Accept the vote and move on | Letter to the editor

This is in response to “Affirmative action measure fails but could resurface in 2020” by Jerry Cornfield on Nov. 29, 2019.

One of the principles of our democracy is that we all vote (or those who care to vote) and we abide by whoever wins the election and move ahead. Well, maybe not if you do not agree with the results. One of the major causes of the division in our society is the petulant-child behavior of those who cannot accept that a vote did not go their way.

“They just did not understand.”

Well maybe they did.

Referendum 88 was very poorly worded and presented, and I had to read it multiple times to understand it. That does not change the fact that affirmative action by definition will discriminate against some ethnic groups to favor another and the voters rejected this. Whether the vote varied by county or whether it was close does not change that it was rejected.

Now can we move on or must we dredge it up with slight rewording next year, or the year after that in a wish by some ideologues that it will pass?

Joel C. Druckman