Redmond competes in Senior Night football matchup with Eastlake | Guest column

Oct. 18 was Senior Night for the Redmond High football squad as the Mustangs battled Eastlake High on the Redmond field. There was a small pre-game ceremony to honor the seniors and their parents. Eastlake won, 49-0.

Here’s an insightful reflection from a Redmond football parent about her experiences with the program:

Senior Night

We know Senior Night is a night for senior football players, filled with brotherhood, lasting memories, high emotions and goodbyes. But what about the parents? What is their emotional journey?

I can’t speak for all parents but for this mom, not sitting on the bleachers, watching my youngest son play football anymore seems impossible and dreadful. After nine years of games, practices, weekly team dinners, events and fundraisers…. it will be all over.

Senior Night means a look back on watching my son grow from a young boy to a young man… mostly, taking place on the very football field, he will be stepping away from.

In a few weeks, their final game will be over and I will be closing a chapter of a book, I am not quite ready to put down yet.

Senior Night starts with a short ceremony before the big home game. As their name is called the parents walk onto the field to meet their player. The sons give their moms flowers and a picture is taken. As the reality of what is happening sets in, every mom out on the field is praying her mascara is not running down her cheek! And, somehow, you have to find a way to smile through it all for the camera!

We get close as a football family. When a player gets hurt, we all look to see if he is my son down. When he is not, you get a sigh of relief and find out whose son that is so you can go comfort that family. That’s what we do.

We are so proud of our sons and that pride is felt even more so on Senior Night. But it is also hard. I think it is hard because it is the beginning step of letting go of their hand. Saying goodbye to their childhood as we know it, and welcoming them into adulthood. We thank their coaches for all the dedication and time they spent with our players. It’s hard because over the years, they have become these young men, leaving the football field, while they are still the same little players that remain in our hearts.

Go Mustangs.

Peg Jatekar

Redmond High senior parent