Redmond Community Indicators show city making progress toward implementing comprehensive plan

The City of Redmond has released its sixth-annual Redmond Community Indicators report.

The City of Redmond has released its sixth-annual Redmond Community Indicators report.

The report describes Redmond’s progress towards achieving its community vision as well as actions Redmond is taking to implement its Comprehensive Plan.

During 2010, Redmond continued to make progress toward improving mobility options. The city opened the Northeast 36th Street Bridge in December — a critical connection over State Route-520 for pedestrians. In addition, Sound Transit ridership in Redmond reached a new high, in part because of the addition of route 542, a direct express route to the University District.

Redmond continues to be on strong economic footing as the economy grows out of recession. The city gained more than 1,100 jobs in 2009 (latest year available), pushing Redmond to more than 90,000 jobs for the first time.

Data also indicates that Redmond community members continue to value resource conservation. The percentage of the waste stream heading to the landfill decreased for the fourth straight year, while total water consumption also fell for the fourth straight year.

Much more information related to Redmond’s natural environment, community character, transportation options and more can be found inside this year’s report.

The city publishes Redmond Community Indicators annually so the community and its elected officials can assess the effectiveness of city policies in helping to achieve the community’s long-term goals as well as monitor Comprehensive Plan implementation.

Copies of Redmond Community Indicators 2011 are available online.

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