Defending Kuderer | Letter

This letter is regarding the Feb. 6, 2020, article “Chinese organizations file complaint against Kuderer, alleging racism.”

It’s disconcerting reading that the Asians for equality groups filed a complaint against Sen. Patty Kuderer, D-Bellevue, for racism due to an innocuous comment made about a “Chinese fire drill” particularly given the fact that Sen. Kuderer issued an apology on Jan. 20. Sen. Kuderer has been a champion of rights for all ethnic groups for over 30 years, and for the Asian groups to call for an investigation is ridiculous. Have they forgotten about our communities’ real problems such as homelessness, the environment, healthcare, and gun violence which Sen. Kuderer fights for each and every day?

To dredge up this weak and untrue charge is hypocritical of them given that they actively oppose affirmative action (they were against I-1000) and Sen. Kuderer has fought to have this legislation passed. I don’t think that a racist would actively support affirmative action, do you?

The Chinese American community should see that Sen. Kuderer fights for all our rights.

Let’s focus on real problems and not create ones that simply do not exist.

Stephanie Weil