Roy Captain hopes to build bridges if elected to city council

Roy Captain is running for position 6 on the Redmond City Council, a position he said he’s seeking because of his past experience in city government and what he said is a knack for building bridges.

Captain said he moved to the area around 12 years ago with his wife and quickly became involved with a local PTSA.

“I’ve always been the kind of guy that likes to keep the neighborhood going,” he said.

In Redmond, he said he found a community character that motivated him to keep getting more involved, ultimately landing him an appointment as a planning commissioner, where he serves as the vice-chair.

His motivation for running is to make sure the city continues to move in a good direction without rehashing past arguments.

“I have no criticisms of what was done in the past, I look forward to the future and what we can do to keep it on the right track,” he said.

This includes trying to incorporate Redmond’s response to widespread problems into a regional solutions.

He hopes to focus on homelessness and transportation issues, in particular.

Heavy traffic is a staple of cities with booming economies everywhere he’s lived, from Bombay to London and Redmond, he said.

“There’s no quick solution solution, but everyone works together,” he said.

This would include continuing partnerships like one between other Eastside cities, where Redmond, Bellevue and Kirkland each take on different aspects of the homeless crisis. Redmond currently focuses on helping homeless youth.

Building connections between businesses, the city and the community will also be important to him, he said, and something that his nearly 40 years of business and local government experience have prepared him for.