Party patrol continues to crack down on underage drinking

Forty people were arrested on a variety of charges over last weekend, as the Party Patrol continues to crack down on underage drinking.

Forty people were arrested on a variety of charges over last weekend, as the Party Patrol continues to crack down on underage drinking.

The majority of the arrests were for Minor in Possession of Alcohol (28) but others were arrested for DUI (1), felony drug possession (2), Obstructing police officers (2), furnishing alcohol to minors (1) and a reckless driving arrest. In addition, three people were arrested for outstanding misdemeanor arrest warrants and two store clerks were arrested for selling to underage customers.

Incidents in the Redmond area included the following:

• Two 18-year-old girls were arrested while sitting in their car, drinking beer in the parking lot of the Woodinville Safeway. Both had prior arrests for the same offense. One girl had just returned from Eastern Washington that morning after her first appearance in court.

• An adult was arrested after plain clothes detectives watched him buy beer at the Juanita QFC, deliver the beer to a minor and hand over the change. He was booked into jail for furnishing beer to a minor. The identity of the 18-year-old minor could not be determined, so he was booked as well.

Detectives talked to the driver of a second car in the lot, an 18-year-old woman who was clearly intoxicated. Her male passenger claimed no ID and gave his brother’s name. While researching that information, the suspect took off running and got away. Detectives searched the car and found half an ounce of cocaine and the man’s picture ID. Charges are now pending.

• A Mt. Si High School party was located near the Snoqualmie River. Many of the kids ran off into the woods, but seven were arrested and two guns were found, including a sawed-off shotgun. State Liquor Control agents will follow up to find the registered owner of the confiscated keg.

• A man drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade was contacted in Woodinville. He was quite proud of the fact that he was 21 years old and therefore, “legal.” But he was not quite so proud of his DUI arrest warrant out of Spokane. He was booked, complete with spiked-up hair, twisted to look like horns, black nail polish and make-up, reportedly resembling a Marvel Comics character.

• Police and Sheriff’s deputies went to a house in Sammamish after neighbors called about a party with at least 50 participants. Parents were throwing a graduation party for their daughter, who just graduated from Skyline High School. They allowed officers to look around with assurances that no one was drinking illegally. However, 14 minors were arrested when it was determined they had been drinking. The parents were not cited since it did not appear that anyone drank at the house and no indication that alcohol was being served there.

Party Patrol is a multi-jurisdictional effort by local police agencies, coordinated by the King County Sheriff’s Office.