district by March 25.

The closure of NE 60th Street is expected to last until September of this year.

Another upcoming closure will be the SR 520 Eastbound off-ramp, beginning as early as June 29, and lasting through the spring of 2022, according to Sound Transit.

Contractor crews from Sound Transit will close the off-ramp to Redmond Way and SR 202, and shift to a temporary off-ramp in order to accommodate activities for the future light rail.

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