Concerned that police officers are out to make citation quotas | Letter

My concern is Redmond police being so pressured to make their citation quota that our safety is in danger.

I was driving, and a Corolla ran a red light, almost causing one accident with a vehicle driving forward; then as I was taking my right, almost caused another accident. Then the Corolla switched lanes again, cutting me off. So of course, I swerved into the right lane to avoid yet another accident and then hit my horn for maybe two seconds. I then was pulled over for improper use of my horn.

I informed the police officer of the incidents: first, I was told he did not see them, and then I was told my horn is only for use in an emergency. As if this was not! In my defense, obviously the officer was not “looking” out for my safety but “heard” my horn. The officer then asked for my registration and driver’s license (the officer did not ask for proof of insurance).

After 20 or so minutes, the officer came to give me a citation for honking my horn. I asked, “Really?” I then explained that “Sir, I am very frustrated right now that you are giving me a citation that I do not believe I deserve.” In response to my defensive response, the officer became very upright and in a physical stance and I felt very threatened. I have never had a fear of a police officer before. But then the officer assertively handed me my citation and said, “Well, you are getting one” and “tell it to the judge.”

I have never been treated so disrespectfully, especially by someone I look to for safety and protection. I am a 50-year-old woman and by no means look threatening in any way. I work two jobs and I am a single mom. Shame on the officer. The officer never did ask for proof of insurance, thus proof that the officer was just out for a citation quota and not doing the job us taxpayers pay for.

Something needs to change!

Amy Eng


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