Pacifica Institute organizes interfaith dinner in Redmond

Creating peace was one of the main themes at the Pacifica Institute’s community interfaith Ramadan Iftar dinner on June 18 at the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center in Redmond. Members of the Pacifica Institute and Redmond United Methodist Church attended and people had a chance to foster relationships and build friendships.

Some of the public officials attending the dinner included Congresswoman Suzan DelBene, State Sen. Patty Kuderer, State Sen. Lisa Wellman and Redmond City Council member Tanika Padhye.

DelBene thanked the Pacifica Institute for organizing the event and said, “Freedom of religion is in the very fabric of our country and we cannot allow hatred and fear to divide us.”

Rev. Lara Bolger from Redmond United Methodist Church said the dinner was a success.

“I would say it was successful because of the people who belong to Pacifica Institute. They practice their faith by showing others hospitality and creating opportunities for us to be in community with each other. Redmond United Methodist Church has been blessed by their presence as we continue to learn more about each other,” she said.

The Pacifica Institute, a nonprofit organization, strives for social justice, interfaith cooperation advocacy through positive change and connections and more.

At the dinner, Bolger thanked them for their hospitality, teaching attendees about peace, Ramadan and the depth of their faith and for inviting people to participate in creating deeper bonds of community and friendship.

“When we are faced daily with hate crimes against the Muslim community, we want to show in as many ways possible that we stand in support of our Muslim neighbors,” Bolger added.