Six-decade-old dry streak record broken this week

A record-breaking dry streak continued this week, easily blowing past a 1951 record for the most consecutive days without rain in the greater Seattle area.

The previous record, which was 51 days without rain, was recorded more than six decades ago and was surpassed on Monday.

No rain was forecasted through the remainder of the week, but clouds are anticipated to move in on Sunday with rain possible on Monday.

According to the Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog, the unusual lack of rain, as well as temperatures that were on average up to 2 degrees Celsius higher than normal, are partially due to a high-pressure ridge hovering over the West Coast.

Weather officials in previous coverage said wet winters, like the one the region experienced this year, often bring hot, dry summers.

The 2009 heat record remains unbroken. It reached 103 that year.

Temperatures were expected to reach the mid-to-high 90s last week, but a thick layer of smoke from large wildfires burning in British Columbia blocked some of the heat.

The smoke began clearing out last Monday after nearly a week of moderate to unhealthy air conditions across the state.

A burn ban remains in effect in King County, as the conditions make it easier for tinder-dry fuels like median grass to catch fire.