Why do we ignore the Sammamish River Trail? | Letter

Why do we ignore the Sammamish River Trail?

The Sammamish River is a natural focal point of Redmond. King County and the City of Redmond have ignored the Sammamish River Trail. It is unfortunate because it’s such a treasure. Anyone who uses the trail experiences how congested it is and how cyclists and pedestrians are in a constant battle to avoid each other. If you think it is bad now, just think about how congested it is going to become once Redmond gets fully populated with the new apartments coming in the next months and years. Everyone of those apartments is within walking distance of the trail. Many folks have been injured due to this congestion.

The city of Redmond and King County have ignored making any improvements to the trail. Collectively they have spent over $200 million on parks (including $41.2 Downtown Park), trails (including $28.6 million on the Redmond Central Connector), roads (including $5 million on Cleveland Street and $27 million on the two-way conversion, ), etc.

I checked with King County parks. There are no planned improvements as of the 2020 budget.

There was some belief that the RCC would remove some of the congestion, but the natural pattern seems to be, walk out your door and hike by the river. Very few people go out of their way to walk along a busy, noisy, smoggy road such as Willows Road.

Imagine, folks would rather hike in nature.

I had posted some 40 fliers on the trail in June. Someone took every one down. I posted them again on July 4, early morning. In a couple of days, they also all disappeared. I understand the Sammamish River Trail is under the jurisdiction of King County and the city is happy to walk away from ownership and fund other items.

Remember it is the residents of Redmond that own, pay all the taxes and are affected by the management of the trail. Imagine what an incredible experience we could all have if a few million was spent improving this area? Why is this trail not the focal point in Redmond?

Love to hear your thoughts.

Brent Schmaltz,


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