Woman injured when large tree limb falls at Idylwood

A woman sustained serious injuries when she was struck by a large falling tree limb on Aug. 10 on the south side of Idylwood Beach Park, according to the City of Redmond and KIRO 7.

The woman in her early 40s was listed in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center that evening. According to the city, they have reached out to the woman’s family and will not be releasing her name or condition to respect her privacy.

The accident took place just before 3 p.m., a city lifeguard provided aid and assistance and immediately called 911, a city email read. A Redmond Fire Department unit quickly responded, rendered aid and transported the woman to Harborview.

City staff cordoned off the area until they could conduct an evaluation and ensure the area was safe, the email read.

According to a commenter on the Reporter’s website, two lifeguards and several others assisted in caring for the woman and called the fire department for help. “Thanks to a wonderful community,” the commenter said.

City arborists completed an initial evaluation of the tree and noted that the limb fell from a black Cottonwood that is 29 inches in diameter, the fallen limb was 4.5 inches in diameter and the tree was found to be healthy, according to the city. There was no previous damage to the tree — no pests or diseases, no exposed roots and no suspected rot or decay.