Redmond’s City Hall receives champion level EnviroStars status

The program assists businesses with and recognizes them for environmentally sustainable actions.

Redmond City Hall has received the distinction of a Champion Level EnviroStars business.

The city participates in several programs that qualify City Hall as an EnviroStars Champion:

• Incentivizing use of alternative modes of transportation for employees.

• Electronic vehicle charging stations for hybrids and electric cars.

• Workplace recycling and composting.

• Drought-resistant landscaping and grass composting on City Hall Campus that reduces water consumption.

• Irrigation monitoring and low flow fixtures in restrooms for water conservation

“We are proud to have Redmond City Hall recognized as an EnviroStar Champion,” said Mayor John Marchione. “Working to keep the environment clean and green is one of the city’s core values, and EnviroStars is part of that effort.”

Redmond City Hall is also an Energy Star certified building, a participant in Puget Sound Energy’s Green Power Program, and has a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) silver accreditation.

The EnviroStars program provides a one-stop hub for businesses to get assistance and recognition for environmentally sustainable actions. EnviroStars links businesses to local programs and incentives that help them take green actions. Participating businesses receive recognition for their efforts that protect their workplace, the community and the environment.