Shutz seeks re-election for position 2

Byron Shutz is running for re-election against two challengers to retain his Redmond City Council position 2 seat in November’s election.

Shutz was elected to the council in 2013 and had previously been involved with the city community for decades, particularly through the school system.

If re-elected, he hopes to continue the work as part of the council, which includes addressing affordable housing, traffic problems, design standards and creating urban centers.

He also hopes to partner with a newly-signed agreement between the Eastside Pathways organization and the Lake Washington School District, which builds out commercial and social services to help students.

He wants to continue working on public infrastructure projects that are already underway, such as those associated with the coming light rail stations, which will open in 2023 and 2024.

“It’s going to be a significant new asset for us, significantly change where growth occurs on the Eastside,” he said.

It will also help move people from their cars to commuting via the light rail, which could help with congestion.

Creating affordable housing by partnering with other cities, the county and the state to increase inventory is also important.

Redmond has been requiring developers to create 10 percent affordable housing units per development for decades, but Shutz said it may be time to revisit that percentage.

Working with the organization A Regional Coalition on Housing to expand, and exploring programs that let people rent out and live in mother-in-law houses and cottages is also an avenue he would like to examine.

For both transportation and homelessness, Shutz said the city needs to continue working with other groups in the area.

“Certainly, they are regional, and long-term and sizable challenges,” he said.