Bicyclists need to pay their way

Up until I joined the Air Force in 1950, anyone who owned a bicycle had to have it registered and purchase a licence plate to be attached to the rear fender.

This helped to keep track of bicycle owners and help prevent them from being stolen. I don’t know when this stopped, but I think it is about time it was reinstated.


For one thing, there are now special bicycle lanes and paths just for bicycle riders. Cars have to be registered to help pay for the roads, why not bicycle riders?

After all, not only do cars owners have to pay for the upkeep on roads but also for the areas set aside for the bicycles.

The bicycle owners should have to help pay for the special areas set aside for them. It is only fair. Too many bicycle riders act like they feel they have the right of way over all traffic on the roads.

I think our legislators should look into this.

Jim Robinson, Redmond