Redmond pool to re-open fall of 2020

Substructure issues caused a delay in the completion timeline.

The Redmond Pool will be operating and open to the public this fall.

The facility is currently undergoing phase one of construction, with phase two to start in the spring. The pool was scheduled to open in November 2019, after phase one of the improvement project was completed, but was stalled due to an unforeseen issue.

During phase one, contractors discovered that the substructure of the pool had been compromised. There was extensive damage where the concrete had deteriorated, exposing aggregate and rusted rebar. The damage was sporadic along the pool walls and ranged between one to five feet off the bottom of the deep end.

The unexpected substructure failure caused the timeline delay in order to repair the pool lining. Because of this, the pool will remain closed until phases one and two of the improvement project are completed.

“This timeline allows us to accelerate phase two to begin in May, ultimately completing the full renovation earlier than expected,” parks director, Carrie Hite said in a press release.

Phase one of construction began June 24, 2019, and is currently underway.

Phase one improvements include new mechanical systems, new air handling units, new boiler systems, improved circulation, as well as new electric roof and windows.

“We have almost completed the repairs of the deep end of the pool and the next steps will be installing the new pool liner and then filling the pool up, that’s really the last step [of phase one],” said Dave Tuchek, Redmond parks operation manager.

Phase two is slated to begin in the spring and will be completed in this fall. With the help of the community, designs for architecture and specific features like colors were selected. The improvements during phase two of construction will include improved ADA access, lobby and locker room updates, new decking around the pool and plumbing upgrades.

“The existing lobby and the locker rooms are going to be completely renovated,” said Tuchek. “When you walk into the lobby, it’s going to have a new ceiling, new walls and a new pool staffing area. In the locker rooms, everything will be new in there. New lockers, new showers, new restrooms, new fixtures in the restrooms, new flooring and a new ceiling. So it’s going to be completely new.”

These improvements will result in better air and water quality, energy efficiencies, operational savings and help preserve the pool for another 25 to 30 years.

For 48 years the Redmond Pool has been a staple of the community with more than 90,000 visitors each year. Built by King County in 1972, the pool systems have long outlived their expected lives. The improvements are necessary to ensure a community space for many years to come.

According to a press release, in 2018, city council approved $8 million in pool improvements to preserve the facility and maintain service for another 25-30 years.

While the pool improvement project is underway, information regarding local options for open swims, swim lessons and other aquatic services can be found at

For community feedback results on pool amenities, design, and functionality for phase two improvements and project updates visit