Monday, June 23

Monday, June 23

Break and run: A man at a bar in the 14800 block of Northeast 24th Street broke a window with a pool ball and then quickly left.

How do you like your eggs?: A man reported that somebody threw eggs at his vehicle while it was parked in front of his residence in the 8500 block of 169th Place Northeast. The eggs caused damage to his paint, he told police.

Sunday, June 22

Drive hammered, get nailed: A Redmond police officer pulled over a vehicle after noticing the driver was driving recklessly through downtown. The driver was arrested for driving under the influence and reckless driving.

Rocked: Somebody threw a fist-sized rock through the rear window of a vehicle, parked in the 16400 block of Northeast 50th Way.

Saturday, June 21

Fire on a fence: A 13-year-old boy was arrested after he set fire to a six-foot wooden fence in the 7400 block of 140th Avenue Northeast.

Friday, June 20

i-Pod gone: A man who lives in the 17700 block of Northeast 90th Street reported that somebody broke the front passenger window of his vehicle and stole his i-Pod

Theft: Police responded to the report of a theft of 1,500 feet of copper wire from a construction site in the 15200 block of Northeast 40th Street.

Thursday, June 19

Time to move on: A man assaulted and harassed his ex-girlfriend in the 7800 block of Leary Way. Police tracked down the man at his residence and arrested him.

Unhappy customer: Angry with his service, a man stormed out of a restaurant in the 15000 block of Northeast 24th Street without paying. On his way out, he caused damage to the front door. Police did not find the man.

Seven slashes: A man who lives in the 9100 block of Red-Wood Road called police after discovering all four tires on his vehicle and three tires on his boat trailer had been slashed.

Wednesday, June 18

You called: A man dropped his cell phone on the corner of 161st Avenue Northeast and Redmond Way. He then called his cell phone and someone answered. The cell phone is still missing.

Gone then found: A man who lives in the 8500 block of 142nd Avenue Northeast reported that his vehicle was stolen from his residence. Police checked the area, but found nothing. However, the vehicle was later recovered in Kirkland.