Tesla STEM students win national award

Students at the Tesla STEM High School in Redmond received an award from Scholastic National Partnerships for creating a program called Operation Sustain.

The program was designed to spread awareness about climate change by developing an interactive educational computer game and curriculum to teach fundamental elements of climate change.

The award was part of the Lexus Eco Challenge.

Following the implementation and attached assessments, the students at the school saw a 206 percent increase in students’ understanding of climate change, according to the Scholastic National Partnership.

It’s not just recognition that the team of six received, but also $10,000 in prize money.

Of this, $1,000 went to the teacher adviser and $7,000 was distributed evenly to the students by checks to their parents or guardians and the final $2,000 was awarded to the school.

Several other schools around the country won similar prizes in the Air and Climate portion of the challenge.

Additionally, the team from Redmond has a chance to win another prize of $30,000 in the final segment of the competition.