Uncles Games to host trading day for Bella Sara trading cards

Uncles Games, on the ground level of Redmond Town Center, will host a trading day for Bella Sara trading cards from 5-8 p.m., Tuesday, June 9.

Bella Sara is the only collectable card game geared specifically towards young girls with horse-themed cards and virtual stables on-line.

Each Bella Sara card has a specific horse with a bar code. Girls type in the barcode at the Bella Sara Web site and add the horse to their stable. They can collect accessory cards as well such as bridles and saddles. Some of the horse and accessory cards have duplicates that can be traded. This is where the trading days come in.

“Bella Sara is as big a seller as Magic the Gathering,” said Uncles store manager Jodi Rieman. “What’s great about them is that they allow girls to be as big a bunch of gamers as boys. Bella Sara has all the fun of collecting and trading cards without being so focused on fighting and racking up points. It’s a more social game. Even the time spent

on the Web is limited since players can only be logged into the site for one hour. It’s more about getting together and having fun.”

Uncle’s Games in Redmond plans to host a BellaSara trading day every other week so girls will always have a place to unbridle their passion for games.

For a calendar of events, go here.

For more information, e-mail jodi@unclesgames.com.