Springer, Krabach campaign for House seat on the Eastside

Voters have a choice for position 2 in the 45th district, which covers Kirkland and Redmond.

Incumbent Rep. Larry Springer (D) is running against Amber Krabach, a Republican, to retain position 2 in the 45th Legislative District. The 45th district encompasses part of King County, including Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish and Woodinville.

Editor’s note: After multiple attempts, the Reporter was unable to reach the second candidate in this race, Amber Krabach.

1. Please provide a brief biography.

Larry Springer: Rep. Larry Springer was born in Snoqualmie and raised in Bellevue. A product of the Bellevue school system, bachelor of arts degree in education from Western Washington State College and master’s degree from the University of Oregon (although I do not brag about that around my Husky friends). Taught elementary school in Auburn, where I served as president of the teacher’s association. Left teaching to start my own business in the restaurant/wine industry, my wife and I have owned our retail wine store in downtown Kirkland for 31 years. Served 11 years on the Kirkland City Council and four of those years as mayor. Community service includes: Former chair of the Suburban Cities Association, King County Economic Development Council, Kirkland Art Center, Hopelink Board of Directors. Legislative service includes: Deputy majority leader serving on Agriculture, Finance, Appropriations, and Rules committees, member of our eight member caucus Leadership Team, board member of Washington Institute of Public Policy, chair of the Public Records Task Force, and member of the Sunshine Committee (charged with reviewing all of the exemptions to the Public Records Act requirements).

2. Do you believe that taxes are calculated fairly to fund education in our state? If not, what would you change?

Springer: Taxes are not calculated as fairly as they should be. East King County districts pay a disproportionally higher tax than the rest of the state.

3. Home prices and property taxes have been on the rise. How would you promote housing diversity and affordability?

Springer: Affordability is primarily a function of local government land use decisions that determine housing density requirements. The state can help to a degree with funding for low income families but to affect real affordability requires increasing supply.

4. Mass shootings, suicides and school security are big concerns in our communities. When it comes to guns, how do you balance safety with constitutional rights?

Springer: Enacting common sense gun regulation such as safe storage requirements, age requirements to own certain weapons, training requirements, universal background checks, do not restrict ownership,. They simply apply common sense responsibility for owners of lethal weapons…btw…most of which are supported by the majority of gun owners.