Redmond High’s Guday gets a Running Start in computer science field

Growing up, Gil Guday's parents instilled in him a love for science.

Growing up, Gil Guday’s parents instilled in him a love for science.

This love was furthered in school as he said he was lucky to have teachers who were also passionate about science. And as he graduates from Redmond High School (RHS) this week, Guday’s enthusiasm for the subject has not waned.

Thanks to some college courses he has taken through Running Start at Bellevue College (BC) and at the University of Washington (UW), Guday has already been accepted into UW’s Computer Science and Engineering department next year.

“Beyond that, I don’t really have anything definitive,” Guday said about his plans for the future.

While he has always had an interest in computer science, over the last year he has had the opportunity to work in a different area of science.

Last summer, Guday applied for and was accepted into a program at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center that has him working in two different labs. The first is a wet lab in which he does hands-on research work with DNA, looking at bloat in dogs. The second lab is a computational biology lab in which he works on a data composite website that will give researchers easy access to analysis tools.

His time at Fred Hutch is the first time Guday has done lab science work outside of school.

“It was really fun, really enjoyable,” he said about the experiences.

Originally, the program was just for the summer but Guday said his supervisor worked with him to figure out a schedule that would allow him to continue working at Fred Hutch during the academic year. He said taking classes at UW helped with this as he was already in Seattle on weekdays.

Following his time in the labs, Guday said he would like to find a career path that would combine computer science and biology. He is not sure what this would entail and has not committed to anything yet.

For Guday, science was initially about driving progress and wanting to be part of that drive. But as he delved deeper into the field, he learned science is more than just picking a question and designing an experience to try and find an answer. There are possible followup work and experiments and additional questions raised from experiment results.

“It never really ends,” he said about why he enjoys science.

Outside of school and science, Guday enjoys archery and the Korean martial art of hapkido. At one point, during his earlier days at RHS, Guday said he and some friends got together to form an unofficial club for Kabaddi, an Indian sport he described as a combination of football and the children’s game, Red Rover.

When he leaves RHS, Guday said he will miss the “really fantastic teachers,” who have been a large influence for him.

“I can’t stress that enough,” he said.

RHS’s commencement ceremony was Thursday at Key Arena in Seattle.