How to take on those frustrating font issues

In this week’s edition of Tech Talk, we address fonts, fun and frustration.

In this week’s edition of Tech Talk, we address fonts, fun and frustration.

Q: The problem I have is the font on e-mailed newsletters from an organization. This is a sample : Carey’s DRAGON’S JOURNAL’S. Other e-mails I receive don’t have this problem. I tried forwarding it to myself at my e-mail address and the text was even harder to read. I’d appreciate any help you can offer.

A: The problem you’re experiencing is a common one. For the most part, e-mail is delivered seamlessly to a recipient from a source and the “communication” is veritably flawless.

However, if there are too many formats or conditions under which the information is digitally produced then reproduced, there can be a technological miscue. As such, the task your computer is given to interpret the data is completed dutifully, although imperfectly. The translation is attempted and if anything is misinterpreted, which is what happened in your case, it is substituted for a selection of symbols.

Performing some further investigation into discovering the source may or may not lead you to a successful mitigation of the problem.

Q: I just upgraded to Windows Vista and now I can’t connect to the Internet. I keep getting a message that says “Limited Connectivity.” I’ve called my ISP and they couldn’t help. How can I get reconnected?

A: We’ve received plenty of these concerns and here are the most likely issues: A Vista Incompatible router; a Vista Incompatible network adapter or adapter driver. This becomes a diagnostic task and should be undertaken by someone who is knowledgeable in the functioning of computer networks and the processes associated with diagnosing the issue(s).

This would be a skilled computer technician, such as us, or an individual who understands networks and is capable of performing a proper diagnosis. This being said, you could attempt a couple of things yourself if you are computer-savvy. Install and configure a new Vista-Compatible Network Adapter. Or, replace your existing router with a verified Vista-Compatible router.

However, neither of these options is a guaranteed solution. The absolute best option is to let a professional solve the problem.

Q: I just bought a PlayStation 3 and tried to play the Blu-Ray Spiderman movie that came with it on my new TV. I get a blank screen after the movie loads and attempts to play. Games and regular DVD’s play fine. What’s the problem?

A: You probably have a 1080p TV that does not support the 24 Hz output option. Fortunately, this issue is relatively easy to resolve. Access the ‘BD 1080p 24 Hz Output (HDMI)’ option in the ‘BD/DVD’ Settings Menu in the PlayStation 3. There are three options presented: Automatic, OFF and ON. Select OFF. Your selection is saved by default and you’re good to go!

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