Redmond woman organizes Kirkland Performance Center burlesque show

Jacqueline Hyde, a Redmond resident and small business owner, is bringing a one-night-only burlesque show to the Kirkland Performance Center (KPC), featuring a cast of entertainers from across the Pacific Northwest.

“(Attendees can expect) to escape for a night and watch something beautiful, funny and engaging,” Hyde said.

In addition to Hyde, the performers include Waxie Moon, Boom Boom L’Roux, Mimi Ma Shuga, Pinky Shines, Nitara Ashling, Jesus la Pinga, Chastity Svelte, Pixie Parcelle, Whisper De Corvo and Briq House. The show will be hosted by Armitage Shanks.

“I wanted to take that cornucopia of performers … for everyone in the audience to have someone to identify with,” Hyde said. “(It will be) a refreshed look at the word ‘burlesque.’”

“A Night of Burlesque” is coming to the KPC at 8 p.m. Saturday. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

“I’m so ridiculously excited,” Hyde said of the show. “It’s that perfect venue: It’s a big stage, it’s got great lighting. It’s got everything that you hope as a professional entertainer you would get. … I was really blessed as a producer to have an opportunity to have (the show) there.”

Regular tickets are $25, and VIP tickets are $40. VIP tickets are in the front row, and Hyde said they come with an “amazing” gift bag.

“It’s definitely worth it,” she said.

Hyde owns Hyden Studio and Apothecary at 8311 160th Ave. NE in Redmond, where she teaches burlesque and Ayurveda wellness classes and sells tea, beauty products and gift items. She said she is planning to teach group burlesque and cabaret classes in Kirkland as well.

She has been doing burlesque performances since 2005.

“In 2005, I went to a show and I was intrigued by it,” Hyde said, adding she had prior experience as a ballroom dancer.

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