Redmond Police draft policy for body-worn and in-car cameras

The department is asking for community feedback on the policy.

The Redmond Police Department has drafted a set of policies for the implementation of body-word and in-car cameras and are asking for community feedback regarding the proposed policies.

In their drafted policy, the stated “objectives” of the new police cameras are to collect prosecutable evidence, to deter uncooperative behavior during police interactions, to assist in investigating complaints regarding police conduct and to promote accountability.

Situations in which Redmond Police would turn on their body-worn cameras include: traffic stops, vehicle pursuits, contact with suspicious persons, arrests, vehicle searches, physical altercations, verbal confrontations, responses to in-progress calls, DUI investigations, domestic violence calls and welfare checks.

Suspects will also be recorded during their arrest, according to the policy.

It also specifies that officers will be able to use their own discretion for when it is necessary to stop recording with the cameras. These situations include when a community member or witness is reporting a crime, when their is nudity, abuse, or rape and when officers are discussing operations and tactics amongst themselves.

Officers will have to tell community members when they are being recorded, in accordance with state law.

The video and audio recordings will also be subject to public records requests, even if the videos need to be redacted of private information.

The drafted policy can be viewed here.

If you would like to give feedback regarding the policy you may do so here.