Barcelino menswear moves to Redmond Town Center

Barcelino, which calls itself “The Pacific Northwest’s premier Men’s Clothier,” is celebrating a grand re-opening this weekend, at its new location in Redmond Town Center (RTC).

Barcelino, which calls itself “The Pacific Northwest’s premier Men’s Clothier,” is celebrating a grand re-opening this weekend, at its new location in Redmond Town Center (RTC).

It’s on the corner of 164th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 74th Street, in the spot formerly occupied by Abercrombie & Fitch.

After 10 years at Bellevue Square, the move to RTC is truly a breath of fresh air, said Robert Browning, vice president and director of stores for the high-fashion company which originated in San Francisco.

Browning and his staff love the open air setting at RTC. During a “soft opening” in the week of July 14, one of the free summer concerts in the Center Street Plaza brought Beatles music wafting into the shop and loads of people peeking in to see what Barcelino is all about.

Those who’ve already visited will understand why Browning’s also pleased with Barcelino’s proximity to the Marriott Hotel — always busy with conventions, weddings and other fancy events — as well as the fact that the very upscale Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas are slated to open upstairs from Barcelino this fall.

This is a decidedly high-end men’s boutique, with suits priced from $985 to $4,000 or more and dress slacks in the $250 to $900 range.

“Our clientele is the absolute captain-of-industry type,” Browning acquiesced. Nevertheless, he doesn’t think of Barcelino as a snobby place to shop.

“Here, versus the Bay Area, L.A. and Chicago, even affluent people are not so eager to show it. We have a great sense of humor and fun here, but that doesn’t stop movers and shakers from coming into the store. We have sports figures, political figures, business men, but we try to keep things relaxed. It’s a beautiful setting here — we refer to it as ‘charming Redmond Town Center’,” said Browning.

And he is confident that loyal customers will find their way to RTC, even preferring to shop here because downtown Bellevue has become so congested. He said the movie theaters at Bellevue’s Lincoln Square have changed the demographic of shoppers in that area, as well.

“It used to be older couples shopping and strolling after work. Now it’s large groups of young teens,” which obviously is not Barcelino’s target market, he added.

And Browning’s well aware that even many adults will find Barcelino’s prices out of reach. But for those who can afford to buy clothing here, they will find the finest quality fabrics and designs that can be found nowhere else, he said.

Barcelino’s founder Sharam Sharei was the first to bring Italian fashion icon Giorgio Armani’s line to the U.S. market. Today, designer lines can be found in numerous department stores and boutiques but a Barcelino suit will only be found at Barcelino, Browning emphasized.

Fabrics come from Northern Italy and designs are fitted to the American body.

“We have a master tailor here, Fernanda Melo, who is the heart and soul of this store. And we have kept the same crew, the same core, together,” he continued. “We are not trendy but unique and suitable for any age. Trends come and go but style lasts forever. … If you buy something here, 10 years from now, it’ll still be valid. And it must look good and feel good.”

That goes for casual wear, as well as suits, he added. “We have jeans, cool and breezy shirts, shoes, belts, accessories, everything from A to Z,” Browning said.

Other Barcelino locations also feature women’s clothing, but for now, the RTC store will focus just on men’s wear.

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