Redmond police and fire respond to two tenuous calls over holiday weekend

The Redmond police and fire departments responded to two calls on Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning.

According to a Redmond Police Department (RPD) press release, the first call came in at 11:03 p.m. on Saturday. Officers responded to an apartment residence at 16600 N.E. 80th St. for the report of an altercation involving a pistol. Just prior to their arrival, a 27-year-old male visiting a female friend became combative and struck her several times in the head with a pistol. The man threatened to kill her and her 3-year-old daughter, while collecting a rifle, handgun, ammunition and stun gun from inside the unit, the release states.

The female called her boyfriend, who returned to the residence and confronted the suspect. The suspect attempted to discharge his firearm, but was unsuccessful each time.

“He continued to point and wave the firearm at the boyfriend,” the release states. “The boyfriend also had a firearm, pulled it out, retreated backwards and called 911. Officers arrived, quickly ensured the safety of the child and mother and defused the situation.”

The mother was treated for injuries and the suspect was arrested without incident for first-degree assault and harassment/threats to kill.

According to the press release, the second call came in just before 9 a.m., Sunday. The Redmond Fire Department (RFD) responded to a fire alarm in an apartment in the area of 18600 Redmond Way.

Later, overhead sprinklers were going off inside a unit. Upon arrival, RFD made contact with a 34-year-old male resident in the unit who advised he had pulled the fire alarm for help.

“He did not believe the first responders were there to assist him, so he set off sprinklers to alert real fire personnel to respond,” the release states. “After exhibiting very troubling behavior, fire requested police assistance. Officers responded and learned the male resided in the unit with his spouse and four children, ranging in age from 2-11. The man was detained and transported for appropriate care.”

Officers collected an axe, machete and a bow and arrow from inside the residence, according to the release. Detectives learned the spouse and children had not been allowed to leave the unit since Dec. 19; the male wielded these items to prevent them from leaving. He also started sleeping in front of the door.

The man was arrested for charges of domestic violence, unlawful imprisonment and felony harassment.

“Department personnel are working with other agencies to ensure he and the family receive appropriate services and care,” the release states.