Time to stomp out greed and step up

As the economic crunch continues to pressure our well-being, two things are clear.

As the economic crunch continues to pressure our well-being, two things are clear.

First, more people are coming on tough times and need help.

Second, those of us who still have our jobs face an increasing responsibility to help those less fortunate people and the organizations that help them.

In tough times, generosity is vital. Let’s not follow the lead of Wall Street greed, which is one of the main reasons we got into this mess in the first place.

From Hopelink to Friends of Youth to the Redmond Senior Center, this city is filled with plenty of opportunities to lend a helping hand. These kinds of organizations need your help more than ever in these times of economic uncertainty.

With strained budgets, it can be hard to donate to a good cause. After all, why would you donate your money when you are financially strapped yourself?

So the next best thing is to give your time. Volunteering your time to help others can be the best gift to give these days.

If you think about it, tough economic times can be a catalyst for fostering new strategies to make our community more productive and resourceful. The tough times can bring out the best in us — if we let it.

We hear so much about the doom and gloom. But if we work together and help each other, we will be that much stronger when that financial gloom hits an economic boom.

We are lucky to live and work in Redmond. It has maintained its economic vitality and sense of community during these tough times. It’s a testament to the residents and city officials who have shown great resolve and leadership skills without greedy intentions. We have to continue to be generous, open-minded and smart as we try to bounce back from our economic loss.

In tough times, the strong can become stronger, so it’s important for those people to pass that strength onto those who need it.

So as we push forward through these tough times, don’t turn a deaf ear on someone who might need an extra boost.

Bill Christianson is the editor of the Redmond Reporter. He can be reached at bchristianson@reporternewspapers.com or at (425) 867-0353, ext. 5050.