Everything Redmond: It’s only a click away

If you haven’t noticed, the Redmond Reporter has a new Web site and there are plenty of reasons to go there.

If you haven’t noticed, the Redmond Reporter has a new Web site and there are plenty of reasons to go there.

First off, everything in the newspaper is posted on the Web site and a lot of times, the news items are put on the Web site before the paper even hits your doorstep.

If you want the freshest news in Redmond, you need to go to redmond-reporter.com.

For instance, if you want to read about a Thursday election debate, you don’t have to wait until Saturday’s paper, it will be on the web by Friday.

Every day, a new item will be put on the Web, so you can always read something new with your morning mocha.

We have added an election section to our Web site that features everything you need to know about the upcoming Nov. 4 ballot, with a heavy emphasis on the local races.

But there’s more.

All the photos you see in the newspaper, plus more, will be available to purchase on our Web site. Want to turn that awesome sports photo of Johnny into a puzzle? No problem. Our online store offers plenty of gift opportunities from Christmas ornaments to t-shirts of that timeless Reporter photo.

Our latest addition to our Web site is comments. Visitors to our site can now contribute their own comments to all of our news stories, editorials and letters to the editor. Our goal with this feature is to encourage community discussion and healthy debate and we hope that you will give it a try.

In the future, we will be featuring video footage of sports, community events and public meetings.

It’s no secret: the Web is the wave of the future and we have every intention of keeping up with the lightning-fast pace of technology.

We will continue to provide you with in-depth reporting, wall-to-wall sports coverage and those community stories that make you tingle with joy or tear up with compassion.

Our award-winning newspaper will continue to come to your doorstep twice a week, but it will also zoom into your computer every day.

So keep up with everything Redmond. It’s only a click away.

Bill Christianson is the editor of the Redmond Reporter. He can be reached at bchristianson@reporternewspapers.com or at (425) 867-0353.