More details released around June 8 bomb threat

The device was found to be harmless; the suspect already had an active warrant.

A bomb-threat suspect has been booked into jail and is facing charges, Redmond police confirmed yesterday (June 9) evening.

The suspect had already had an active warrant.

Earlier that day, at around 4 p.m., employees at a department store in the 17600 block of Union Hill Road reported that a man was nonsensically yelling at them and had what looked like a pipe bomb with him.

Redmond officers and the Bellevue Police Department’s bomb squad were dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, Redmond police detained the suspect.

A mental health professional with the Redmond police was also at the scene. They spoke with the suspect and assisted officers in maintaining a peaceful interaction, Redmond police said.

Bellevue’s bomb squad, who arrived shortly after Redmond officials, concluded that the suspect did not have a pipe bomb. It was a cylindrical metal tool and was not an explosive.

The incident additionally resulted in a temporary shutdown of 178th Place Northeast between Northeast 76th Street and Union Hill Road for part of the afternoon.