Vote ‘yes’ for schools on Feb. 13 | Letter

I have been reading recent coverage about the the upcoming school bond and levies election and want to clarify that these critical funding measures pay for existing staff, programs, services, and facilities needs NOT funded by the state.

If you want to know the impact of overcrowding in the Lake Washington School District, just ask someone who is in them every day. I am the Alcott Elementary School PTSA president and a mom of a student with special needs. Our school district is now Washington state’s third largest, Alcott is the largest elementary school in the district and one of the fastest growing. Projections are that we will keep growing, from kindergarten through high school.

That’s why I’m encouraging district voters to support the bond and levies on the Feb. 13 special election ballot.

The levies ensure teachers have the resources they need to help kids succeed, including those with special needs. If these levies do not pass our students and families will no longer recognize the schools and district as we know them today. Librarians, PE teachers, music teachers, nurses all special service teachers are funded by these levies.

The bond provides more classroom space to help relieve overcrowding.

These proposals prioritize our schools’ most urgent needs while reducing our local tax rate. If you want to learn more, visit

I hope you will join me in voting “yes” for our schools Feb. 13.

Thea Warner