Phase one of Redmond pool project is underway

Phase one to be completed by February 2020.

At its Dec. 3 meeting, the Redmond City Council was updated on the Redmond pool project.

Phase one of the project is currently underway.

The pool improvements project was identified in the facilities strategic management plan that was adopted by council at the beginning of the year. Aquatics facilities were ranked as the highest priority by the community.

Council adopted the 2019-22 capital improvement program (CIP) as part of the 2019-20 budget. The CIP allocated $8 million for pool improvements in the 2019-20 timeframe. The improvements address essential and high-priority systems and make structural improvements to allow the pool to operate for an additional 25-30 years.

Phase one improvements for essential system improvements began June 24. McKinstry is under contract to complete about $5.4 million in system repairs and replacements that will improve the overall pool facility efficiency and operation. The pool lining and UV filtration system brought the total to $5.9 million. This work will result in lower utility use and costs along with improved building system performance and occupant experience.

Improvements include a new boiler system, pool circulation system, pool heat exchanger, lighting, electrical service and panels, domestic hot water tanks, glazing, roofing, skylights, windows and window frames, air handler unites, relining the pool, asbestos abatement, acoustical tile removal, and repairs to the pool concrete substructure.

The first phase was expected to be completed by late October but in the process of demolishing the old liner, the contractor discovered that parts of the deep end wall substructure were compromised. Some concrete areas were deteriorated, which left aggregate and rusting rebar exposed. After further evaluation from a structural engineer, it was determined that all damaged concrete would need to be removed, additional rebar would need to be tied in and additional concrete would need to be poured to the wall to stabilize the structure.

The contractor estimated that it will take two to three months to correct the issue and finish the pool lining.

For phase two, the focus will be on making $2.6 million of additional improvement to the building/site that were not eligible to be covered under the phase one improvement design/build contract with McKinstry. ARC Architects is performing design services for phase two. The planned improvements include fire protection upgrades, ADA improvements, plumbing upgrades, pool decking, lobby and locker room upgrades, asbestos abatement and mold remediation (if necessary), and bulkhead replacement.

ARC Architects is currently completing designs for phase two. City staff held one public meeting and a stakeholders’ meeting in October. Another public meeting and stakeholders’ meeting will be held in January 2020 to engage the public in the final design of phase two. April/May is now the estimated timeframe to begin construction on phase two.

The initial amount set aside for the pool renovation was $8 million. The total amount for phase one, including the lining fix and UV filtration system totals about $5.9 million. The lining fix is only an estimate at the time and could change as well. A total of about $2.08 million remains for phase two.

The budget projected for phase two is about $2.5 million, which leaves a contingency of almost $487,000. This leaves a gap of almost $461,000.

The Redmond pool is now expected to reopen in fall 2020, completing the full renovation earlier than expected.

For more information about the pool project, go to the council meeting agenda item online at

Phase one improvements included a new HVAC unit system on the new roof. Photo courtesy of the city of Redmond

Phase one improvements included a new HVAC unit system on the new roof. Photo courtesy of the city of Redmond

Photo courtesy of the city of Redmond                                 Phase one also included a new lighting system.

Photo courtesy of the city of Redmond Phase one also included a new lighting system.